Alfa Romeo Stelvio vs. Porsche Macan – Dubbeltest – English subtitles

Dikke suv’s met bakken vol sportiviteit en namen die klinken als een klok: beter kun je niet voor de dag komen, of het nou in Bergen is of in de Bijlmer. Alfa Romeo Stelvio meets Porsche Macan. Wie dist wie?

The porsche macan has been around for four years now. porsche has also gone into a new design direction a few years ago, so those are two very good reasons to facelift the porsche macan. for us, those are good reasons for a new comparison. and what do we put it up againt? an alfa romeo stelvio. until recently, those manufacturers would’ve never thought about suv’s.

Okay, the cayenne has also been around for fifteen years, but what is fifteen years in the history of a car brand? the nose… the headlights have been arranged differently, but the biggest exterior-difference is found at the back. and it has been applied to this car now too. just like the panamera, cayenne and soon, the new 911, it now has the continuous rear light

Between the rear wheels. other than that, there are some new wheels i truly love it. and you might think, i’ve been driving it for a week now and it’s such a headturner, there’s a small change in the interior as well, that meant that the vents on the sides had to be removed, also, they’ve improved the chassis and adjusted the engine slightly. it now has a particle filter

And they’ve altered the combustion chamber. that means it has slightly down on power, 245 horsepower, but the torque has remained the same; 370 nm of it. think of a traffic jam-assist and some off road-modes. it’s almost like you’re in an airbus a380 with all of those buttons. it’s less royal in the back though, because if you have to get in there… but this macan

Just is cramped. it’s almost impossible to sit behind myself, and that should be different in an suv. naming an suv after one of the best roads of europe, that takes some guts to do. and alfa romeo has some guts. where the macan actually is a small cayenne, this is the first but you can immediately recognize it as an alfa romeo. from the side, you can see the lines of the

Giulietta, on the inside, it’s quite classical. i’d almost call it grey. a very clear design, especially if you compare it with the macan, sure, the materials and finishing are no match for the porsche, but on the other hand, it’s quieter aboard the stelvio, and there’s more oversight. i can imagine a lot of people prefer that. also, when it comes to the rear passengers,

The stelvio wins. but it’s a lot better than in the macan. and the same goes for the boot. you can fit 525 litres in here, whilst you can only this stelvio is powered by a turbocharged 2.0-litre engine, it’s a nice and bitey engine which has a good throttle response. it sounds nice and sporty, but you have to keep the revs up. you’ve got to rise above 2.000 rpm if

You want something it’s an incredibly pleasant engine. the 8-speed automatic gearbox it only does that if you put the dna-button in d. that stands for dynamic. the stelvio shares its chassis for a big part with the giulia, and that’s the case with this as well. it’s a very pleasant car to steer about. it’s very sporty as well. if you’ve been driving it for a while,

It’s very direct, there’s a lot of feeling in the steering wheel, because it has four-wheel drive of course. that’s what makes the steering great. it can be a tad too hard when it comes to springs and dampers, it’s a nice and sporty suv. and with that, the stelvio is one of the best steering suv’s of this moment. that’s why it’s so unfortunate for alfa romeo that this

Yes, the stelvio is good, but this is even better. because where the stelvio buys off its sporty personality… if you’re taking this car for a proper drive, it’s incredibly sharp and nimble. it’s great in the corners. even with winter tires underneath this, but if you’re done with that and you start driving around calmly, it suddenly becomes incredibly comfortable.

Which is quite an expensive option, but it’s able to do it. it’s the best of both worlds, and that’s unbelievable. and it doesn’t matter if i point to my left or my right, sporty cars that counter every argument people might have against suv’s. without a doubt. truly great cars… and i’m going for the porsche, because the steering is more refined, is a tad sportier,

Has the best of both worlds and better finishing. but if you prefer italian flair above german gründlichkeit, also, there’s the price. with this engine, the stelvio costs €61.000, this particular car will set you back €71.000. but this green boy will set you back €123.500. for that price, you may expect better finishing and such. you can read the definitive

Conclusion with all of the numbers in we’ve added a third car in the shape of a jaguar f-pace.

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Alfa Romeo Stelvio vs. Porsche Macan – Dubbeltest – English subtitles By AutoWeek