All-New 2023 Dodge Hornet GT & R/T(PHEV) & GLH full specs: fastest COMPACT suv under 0k

All-New 2023 Dodge Hornet GT & R/T(PHEV) & GLH full specs: fastest COMPACT suv under $30k on Autostop reviews by Autostop.

Dodge has long needed a small suv i hope you guys agree with me so this is a good and a smart move for those of us in that space even though it’s bad engineering but it still really looks great let’s go have a look at what dodge are wrapped for us today okay so we’ve got the dodge and this has been a wrap of the hornet which is an unfortunately 10 to old body

Engineering the hornet is actually an alpha romeo tonale with a unique bumpers headlights different wheels and a different rear light but that’s pretty much it that is pretty much it guys so dodge says it is the quickest faster than most powerful combat utility vehicle under thirty thousand dollars we are yet to see it but it looks great in the footage right not

Any special suv but feeling the need for a compact suv is great for dodge okay now it is electrified too and what you are looking at is the hornet dlc concept 2 in black the glc simply goes to a goal like hell and it comes with a lot of accessories including a 20 inch wheels it’s got the strips you’ve got the new exhaust and lowered right height and more at this

Point let me just give you the spec sheets of this new compact suv now the hornet gt starts with a 2.0 liter turbo four-cylinder engine making 265 horsepower 295 pound-feet of torque which is paired to a 9-speed gearbox and sends power to all four wheels now if your consent is 0 to 60 miles per hour this is happening in under 6.5 seconds now that is for the 100

Gt let me jump onto the 100 rt which is a plug-in hybrid with a 1.3 liter table three-cylinder engine pad to an electric model and that makes 285 horsepower and 383 pound-feet of torque and since power to all four wheels through s6 gear automatic transmission and the broken hybrid only has 15.5 kilowatt battery with over 30 miles or ev range and can do 0 to 60

In 6.1 seconds that is phone case was for the price and the segment that it falls in now let me jump onto the rtev um as avalia stated which gets a power shot or boost which is a boost mode which is activated by pulling the pedal shifters and flooring the gas all hornet rts with connie fsd they come with kony fsd dampers a fully independent suspension at both

Ends and a brembo braking package that includes vented discs and four piston calipers in front okay guys so that is it but a little bit of the interior that i have here is that if you jump into the vehicle you get a 12.13 inch instrument cluster in place of physical gauges as well as a 10.3 inch touchscreen infotainment with wireless carplay and android auto so

Basically this is your new hornet for you and the question is that is a lot of power for a compact suv don’t you think so you can put your comments in the comment section would like to hear you but this is what auto store got for you and thank you so much have a good great day and if you haven’t subscribed please do we thank you so much and ciao have a good day

Is the brand’s first electrified product and an entry into an all-new segment for us and we’re going to do it in typical dodge fashion we’re going to do it different than everyone else in the industry that competes in that segment every one of that segment is buying for price value and fuel economy that’s not what we’re doing we’re bringing an aggressive muscular

Offering to the marketplace we are launching the quickest fastest and most powerful compact uv under thirty thousand dollars and then from there we’re going to step up to the phev version but we’re not going to call it a phev we’re going to call it an archie because it is a proper step up in performance like an rt should be and from there we’re going to go into

Direct connection and we’re going to bring a glh to market and for those of you that remember what that stands for it stands for taking the big dogs down with our smallest offering and we’re going to be true to that exact same philosophy with the new hornet we can’t wait to get into this segment and really really disrupted we’re coming into a politically correct

Segment and we’re going to do what dodge does and shake it up

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All-New 2023 Dodge Hornet GT & R/T(PHEV) & GLH full specs: fastest COMPACT suv under $30k! By AUTOSTOP