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ALFA ROMEO TONALE all about the new small suv electrification

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Alfa Romeo is pleased to present Tonale, the model that marks the brand’s metamorphosis. While remaining faithful to its DNA of noble Italian sportsmanship since 1910, with Tonale, Alfa Romeo radically evolves and is projected into the new era of connectivity and electrification.

Performance and driving pleasure have always been alfa romeo’s hallmarks and now more than ever alfa romeo’s aim is reinventing sportiness for the 21st century and in this process electrification represents a technological opportunity to further enhance the characteristics of the brand this is why we speak of electrification according to alfa romeo the new

Tonale is fitted with a new range of hybrid propulsion systems designed to maximize the performance and driving dynamics while respecting the environment and reducing fuel consumption we are entering a new segment for alfa romeo and to suit all the needs of our new customers we’ll offer two levels of electrification hybrid and plug-in hybrid let’s start with

The new hybrid powertrains here we have developed a specific propulsion combination that sees a new 1.5 direct injection gasoline turbo engine into configuration at 130 and 160 hp paired with the new 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission which incorporates a 48 volt electric motor the most performing hybrid version will come equipped with a brand new 1.5

Variable geometry turbo at 160 hp dedicated to tonale this is a four-cylinder vgt gasoline engine the first of this kind launched by stellantis it has been specifically developed for alfa romeo and provides a high power density and outstanding driving pleasure together with optimized efficiency the variable geometry turbo increases peak power maintaining

Maximum torque available over a wider engine rpm the high compression ratio 12.5 and the miller cycle where the intake valves remain open longer than in standard otto cycle ensure excellent fuel efficiency all over the engine map other distinctive features include the new cylinder head with compact combustion chamber direct injection system up to 350 bar

Special high tumble intake ports and dual variable valve timing on tonality hybrid both the 130 and the 160 hp engines are paired with a 48 volt e motor delivering 15 kilowatt and 55 newton meter electric torque equivalent to 135 newton meter at the gearbox input what’s most important that this e-motor can move tonally even when the internal combustion engine

Is turned off for a true hybrid experience when creeping cueing and parking tonale hybrid maneuvers in full electric mode a best-in-class feature that also helps minimizing fuel consumption the hybrid is in operation in all missions on extra urban routes the e-motor provides energy recovering when braking or additional power in acceleration when you need

Extra power the e-boost makes it possible to increase the wheel torque with the electric motor enhancing the response of the engine the interaction between the two propulsion sources is very smooth and effective the driver does not even notice it happening all this results in outstanding performance and fuel electric operation rate around 50 percent in the

Wltp cycle with fuel consumption in urban use in line with best hybrid competitors let’s move on to the plug-in hybrid version you

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ALFA ROMEO TONALE all about the new small suv electrification By 300 Seconds Motors