All New Hyundai Ioniq 6 is Ready to Hit the Markets – FIRST LOOK

In this video we talk about the new Ioniq 6 and the design of this car is extremely aerodynamic.

Hello everyone and welcome in this video we are talking about new ionic 6 hyundai’s new model and the design of this car is extremely aerodynamic in the same way that the ioniq 5 bore a strong resemblance to the concept 45 on which it’s based the ionic 6 has sleek design that is not too dissimilar to the prophecy concept that hyundai unveiled in a march 2020 as

Is the case with almost every production version of the concept car the proportions had to be slightly reduced to meet the requirements for the practicality and safety it is interesting that the designers kept the load tail design instead of just switching to a more conventional one some things that haven’t changed from the concept are the parametric pixel light

Elements that hyundai plans to carry over to the entire ionic range the whale tail spoilers similar to the porsche models and the vertical taillights the inside of the ionic 6 is very similar to its flashback brother the ionic 5 with two 12 inch screens when we look at the interior we see the minimalistic design dominated by the digital instruments and the central

Touch screen which are placed in the same housing and form as a single unit below center screen you can see additional controls probably for the climate control and other car functions there are also two screens on the left and the right side that replace the mirrors and if you are still here watching this video please hit the subscribe and like button and you

Will be happy all day long ambient lighting in 64 colors with six two tone themes also provides a special atmosphere and looks very cool in this car as you can see the front part is designed at very minimalistic the sideline is most similar to that of pochette icon as well as the rear part which is made in a style of copay with a spoiler on the lower part the

Rear lights that stretch across the entire width of the car look particularly impressive and it’s not known wherever this will be standard or additional equipment the wheelbase of this car has also been increased to provide additional legroom for both front and rear passengers although the koreans didn’t reveal many technical specifications we do know that ionic 6

Will be based on a hyundai’s egmp ev platform which also underpins the ionic 5. as a result it’s likely to have similar specification in terms of power but with potential better range as it is a drug coefficient of 0 21 is significantly lower than the blocky ionic vice 0-188 maybe we are just guessing here but engine options are likely to include a 228 horsepower

And 350 newton meter single engine configuration driving the rear wheels as well as a 324 horsepower and 605 newton meter twin engine four wheel drive option technical details have not yet been published but it’s assumed that the car will use battery with a capacity of 77.4 kilowatt hours and have two engine and all-wheel drive in addition the platform has a

800 volt fast charging infrastructure it is also assumed that the weaker but also stronger version may follow thank you for watching and tell me in the comments how do you like new hyundai ioniq 6 and subscribe for more

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All New Hyundai Ioniq 6 is Ready to Hit the Markets – FIRST LOOK By Car Yard