All New Ferrari REVIEW 2022 Ferrari 812 GTS. |Price|Interior|Engine|FuelConsumption|

Besides limited-edition models like the new Daytona SP3, the only way to get a glorious V-12 engine in a Ferrari these days is to buy an 812. For 2022, the 812 comes in both GTS and new Competizione guise, both powered by a 6.5-liter V-12. The GTS makes 789 horsepower and its stowable roof lets you drink in the V-12’s otherworldly shriek. But the big news for 2022 is the addition of the Competizione, which turns up the wick to create a 819-hp horsepower track monster. In the Competizione the V-12 can scream to a 9500 rpm redline, and the newest 812 variant stays planted to the road thanks to a massive rear diffuser and redesigned rear wing. It also takes the already dramatic long-hood looks of the 812 GTS to a new extreme, with numerous vents and air intakes carved into the bodywork and a carbon fiber strip cutting across the hood. The Competizione unsurprisingly makes the 812 even faster, and also comes as a convertible, called Competizione A. With every Ferrari from here on out expected to be a hybrid, the latest 812 marks the end of era.

Welcome to carsmation the 812 lineup drops the super fast but adds the extreme competizione model this track oriented 812 gains 30 horsepower lighter materials revised aerodynamics ferrari will only build 500 coupes and 312 companies ionia convertibles but they have already been sold ferrari offers the 812 gts in a single spec that features carbon ceramic

Brake rotors 20-inch wheels and an interior slathered in aromatic leather buyers can select from a host of paint colors interior trimmings and wheel designs but that’s about the extent of the customization given that the compodisione is already sold out we’d recommend the gts which allows us to enjoy the feeling of windswept hair and revel in long drives down

The pacific coast highway or through the catskills the ferrari 812 gts gets its muscle from a 789 hp 6.5 liter v12 which delivers a bracing 530 pound-feet of torque to the rear wheels via a 7-speed dual clutch automatic although the gts doesn’t use the super fast name it is still super fast reaching a 211 miles per hour top speed while we haven’t tested a gts

The super fast that we tested hit 60 miles per hour in a mere 2.8 seconds ferrari claims the gts should reach 60 about a tenth of a second behind the super fast likely owing to the necessary chassis reinforcements that make the convertible an estimated 265 pounds heavier than the coupe in our drive of the gts we found the handling to be quite nimble for a near

Two-ton car making it feel like a much smaller vehicle the removable roof makes it easy to listen to the a12 stupendous noise its exhaust note starts as a guttural growl and rises to an ear piercing shriek and the standard carbon ceramic brakes bring this beast to a quick and decisive halt the coupe needed just 142 feet to stop from 70 miles per hour in our

Testing and performance should be similar on the gts the competition takes things to a new level while we haven’t tested one we expect it to reach 60 miles per hour around 0.2 seconds quicker than the gts the compadizione is so fast in fact that our senses struggle to keep up with the extreme speeds it is the naturally aspirated 812 push to its absolute limits

The 2022 ferrari 812 gts chugs fuel averaging 12 mpg in the city and 15 mpg on the highway for the epa’s yardstick the lamborghini huracan a chief rival albeit with a v10 fares a bit better returning 13 and 18 mpg respectively in those environs during our time with the 812 superfast we managed only 11 mpg two points shy of its 13 mpg combined rating we haven’t

Gotten our hands on a gts for testing purposes the competizione actually performs slightly better than the gts returning 12 mpg in the city but 16 mpg on the highway the 812’s cabin provides seating for two with reasonably spacious accommodations good ergonomics and modern design wishing for drivers to embrace the grand touring nature of the 812 and keep their

Hands on the wheel at all times ferrari eliminated the typical steering wheel stocks and instead put push button controls for the wipers and turn signals on the spokes as for storage space the coupe out shines many competitors offering 18 cubic feet of cargo volume we can’t say the same for the convertible though the gts’s roof folding equipment cuts that down

To a mere seven cubes you’ll need to send most of your luggage on ahead thanks for watching

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