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All New 2023 Lexus RZ Wonderful Full Electric SUV Revealed

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All New 2023 Lexus RZ Wonderful Full Electric SUV Revealed.

One success story in the automotive industry that everyone seems to come back to his lexus in the 1980s toyota decided to put together their own luxury car division to fight the germans and dent them where it hurt the most in 1990 toyota launched lexus as well as the first lexus model the original ls today lexus remains a genuine competitor to all the established

Luxury car makers and their model lineup actually bests the germans in a lot of ways lexus along with toyota are also pioneers of electrification in luxury cars it all started in the mid-2000s with the rx-400h and today you can get all of lexus models with some type of electrification now finally lexus is ready to launch its first ever full ev the rz the 2023

Lexus rz is the japanese automaker’s first ever battery powered electric vehicle in addition to launching their first ever plug-in hybrid with the second generation nx not too long ago they are now ready to tackle the luxury electric crossover battlegrounds with the new rz as you might expect the first electric lexus is a compact crossover suv while we definitely

Know that lexus is preparing to explore a variety of other segments they’re keeping it safe with the first one and they’re entering one of the most lucrative sectors in the auto industry right now the rz rides on toyota’s etnga architecture that’s specifically designed for electric cars this platform also underpins toyota’s own bz4x and the subaru sultera while

Those two cars are almost identical with negligible styling differences the rz strays away and takes on a much more distinctive look the front has the latest iteration of lexus spindle grille as well as their signature headlights the rz adopts a similar teardrop shape as well as a floating roofline a rear light bar and lexus spell out on the tailgate rather than

A simple logo lexus is pitting the rz against the likes of the tesla model y the audi q4 etron which you could say is the luxurious cousin to the vw id.4 the genesis gv60 the bmw 93 and the volvo c40 recharge one of the ways the rz differs from its platform siblings is the powertrain combination while the bz4x and the solterra get a maximum of 215 horsepower

The rz gets a much more powerful front motor as standard this results in 308 horsepower and awd across the lineup much like the soltera so far this is the only powertrain on offer for the rz and lexus has named this model the rz450e as of may 2022 there is no confirmation about a more powerful or less powerful powertrain single motor versions or performance

Versions lexus calls the awd system direct4 and there’s also the innovative e-axle-tech the e-tnga platform’s charging tech is a little behind when compared to rivals but you will most likely be able to charge the rz on a compatible fast charger in less than an hour in theory this power figure should give the rz 450 a decent amount of punch and a 0 to 60 time

Of around 5 seconds which is plenty enough lexus models have always been more focused on comfort and the same would most likely apply to the rz but it’s also safe to assume that lexus will whip up some type of f sport version with stiffer suspension in any case the rz should be a good car to drive so me you um you

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All New 2023 Lexus RZ Wonderful Full Electric SUV Revealed By CARVALS