All-New 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe EV Hybrid – Plug In Electric | Stock # NGH1373 – Redwater Dodge

The all-new 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe EV Hybrid has now landed at Redwater Dodge!

What’s up everybody travis here from redwater dodge home of the 10 oil change rig ready rams and now we buy your ram and park behind me one of the coolest vehicles i’ve personally ever had the opportunity to be in a 2022 jeep grand cherokee hybrid now first thing i want to touch on is this beautiful key fob it’s technically called the 4x ev grand cherokee look

At how cool the new key fobs are it doesn’t look like the old original key fobs whatsoever right and it’s obviously got a bunch of fun features on it like lock and unlock also known as keyless entry if you and it’s got the auto papa rooney on the rear pam and i discussed in yesterday’s video that on the fca window sticker it actually does say um hands-free papa

Rooney so good luck to you guys with that you’ve obviously got this alarm sounding button which for the life of me i will never press and remote start but the funny thing about remote starting a hybrid vehicle such as this one is that how do you know it’s actually on like is it on so quiet presumably it is relatively quiet right it’s on i can hear something

Spinning i just don’t know what it was beautiful brilliant black in color tons of space they’ve done a little bit as far as the fit and finish is concerned for the shaping and architectural structure of the grand cherokee but still very much a grand cherokee you’ve got your lane departure system on this one so if anyone gets too close to you or you get too close

To somebody else there will be a blinking beacon there charging port you’ve got these beautiful bridgestone all-terrain tires wrapped around a solid 20 inch chrome rim and you’ve got like this kind of machine section here not quite sure what you would call that but it’s absolutely beautiful and we’re going to take a look under the hood to delve a little bit more

Into the whole powertrain that powers this incredibly quiet jeep grand cherokee well guys we’re at the front of this beautiful 22 grand cherokee lexan coated beautiful bright led headlamps and you’ve got your led fog lamps down below parking sensors in the front you do have the front camera on this one as well seven pillars with the black honeycomb grille inserts

And the chrome outlining now why seven pillars pam i know you know history tell me okay well if you’re gonna pretend like it’s a mystery i’m gonna tell you it’s uh because it was one of the first if not the first vehicle on all seven continents and i say that in every video because pam likes it so screw you guys okay underneath the hood this is where the real

Magic happens don’t be sick um it’s a two liter turbo but it is a hybrid so there is obviously a large battery hidden somewhere probably not under the hood where your combustion motor is that also provides a particular power to the drivetrain of the vehicle now anything you’re going to want to do under here without the help of a licensed professional is going to

Be clearly marked such as your oil cap your dipstick your battery terminals are clearly marked and things along those lines do not make a mess under here ladies and or gentlemen because that would not be fun coming around the side more of the same guys beautiful 20-inch rim bridgestone all-terrain tires 360 camera as well as your lane departure this one does have

The proximity entry as well but it’s another one of those uh situations where it doesn’t have the black button on there it’s got these little ridges see you touch the ridges it’s locked hand goes in the door handle while we uh power options on both seats get to that later let’s sneak between these vehicles here pam and we’re going to go to the back yeah caleb

Thank you for not making as much noise as possible he actually didn’t do the thing he usually does which is a loud rap rap good for him i’m gonna have to talk to that kid now there’s 56 cameras back here i’m just kidding there’s two i like to exaggerate if you this is your first video of mine you’ve ever seen i tell some lies but it’s satire okay so you’ve got your

High mount camera here as well as your standard backup camera tuck safely away into the handle of your tailgate you do have parking sensors down below there as well now let’s just pop this open here gives you a nice little beep in case for whatever reason you’re walking outside with your eyes closed like an absolute crazy person okay tons of storage space in the

Rear guys you do also have a beautiful alpine sound system that is your subwoofer in the back there flip this up you have a full size spare tire and you have this beautiful 4xz pack don’t ask me what’s in the 4xc pack that’s part of the fun look at that automatic everything pam we’re just getting smarter or we’re getting lazier you know these dang hecking kids

Let’s take a look inside where the fun really is well guys the interior this thing is absolutely phenomenal i don’t think i’ve personally seen so many options put together so eloquently it’s not at all overwhelming and it’s incredibly aesthetically pleasing first thing i want to touch on is the beautiful wood grain inserts and accents all throughout the cab of

The jeep now you do also have the memory settings here by your door handle which means set up your seat however you’d like with your power options including forwards backwards upwards downwards lean backwards lean forwards lumbar support now that that’s all set up let’s put s for set and number one for one and on your beautiful digital dash display it’ll inform

You that you have now set memory profile one you do have automatic door locks as well as windows on there hopping in telescopic electronic movement for your steering wheel again it is a full digital dash with multiple in screens look at that jeep since 1941 sound system powered by who redwater dodge just kidding alpine now your digital dash here is incredibly

Fun to play with by using the little dials here they’re actually not dials they’re arrows but i’m just so used to saying the word dial for some reason you can actually shuffle through any number of options pertinent two your vehicle operation right you can actually go through your select drive for select train sorry 4×4 digitally here you can shuffle through media

Any stored messages screen set up you can make it a large speedometer which i would do because it looks cool you can find your tire pressure and things along those lines your electronic range and your fuel range for your combustion engine as well you do also have a backup camera in your rear view mirror here as well and your touch screen down below has a million

