All-new 2023 Lexus RX Hybrid Packs Crazy Power & Performance

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Guys welcome to the world debut of an all-new 2023 lexus rx this is hugely important for lexus because this is their best seller in the first quarter of this year they sold over about 26 000 of these so this is a premium machine but it’s now reborn on an all-new platform and here i’m going to show it to you before anybody else can that’s our promise to you at cfl

Carr you saw it here first so here it is in the flesh let’s start from the front really quick excuse me this kind of an auto show uh atmosphere there’s a lot of excitement uh of course all new design all new platform it’s based on a g a k platform it’s almost the same size as the previous rx here’s the difficulty and the challenge of redesigning a best seller

Because if you change it too much it’s risky so you want to kind of evolve it and change it and improve it and um well let me know what you think in the comments below as far as the style it has the latest spindle grille here with a little bit of body color here on top the model you see here is the new rx 500 hf sport performance that’s a lot of words and i’ll

Explain those words in a second because it’s quite exciting now let’s walk over on the side sorry about that so what they did was brand new platform like i said it’s 198 pounds lighter than before and there’s some chief engineers over there in the background talking to people and uh they were saying during the presentation that the important part of this model

Was to increase the performance of it and just the connection to the road and also it’s electrified it’s a 500h it’s a hybrid so the wheelbase been stretched about 2.36 inches and then the rear end has been shortened a little bit by about same amount so overall footprint of this new rx is about the same but stretching the wheelbase actually gives it a little bit

More interior space and spaciousness and they say also the cargo room has improved i don’t know how they did it but the cargo room is also better so come around on the back because this is also following their latest signature at lexus lexus once again is spelled out and you have that continuous break light led signature all the way across let’s step back just

A little bit more and take a take this all in of course family resemblance in this model but it’s introducing quite a few things so before i tell you about the crazy power numbers and efficiency numbers on this that lexus is promising let me just tell you uh where it starts the new rx 350 is also going to be part of the lineup and it’s going to have a 2.4 liter

Turbocharged engine so the v6 is gone the three and a half liter is no more the turbocharged engine will make 275 horsepower and 317 pound-feet of torque and it’s made it to an eight-speed auto so that’s kind of the base traditional gasoline power plant then there’s going to be of course the 350h which is a hybrid version which is a two and a half liter engine

Let’s walk around this way with a cvt and a hybrid electric uh support for that so um and the way that lexus does it is is they have there you go there’s alex sonatas he’s also interested in this vehicle and of course that hybrid is going to have up to 33 mpg that they’re promising for this new model yes it is lighter weight now the chassis is lighter weight

So uh then there’s going to be a plug-in model we don’t have numbers on that yet but it’s also going to be based on a two and a half liter non-turbo engine like the 350h and this is very special under the hood is a tuna 2.4 liter once again the turbocharged straight four combined with an electric system 367 horsepower 367 and over 400 pound-feet of torque and

It’s made it to six-speed auto and of course the electric um axle electric motor in the back and they’re called it’s using in the latest all-wheel drive technology they call direct four so here maybe i can give you a little peek so take a look inside really briefly once again all new interior the 14 inch infotainment screen in the middle that you can see right

There premium materials and it’s similar to some of the other new lexus models but you can see special performance touches like the pedals down below very grippy seats and a lot of style to go along with the power and efficiency they’re saying about 26 mpg is going to be it’s going to be capable of around 26 mpg so you’re getting almost 370 horsepower over 400

Pound-feet of torque and their latest turbo engine and a six-speed automatic so it’s not a cvt so you’re getting all those things all in one here so quite special this is a world debut here in plano texas at the toyota lexus here headquarters for north america and quite exciting so let’s let’s keep going a little bit further of course the latest lexus interface

Is there is going to be powering the user experience inside the vehicle of course the latest driver assistance technologies are here as well they’re calling it toyota safety sense 3.0 we kind of have to share the space so we’ll keep walking around so the 3.0 system has many different advantages and technologies in it it’s got dynamic radar control of course lane

Tracing where the vehicle is using cameras and other sensors to either follow the lines on the road or follow the vehicle ahead of you or both so all of those motorcycle detection also so in certain conditions in certain conditions the safety system in this car will be able to actually observe and know when the motorcycle is coming by you and of course many

Accidents relate to hey nick and nick sorry sorry about i’m in your way thank you all the work today always in your way sorry about that so as you can see there’s a lot of a lot of journalists here doing their work to bring in the news so of course safety is important it’s part of it performance is important the all-wheel drive system is new like i said direct4

I we haven’t driven this new rx obviously so we don’t know exactly how it’s going to feel and perform in different conditions but because the vision was to make the driver more connected to the road i’m assuming exactly that’s that’s the mark that lexus team wants to hit uh pricing is not available yet and it’s going to be available on sale later this year by

Or by the end of this year there’s also the rz i’ll have another video 2023 rz is an all-electric battery electric kind of a version of this but kind of similar so and the rx of course is their best seller in traditional vehicle that are also electrified so thank you for joining me on this world debut of this vehicle uh we’ll bring you a lot more news here

From the toyota event and stay tuned to for everything automotive especially this first vehicle debuts thank you very much

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All-new 2023 Lexus RX Hybrid Packs Crazy Power & Performance! By TFLnow