All New 2022 Ford Explorer ST-Line

Hello this is brad passante from macklin ford and today i’m making a video on this beautiful ford explorer st line this is a 2022 the st line is a brand new trim level that just came out this year and it is a really cool looking vehicle it looks like the uh ford explorer st the performance version this still has a 2.3 liter fuel efficient four-cylinder turbo and

Then you get all the cool styling aspects of the st like the blacked out grille you get these cooler wheels and there’s a few other details i’ll show you as well walking down the side of the vehicle this one’s finished in the beautiful carbonized gray was really sharp with these black accents all over the car on the back you have a nice dual exhaust setup you

Have your trailer package on this one here and you have a backup camera as well with a built-in washer so when you clean your back window it cleans your backup for you as well so you never have to wipe it which is awesome click of a button here you can open the power liftgate and it comes up nice and easily we have three rows of seating in this one this one has

The uh captain’s chairs configured in the second row as well and we have some more storage underneath this little cubby but it’s covered sorry about that have a bunch of plastic underneath this vehicle just came off the truck today you can pull the strap down and fold down the seats really easily and just grab that leather back here and they come right up to

Close the liftgate you can just press this button here and it’ll come down nice and easily we have upgraded led tail lights on the explorer as well and now we’ll come take a look at the second rail i really like the interior on the st line to get this black leather with the red accent stitching it looks really sharp and then you get a bunch of black accents in

Here as well you have leather seats with suede inserts and you can just pull this lever to slide forward and that gets you nice access to the third row of seating you can also drop down these seats all together just by clicking this lever here and then they come down so you have a fully flat area to work on now you can also move the seats back as they are on a

Slider and then kind of close that gap between the third row and the second row of seats which is really cool i’ll show you the second row in just a second here on the other side but up front we have nice led headlights these are super bright led fog lights as well we have our sensor down in the middle there for adaptive cruise control and we do have 360 camera

On this model too so your cameras on the front of the vehicle the back of the vehicle and under each side mirror as well back to the second row in this car we’ll open it up and let’s hop in there is tons of room behind these seats and i can slide this back even further so i have tons of legroom you can uh open this as well too you have your usb type-c usb-a and

Then your 12-volt for your chargers and then you can drop your cup holders down below right there the path through is full carpet and it’s nice and flat so if you want a dog to lay down here they can be nice and comfortable there is actually lots of room between these two seats which is quite nice and then you can drop down the armrest here as well so you have

Ultimate support each of the back seats are going to have a cup holder in their door as well too and the extra cup holders down there so you have lots of places to put your drinks and now let’s go take a look up front on the side of the mirror we have blindfold monitors right here so that’s why i have orange when someone’s beside you so you have that second set

Of eyes on the road and then there’s your other camera underneath the mirror as well we have keyless entry as well so you can go like that to lock the car and not to unlock the car which is pretty handy especially if you just want to leave your keys in your pocket and your bag and your purse tons of options we have upgraded bang olufsen sound system we have our

Power folding mirrors auto headlights with other high beams and some other great features we have the sc line right on the door still as well and when we hop in i love the black and carbon saw accents throughout the car really gives it a sharp look click of a button though we fire it up you’ll notice that the st and fc line have the upgraded sport steering wheel

Which is extra big and extra bulky you know so it’s nice something to hold on to and there’s your digital cluster as well there too and we do have different selectable driving modes sport eco tow haul and then we have a couple slippery trail and deep zone sound depending what kind of driving you’re doing the explore can handle it all nice big touch screen display

As well here we have built-in navigation right from ford but we’re also going to have android auto and apple carplay as well if you plug in your cell phone to the usb down below there it comes up on the screen so you can display your phone do hands-free calling hands your text messages but you have bluetooth as well if you want there you can see the 360 camera

Which is nice and clear if i talk off take off this clear plastic film it’s even clearer you have your front camera your 360 but you can choose if you want to see the full front or look at your corners as well which is cool and you can do this for the backup camera as well we have heated seats heated steering wheel dual zone climate controls here’s our shifter

Down here electronic parking brake and we have auto hold as well auto holds really cool because when you turn that on when you’re at a stop and you put the brake down you can actually remove your foot from the brake and the vehicle brakes will still be applied until you hit the gas and you can carry on as you normally would that’s really great in traffic because

That way you don’t have to stress your foot holding the brake down you can just take it off and relax until you know the traffic starts moving again which is kind of nice and then we have our traction control hill ascent control and there’s our driving ones like i showed you before i have another cubby underneath here as well too for them storage and then a really

Deep glove box we have a wireless phone charger as well down here and a pretty large center console as you can see there with an extra cubby for coins and pens and stuff like that if this looks like our option for you please give me a shout back at 403 993-3056 but thanks for watching i’m brad and macklin ford

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All New 2022 Ford Explorer ST-Line By Bradley Pizani