Options we’re gonna start off at home now you can actually go and change the origin or origin you can actually change the placement of your widgets or apps here you have two available currently and you just pretty well update the widgets and put them there so you can click this side here let’s put now playing on the other side let’s just do schedule summary look

At that time to 100 charge 13 hours and 28 minutes if you’re using a level 2 charger it’s only two hours and 32 minutes right then you can actually click into my pages down here add a page delete a current page or reorder your current pages as well so a ton of customization possibility for your home screen you can click media down here below that’s going to give

You all the options available for everything related to media am fm sirius satellite radio apple carplay android carplay usb usc auxiliary port and bluetooth right comfort now this is going to give you all of your climate options as well as the heated and ventilated seat option and your heated leather wrapped steering wheel option as well nav not the wrapper it

Stands for navigation very simple to use it highlights a ton of very valuable things that pop up such as but limited to not limited to your red light cameras and the radar people you know i’m not telling you to speed i’m just saying you’ll know where they are it also tells you where the gas stations are look a gas station wow incredible phone all your phone options

That’s going to allow you the opportunity to make bluetooth hands-free calls android carplay apple carplay so on and so forth vehicle is going to give you all the information pertinent to your vehicle such as look at this turn your passenger screen on can you see the passenger screen pam isn’t it freaking heckin amazing look at all the stuff you can do over there

There’s quite literally four screens digital dash screen screen rear view camera screen okay you can also change the permissions for your passenger screen you can take a look at your forward facing camera here we’ll click that beautiful hd camera you can check your rear high mounted camera boom pop out of that and then you can take your surround camera right look

At that two different shots for the back for the front and your full backup camera exit out of that very simply go to apps apps button is going to give you access to absolutely every single app widget feature fun fandangle available here okay now you just kind of scroll and see android auto take a look at the hybrid electric vehicle information power flow driving

History schedule for charging this that and the other thing anything anything is going to be in the apps button you can also turn off your lane departure you can turn off your traction control um not emergency lights but what are those things called hazard lights that’s right you can turn off your parking sensors if you’re crazy you can also turn off your screen

You also have these analog buttons available for a ton of the features available digitally including but not limited too heated and cooled seats climate control dual climate control no reason for petty arguments or fights ladies and gentlemen now if you come down here this incredibly sleek gloss black center console this is your shifter right when the vehicle’s on

The vehicle is currently not on and this is where you change your select track 4×4 to allow for any number of terrains including but not limited to again rock sand and mud snow auto and sport mode you do have four wheel low and you also have this beautiful hill descent control ample storage space here hdmi 12 volt dc current charger usb and usc charging ports as

Well as an auxiliary port you can flip up your center console there for additional storage space as well this is a lug nut because we put special wheel locks in your wheels so that while your vehicle is parked here at redwater dodge the tires don’t get taken off here quiet that’s running look it it says hybrid ready and then you can turn on max regeneration i just

Did that we’re learning together here ladies and gentlemen take a look at the back seat in the back seat guys there is a ton of leg room and storage space you have this little storage net in the back of each seat and yes you do have these beautiful fully hd rear facing dvd screens or media screens i don’t even know if dvds are a thing anymore but you can play all

Kinds of stuff for your backseat passengers whether they are inebriated adults or children right keep them occupied so their hands are off of all the other fit and finish features inside your beautiful 2022 jeep grand cherokee a ton of charging ports back here usb usc as well as 150 watt or 115 volt ac current three-prong plug-in and the seats in the rear are also

Heated guys look at this look at that cup holders for holding cups or an armrest for resting your arm or cup holder for one side armrest on the other side we’re talking multi-purpose down here and you’ve got these beautiful carpeted mats that actually clip in to the floor to stop them from moving around when people are hopping in and out because i know sometimes

People are a little bit aggressive with their jumping you know this seat actually folds down to create a relatively flat surface in the rear you can almost put a freaking sheet of plywood back here pam camping you could go camping i’m happy you brought that up i don’t get out enough well everybody thank you for coming along as we did this brief overview of the

2022 jeep grand cherokee 4 xe ev hybrid for more information or to make it your own guys i really don’t think this thing will last here very long you can give us a call 780-942-3629 i miss you wish a million times that i had kung fu roadhouse powers like those guys sounds like a backwards donkey kick does that make you an app in theory uh but you wanna know what

Else it makes me freaking like this and they’d be like this the crane especially jake gyllenhaal and roadhouse if i could just get my hips to unlock because right now they’re just like but the squeaky wheel gets the grease yeah so he would definitely get kicked in his face by me sorry i gotta do some kicks in every video it gets me freaking warmed up where you

Just gotta go up over with my just hip i feel it in my butt even it gets locked up in there i’m gonna bounce around a little bit like bruce lee’s like what’s going on i’m gonna say enough of this cobra time i’m ready to go that’s true hi chrissy how are you yeah please don’t they did the freaking scaredy cats it’s the best breath you could ever take down trust

Me a lot of stuff around here i’ll tell you that for free travis christensen sales manager redwater dodge i do all the stuff just like forget to open the hood we’re talking about you crazy yeah that you’re a magician but the real kind not the chris angel kind that elon musk kind because i just got to make it look like i know what i’m talking about otherwise i’m

Probably fired so no pressure anyway

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