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We are here at summit automotive in fond du lac wisconsin we are checking out the first 2019 ram 1500 that we have gotten in stock here this is a 2019 bighorn crew cab 6 foot 4 inch box and first off we’re just going to go around the truck here to give you an idea of the overall styling cues that it has you can see it has the ram stamped front grille this one has

The led lighting group so it has the led running lights led headlights and the led fog lights it also comes with the 20 inch chrome clad rims and they have bridgestone dueler hl 20 inch tires on them this one comes with the full-length wheeled wheel side steps and that is a six foot four inch box on there the led lighting group also includes the led tail lamps

There this one has the hemi so you get the dual rear exhaust you can see they change the position on the brake controller around the electric brakes where they’re located we’ll take a look at that box in just a second but first i wanted to do just a quick walk around of the truck so you can get an idea of how it looks from a distance and we’ll get up it close and

Personal right now so as we come up to the truck you can see that it looks like they’ve made the back doors a little bit bigger on the crew cabs there seems to be a little bit more space on the inside of the vehicle has the front sonar on here those led running lights are pretty sweet and the led headlamps are awesome as well the led fog lamps are down there really

Like what they’ve done with the front grille these bridgestone dueler seem to be pretty good tires i’ve seen him on other makes and models of vehicles and they seem to hold up pretty well and ride really nice one thing to notice on the new ram here is the mirrors they have blind spot mirrors but they also have blind spot indicators on them now these are also power

Fold-in then you have the side lights on the side there so if it’s got the hemi you get the hemi badge there on the hood i really like what they’ve done with the hood and the whole design of this truck is really really nice rides really smooth down the road take a quick look under here yep they still are what the coil springs back here so it’s a really smooth the

Ride then you don’t have anything in the back those reverse sensors are nicely hidden on the lower fashio of the bumper so they don’t stick out like they did before love the ram emblem on the tailgate there really looks good this is a locking tailgate so when you lock the truck it locks the tailgate and what i really like about the new rams here is this just

Like an electronic button under here so you press that and that tailgate goes down nice and soft and smoothly it’s not gonna slam down on you this is a factory spray in bedliner in this truck you can see it has the rail management system on the sides as well as the led bed lights which you can turn those off or on with the push of a button and they got them on

That side too but a very nice spray in bedliner it’s always really nice material that tail gate shuts nice and solidly still has all the bed rail covers on them this one has the wheel liners so that’s an option from ram to get those wheel liners on the bighorn it might be standard the different models but on the bighorn it’s an option they all now come with the

Capitalist feel fill a really nice feature you’ve ever had the capitalist feel fill you know what i mean so yeah that’s pretty much the outside of the vehicle completely redesigned and now we’ll take a look inside so if you’re interested in the new interior keep watching so this is the new material that they use for the seats on the bighorn the new designs really

Good-looking material looks really sturdy too doesn’t look like it’s gonna wear out it’s kind of a thicker cloth got the factory floor mats power windows power locks power mirrors this is pretty much the same as the old one but the door itself is different got a little bit of cloth bolstering there the wood grain trim on the door these mirrors power fold in and of

Course they power fold out as well down here you have your controls for your power pedals electronic parking brake now has the auto headlamps so your fog lamps are right there still has the radio controls on the back of the steering wheel inside here you can see that it has the configurable display it’s a little different than they were before but you can still

Go through your fuel economy your trip trailer tow your radio station your messages and then you can enter the setup i suppose to change all the corners of the vehicle or of the instrument cluster see it does have a compass up there and it has a temperature display up there really like the layout of that instrument cluster the steering wheel is new as well so you

Got your bluetooth audio controls and information center controls on that side and your cruise controls on that side and your gear selector on that side now this one does not have the huge radio in it but it does have the 8.4 radio so i wanted to demonstrate how the android auto app works so if you’ve ever heard it’s an android auto apple carplay compatible this

Is what i mean this is actually a screen that’s on my cell phone so this truck does not come with navigation but i have ways if you’ve ever heard of ways or you can do google maps however you want to do it but you can project that onto the screen through a usb cord and your cell phone one cool thing they have the cell phone holder they haven’t gotten rid of that

But they also have the cd player in the dash now so you don’t have to go under the seat or into the center console to get to that so as the turn dial 8-speed automatic transmission the four by four push button right there you also before wheel drive auto feature you can do your heated seats and heated steering wheel down there i’m going to disconnect my phone now

So you’ll see that it has a usb and two usb sees and then an august a krait there as well so this is the normal look out of the 8.4 when you don’t have your phone connected to it you can do your heated seats and everything right there and the backup camera on this truck is amazing it’s so crystal clear and those lines move with the steering wheel and it’s just a

Very very crystal clear picture on that back up camera so you can get that off you can do your heated seats you have high medium and low now also your heated steering wheel and you can do your rear-view mirror dimmer and then you can of course do all your settings and everything and it don’t have any media hooked up right now but you got am fm sirius xm radio on

Here as well and just a really nice screen the 8.4 has been a very popular radio for chrysler and dodge you have the woodgrain trim up here there’s a speaker up on the dash – looks like it’s really nicely put together soft touch leather up there got the big horn emblem on that side this is also a little glovebox i’m ve’lo polder or whatever you have and then of

Course your glovebox is nice and big as well once again that new interior is pretty cool and the headliner has the home link controls up here you have your power sliding your window right there and then of course your map lights and then sunglass holder right there quick look at the back seats because they’ve updated those to this file the new key fobs look if you

Have the enter and go system you have the remote start of course but kind of a thicker key fob definitely heavy duty not going to fall apart on you so really like how they’ve redesigned this whole truck backseats seems like there’s more room back here the other thing that they’ve done is they’ve made it completely flat all the way across no seats go up like that

There’s the user guide and everything but these it’s nice that you put those seats up you have a nice flat surface especially if you have pets or anything that used to have the load floor but now it’s all flat all the way across so if you have pets or you got a call something flat and don’t want to break a tv or whatever nice to put back here you also have the ram

Bins i guess they’ve officially named them the ram bins you got these storage compartments back here and this comes out like so but very very cool options on these trucks and it looks like what they’ve done for 2019 is they’ve made the rear defrost in the power sliding rear window kind of a standard feature on this bighorn or it might come with the cold weather

Group i’m not sure if you get the heated seats and heated steering we’ll have to dive into that but of course you got your latch child safety system and everything we’ll take a quick look under the hood i really don’t think there’s much to show under there it’s still the five-seven v8 hemi motor still has the mds and it’s still 395 horsepower so not too much has

Changed under the hood different cover from the top of the engine there but still the same hemi that everybody knows and loves got all that power plus the mds and yeah she runs really smooth yeah you’re washing fluid up here coolant right here airbox engine oil i mean pretty self-explanatory under here but just a really great truck and i hope everybody that watch

This learn something and and likes it and we’re just starting to get them in stock so if you want to get yours or order yours or whatever you want to do give us a call 9 – 0 9 21 0 8 5 0 ask for one of our sales associates to hook you up with one of the brand new 2019 ram 1500s once again that number is nine to zero nine two one zero eight five zero thanks for

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