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What’s up ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this pov review by auto now my name is max and today we’ve got a 2018 alfa romeo stelvio q because we’ve never measured a stock salvio q on the autobahn and this is thomas saskar he brought his alpha 4c so we thought let’s take his stelvio q as well to do some measurements on the autobahn and if you have seen the review

I made on the tuned salvio q you know that they suffer from a little issue which is that the roof the panoramic roof starts whistling really really loudly at higher speeds this is really acceptable so today i’m also going to try and fix that to see if we can get some higher speeds than last time it is friday today which means that it is usually quite busy so

We will see we’re just going to do an autobahn review today i’m going to show you around it quickly because we’ve covered this car a few times before and then we’ll take it for a drive towards the autobahn which is very short for an ultraman blast so a beautiful dark gray stelvio i really like this spec with the big wheels the carbon mirror caps of course this is

The most sporty one of all the power suvs if you compare this to an x3m or a glc amg or an fbase svr this is the lightest one the most aggressive one you’ve got that ferrari derived engine the 2.9 v6 and it just handles like a julia q basically which is very very impressive wheels beautiful classic oh design alfa romeo wheels with pirelli p0 rubber wrapped around

That 20 inch stunning wheel pretty good brakes as well just regular steel ones but they perform pretty pretty well and then the exhaust one of my favorite things the quad exhaust in the bumper absolutely beautiful car i really like the look of this thing it just it looks so muscular and angry really love that so the engine v6 90 degrees derived from ferrari

As i said 2.9 liter v6 and it’s got 510 horsepower 600 newton meters zero to 100 3.8 seconds which is rather quick and top speed 283 kilometers an hour but this engine combined with the set of eight speed with alfa romeo’s own calibration those two things together are a match made in heaven because they’ve got a super aggressive calibration for the gearbox quite

Spacious too nice headroom beautiful panoramic roof that adds that spaciousness to the cabin carbon fiber steering wheel accents as well a little bit of alcantara fixed pedals and aluminum super nice as well yeah it is quite a nice interior and it is definitely a step up from the first julius and as you might remember the tuned car we drove had this in carbon fiber

As well this panel that is the only thing i would do myself i would also replace that with a carbon fiber panel because that that did look very very nice now this is here for a reason as i said the panoramic roof starts whistling really loud at like 250 260 kilometers an hour and it just makes you want to stop going it makes you want to quit because you’re like

Okay i’m hurting the car and i don’t want that so we duct taped part of the roof already but we didn’t have that much so i just got a new one and i’m just going to go do all the seams of the roof and we’re going to see if that makes a difference at all oh that’s freaking hot if this works i am expecting a big check from alfa romeo for research and development

Because this is some high level arrow work we’re doing here testing yo what’s up buddy okay so if this doesn’t work i don’t know what will this should do it right okay so nope go wait out no smoke fort bugs all righty um that opens yeah tape in there now let’s find out if my genius solution works now let’s go for race mode is that race mode race manual gearbox

Oh that does mean that i lose the digital speedo doesn’t it so if we go to d we do have a digital speedo but yeah we’re going for race of course because otherwise you are going to complain that we are not in race mode i know you know you guys okay that is a pretty decent gap so we are just going to go whoa oh no shifts with that sound that is very impressive

Manual so that is 240. everything seems to be all right wind wise oh man i love this car i absolutely adore it it just feels like it wants to go fast all the time i really love that suspension quite firm in race mode i have to say it’s quite bumpy there we go i might actually just sorry because white light stone brown at this speed check it out go watch that

Authority yeah i’m i’m going to go oh there he goes oh so the solution did work because it definitely did something oh man this is crap duct tape as well the the stuff you can buy at the gas station you need the real stuff all righty here we are so we took the next exit and i’m just going to park it right here yeah that’s it so it’s just this the rest has held

Up well so i’m just going to fortify this don’t tell anyone that this is my trick especially not the guys that do like the wind tunnel testing at the formula one because you know if they see this then they definitely are going to use it i can’t believe this actually worked at like 270. so the rest as you can see is looking well nice let’s go very cool all

Right manual oh man this drive trade strive train definitely beats the other like medium-sized power suvs it is the most aggressive one the car handles the best it just feels like a julia cube here we go we’re good i don’t think we’ll get got near that 270 on this side as i said it seemed like it was quite busy here i also just put the suspension in mid mode

So that is a little bit more comfortable a little less bouncy which is also very nice yeah other than that i’m just going to leave it like that ah it didn’t say i just have manual mode it says you have the best race experience with a manual gearbox setting so they’re just saying uh please sir put the gearbox in manual mode if you put it in race okay so we also

Measured the 100 to 200 kilometer an hour performance pti and it did really well actually below 10 seconds 9.9 seconds 100 to 200 which is quite quick it is quicker than the pre-facelift bmw x3m competition which is at 10.14 it’s quicker than a jaguar f-pace svr with the v8 supercharged engine which did 10.17 it is just a tad slower than the mercedes amg glc 63 s

2020 model which did 9.7 if i’m not mistaken i think he’s on the phone he was talking with it with his with his hand fellow and now i’m going to catch the goody so the arrow is still holding up well 260. man it just it is a very very strong car this just a little too busy it’s you do have space but every time i encounter one or two cars that are you know not

Really paying attention let’s be honest but that’s part of the gig i really like that i don’t really have to share that much info with you guys because i’ve made a couple of reviews with this car already so i can just talk to you about what it’s like to drive this far fast and of course share with you the sheer genius of my aerodynamic solution so i do i would

Like to have one more go actually to make sure that my solution really does work now with the fortified second strip aerodynamic tape so i’m just going to go to the next exit and then turn around matt thomas you’ve got two amazing cars so he’s got an alpha 4c for fun he’s got to sell your q for his daily stuff he also organizes tours through italy to experience

The good life of italy you know food drinks and driving that’s basically the holy trifecta in italy and it’s not just for italian cars you can also join with i don’t know your lada or whatever but this is a really good support car for a tour like that i really like that and then he’s also got a fiat 500 twin air city car which we also used to own really love that

Car oh i just love that little spit on the up shift that little crackle to let you know that it’s shifting you’ve got that little hit in your back as well that goes through the drivetrain when you shift up which is very nice okay it feels it doesn’t feel stork it’s it feels very very fast it is stock but feels quick yeah no way this is going to happen look at

The freaking traffic it’s so busy so i feel like my only chances waiting here foreign if that guy’s going this way i have to go but otherwise i could wait a minute now he’s going straight anywho so we have to be very very lucky if we want to beat our last top speed but we’re going to try anyway there we go rev limiter boom boom and that white car is going to

Overtake yeah there he goes might stretch that 260 still holding up going to break because there are cars in front of me that’s it that is too much traffic to get close but we did do 270 on the speedo i believe without trouble after that the tape came undone but until then it was working quite well and it’s very quiet in here so alfa romeo please send the check

For r d headquarters how to double street number one in the netherlands thomas thank you so much for coming by with your two cars that really enjoyed driving them to you guys thanks for watching hope you enjoyed it you can subscribe by clicking the big button in the middle don’t forget that you can also check out this video on the right or this playlist of reviews

On the left see you the next one bye

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