First World premiere on our channel! The all-new 2021 Mercedes Benz AMG E 53 Coupe Facelift!

We have the all-new steering wheel here hello guys and welcome back here again on mr ben’s youtube channel today featuring this the all new e53 coupe model a world premiere on our youtube channel this car just got lounged very beautiful following the sedan and estate model here comes the coupe with a new headlights new grille new rear etc we’ll show you everything in

This video including a walk around interior details a new steering wheel and also a sound check afterwards so let me talk about this car uh here we have the e53 model 4matic plus painted in graphite gray magno exterior color as you can see we have the night package here so we’re good uh 20 inch wheels very beautiful this car is featuring a inline six cylinder

Engine producing 435 brake horsepower which is just powerful i can’t wait to drive this beast so let’s just start with the video and the walk around starting with this beautiful and aggressive front as you can already hint and see we have the same front as we have it with the updated and new e-class 53 model which was already presented a few months ago which a

Few of you can already remember here we have the updated and all new headlights how do you like them guys very nice we have the center one stripe led and then we have two led modems here as well then continuing with the grille here we have a special grille which comes with a night package i think this is a dark color chrome if you compare it here with the amg

It’s a little bit more darker it’s all about the details guys then we have the big mercedes 3d star emblem here behind this we have a sister packages such as the distronic etc hide in the camera the all-new mercedes-benz emblem on the bonnet as well as some beautiful power domes here on the hood really gives this car an even sportier touch as you can see very

Aggressive and now finally the e53 with the upgraded amg front grille 12 vertical stripes which we already have in literally almost every amg coming with the all new facelifts every amg will have this new amg front grille so let’s continue with the front bumper here we have plastic covers yes but still we have an airflow through here then we have the filters down

Here tron skirt is finished in black piano since we have the night package here and on the right side as well plastic covers which basically suit the car i don’t have a problem with that really looking sporty with the double stripe here also with the vertical stripes down there really fitting the front grille so what do you think about this new and updated front

Really looks way more aggressive when talking about the predecessor car i would personally prefer this one the e53 coupe never looked so good honestly we will also show you the rear later on and you will be totally convinced i know that already so let’s continue with the rims as we have the dynamic package which includes the drift mode the first time we have drift

Mode in this beast the race mode as well plus red brake calipers as you can already see here we have the amg five double spoke 20 inch wheels finished in black really suit the 53 car here the red brake calipers with the black amg i’m the modern really looking nice amg engraved here we already know this wheel design from the cls 53 for example then we have the

Turbo 4matic batch on the sides really love the red accent tears suit the brake calipers really like that and we have some carbon details here on the side mirrors really looking nice and suit this car fit very nice on this sporty car as you can already see we have the night package here uh tinted rear windows as well as the blacked out frames here if we didn’t

Have the night package these frames will be completely chrome now we have the rear rims as well 20 inch here amg engraved and the red brake calipers really looking nice so let’s move to the rear so here we have the rear taillights of the new mercedes-benz e53 amg as you can already see there’s not much that changed but if you look closer you can see taillights

Now fit and suit the e-class family as we hated with the estate or what they said on the new headlights have like oh led kind of looking back here really reminding me of the s coupe for example really looking nice then we have the rear spoiler also finished in carbon really love that not an exterior paint this one is finished in carbon fiber real carbon fiber

The amg badge here the mercedes star and the e53 emblem here really nice let’s continue with the diffuser here we have the blacked out rear diffuser as you can already see uh fully finished in black then we have the plastic covers here which i personally don’t like to be honest the the blacked out rear exhaust pipes really looking nice you get these when you

Choose the optional night package which look really nice and suit the rig if you look like this because you have the car fully blacked out with the black exhaust tips with the black defuse or with the black wheels etc all black but unfortunately this is not black this is graphite gray as i already mentioned still looking very nice it’s a very dark gray color tone

For the first time now available for the e53 coupe models and we also have brilliant blue magno and brilliant blue now available for the e53 coupe as well i wish they had it here because it’s a very beautiful color so now before we continue with the interior let me show you the updated mercedes key which you already know really nice key design here unfortunately

Without the falter barrier badge here i wish they had it because it looks so fire um so that’s it you can lock unlock and open the trunk with these keys so let’s proceed with the interiors so here we are now here we have the all new and updated mercedes e53 interior as you can already see we have the all new steering wheel here the amg flat bottom one but before we

Do that let me show you the door panels here really love that we have a black and gray b color leather like here or also here with the red stitching then we have the gray here with the gray stitching really love that carbon fiber trim here the seat settings etc also finished all in chrome unfortunately no bull master the amg entrance board here finished in chrome

This one is illuminated you will see it more clearly in the dark then we have the mg floor mats here really nice so let’s get inside let me show you more of that beautiful e53 so now we are inside the e53 amg kube as you already saw we have the all-new amg steering wheel here beautiful flat bottom with the amg engraved here the steering wheel frame in stock color

Silver here with the steering wheel buttons as well as the touch pads here new airbag cover it’s much bigger and beautiful new steering wheel i will do a separate video with that in detail we’ll show you everything about the new steering wheels um on youtube as well so stay tuned for that um also we have new shift pedals here as you can see up and down these are

C-shaped but most of that in my in detail video then we have the carbon fiber dash and carbon fiber center console full carbon fiber here but the door panels really look nice in addition with the red stitching and the black leather as well as the black and gray leather combination here as well as here on the seats as you can see red stitching gray leather with

The black leather and the dual stitching gray and red really nice love that i really love that as i already said unfortunately no bow master sound system here the memory seats we can individually set your seat settings etc the heating and the cooling as well if we look up here one main feature which you always need and i really love first is the panorama roof

You need it i love it because you have so much daylight coming inside the car really feels much better than if you have a full blacked out cover here which i really don’t prefer then which i daily used the sunglasses compartment here really like that so here before i forget it let me just turn on the e53 for you guys amg animation really love that something

The main thing that has changed here is the infotainment system in this e53 now finally as we already know with the facelift we have the new amber wigs infotainment system which is so advanced and great really using it it’s so easy this display is fully touched so responsible and easy to use also you can use the touchpad over here then we have all the buttons here

Telephone navigation media etc settings favorites you can change the dynamics your suspension everything but you can also change it here on your touch display or also on your zero wheel now lately so now let’s get outside the e53 let me show you the sound so here we have the side view of the e 53 coupe before i forget because many of you mentioned to show that

Also as many of you know we have no b pillar here this part is completely empty so if you’re driving this car and lower all the windows down it looks so nice without the b pillar um what do you think about this i am personally a big fan of the coupe models not a big fan of the four-door seat dance so this is really beautiful especially with these wheels please

Comment down below how you like it so here we are now in the rear ready to do some sound checks for you but before we start i just want to let you know that this car is a pre-production demonstration car so the sound can be different to normal e53 so let’s do this and hear the sound of this six cylinder inline amg engine so let’s start with comfort now changing

To sports so now let’s hear this car in sports plus so that’s it basically for today’s video i hope you all enjoyed as a resume i can say i’m totally in love with this the updated e53 finally looks so much better than a predecessor now we don’t have the twin bladed anymore with the panama ikana with the new front the shark and the a shaped front grille looks

Much sporty and aggressive for me personally i would definitely prefer the koopa over the sedan because this is just beautiful how do you like it please just leave your comments down below how do you like the sound the exterior the interior and the new updated steering wheel would really love to read your comments so wish you a great day and thanks for watching goodbye

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ALL NEW 2021 E53 AMG COUPE! Walkaround + SOUNDCHECK! By Mr. Benz