A look around the exterior and the interior of the all new BMW X1 U11 Model for 2022

Foreign welcome back to the channel the first bmw that i’m featuring is the all-new 2022 bmw x1 xdrive x-line premiere so let’s have a look around the outside and then we’ll have a look at the interior foreign okay so starting at the front as we can see all new design front grilles new headlights and new bumpers get the led headlights as standard this

One’s finished in the optional mineral white metallic paint front parking sensors very well hidden in the bumper 18 inch bi-color alloy wheels and you can tell this is a new bmw because it’s got their new flush door handles being the x line you get the chrome trim around the windows and then moving around to the back got the 3d led tail lamps looks really nice

Let’s have a look at the boot space so as you can see plenty of room in here even with the seats up definitely get three or four suitcases in there even a couple of overnight bags push chairs etc it has 40 20 40 split folding rear seats and as standard on the new x1 you do also get a powered tailgate so what do we think of the new bmw x1 then personally i think

It looks really really nice uh we do also have one in the m sport spec which i’ll hopefully do a video on soon um but yeah i think it looks really really nice it’s definitely improvement over the previous version not that was a bad looking car anyway foreign look at the interior that things start to get really interesting this is a completely new redesigned

Interior it shares nothing with the previous car so this particular one’s got the sensatech interior so that’s cloth in bmw speak and it’s also got the sport leather steering wheel and the very impressive curved display the live cockpit all new redesigned door cards and door handles and such so this is what it looks like when you sat in the driver’s seat so

Again new steering wheel and your buttons huge screen there right in front of the driver and the center console although something i think people may struggle to get used to is when i show you in a second there’s no idrive control on the center console it’s all touch screen now which some people may adapt to some people may not new gear selector in the shape

Of a rocker switch and then the usual uh volume dial and drive control buttons that we’re all used to um in a second you’ll see me quickly realize that the car’s battery wasn’t going to last very long but i did want to just show you quickly how clear and bright these screens are so driver’s screen there and this one’s in the climate control menu at the moment

I do try and show you the navigation i think it dies in a second there we go can’t switch it back on for a few seconds there we go and just while i clear all these messages welcome messages you see how responsive the screen is you’re touching this instantly there’s no sort of you know second or half second waiting for it to actually do something and there’s a

Navigation in full screen um sadly i can’t share any more than this because as i say the car’s battery was very low being a showroom car but there we go that’s a quick look around the all-new 2022 bmw x1 please like share and subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already bye for now foreign

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ALL NEW 2022 BMW X1 U11 FIRST LOOK By Matts Car Channel