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All New Infiniti QX55 2021 SUV interior.

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This is a review of the all new Infiniti QX55 2021 SUV interior.

I think kx55 is so special because somehow it’s reconnecting infinity to the soul of the brand as we were dreaming together about the qx55 naturally we turned to to this spiritual north star that we had which is fx exactly we invented that category that maybe we can call crossover coupe actually qx55 is going to be the only japanese luxury vehicle in that category

As a japanese premium brand i think we’re bringing a different kind of feeling of luxury you know we’re very fortunate that we have qx 55 to show that new tonality from the beginning this is a kind of designer’s dream project because we knew that the company and the brand needed something very provocative at a glance we wanted to create this silhouette which was

Yes personal but very dynamic where the rear is is a bit powerful the fan you can feel the the mass of the fender and the piano key tail lamps were really helping make this complete kind of a resting at a glance aesthetic this car is really amazing from its styling but we are a performance brand right and this car will also be very true to this uh dna uh we’ll

Have a two liter turbo viable compression ratio of 268 horsepower so it will not just look sporty it will drive really like a sports car and as a designer we knew this so we built on the infinity asymmetrical designs that we have on q50 and q60 and this one we have a black and red interior which is really celebrating the the the feeling you’re gonna have when

You’re driving so yes from the outside very provocative and stepping inside aside from the color which is very iconic actually even in the creation of the shapes we were exploring ways to really echo the sense of in control for the driver so for instance the center console the way it sweeps over and bends with the leather really make it feel like a cockpit style

In some aspects it’s a driver-centric cockpit but i mean look at the second row we have this sliding rear bench we have a cargo space which is higher than our direct competitors so in that sense we have here a car which is equally beautiful but much more practical so eric i know that uh you drove it the other day how was that yeah actually we’ve been very lucky

To drive qx 55 quite intensively through the the last month and from the intelligent all-wheel drive system which is uh fitting the car standard but also the large color heads-up display gives you a very very high-tech feeling it really changes how you drive it’s really wonderful and of course it’s not just the drive i mean our passengers are going to enjoy the

Infinity in touch with the twin screens especially this quiet cabin and this kind of private concert 16 speaker bose system is really spectacular the car is not just connected to the road it’s also connected to the passengers uh you can hook up seven wi-fi devices and for the first time we are bringing wireless carplay so really everyone is very much connected

In this car how long do we have to wait not very long also the car is coming on sale early next year hey bye hi now hey um so i so so um so so

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All New Infiniti QX55 2021 SUV interior. By Know Anything