All-New Infiniti QX60 (2022) – Fantastic SUV

Hey Guys, Here’s The First Look of The All-New 2022 Infiniti QX60. Checkout Interior, Exterior Design, Features, Safety, Technology and Other Details in This Walkaround Review Video.

The qx60 is built for our busy lives out there but the feeling i get from driving it takes me here i can spoil my family myself and still get our needs met when you first get in you notice a sense of calm this horizontal dash floats like a piece of art without the busyness of knobs and buttons the sleek black screens come to life when you start the qx60

The soft leather appointed seats have detailed quilting that looks like ripples on a pond and carries all the way up to the dash the air vents seem to disappear into the design but the interior design is only half the story the real magic is outside at first glance you’ll think suv but look deeper and there’s an energy that elevates the qx60 you can feel

The power up front this is where the energy overflows a wide stance brilliant headlights large front grille all the way down to the intricately folded inner mesh grille and behind that grille is infinity’s powerful v6 engine paired with an all new nine speed transmission here on the side the energy becomes pleasing and calm the lines are straight fluid the

Glass wraps around so it looks like the roof is floating the taillights have this signature style like the keys of a piano clean and tailored day and night one side of me loves the stylish look of the qx60 the other side loves technology and how much it makes being a mom that much easier real world please you’re driving outside it’s bumper-to-bumper inside

Your four-year-old wants you to listen to her read sound familiar the qx60 has got you covered it can ease your burden in traffic so you can tune into the drive and the story just press a single button and pro pilot assist with navi link can help keep you on track sensors in front here monitor the cars ahead over there so the qx60 slows down when they slow

Down and speeds up when they speed up it can even help keep you centered in your lane how about this you’re driving and before you know it your off ramp appears using highway mapping qx60 knows what’s coming and can slow you down for the exit here’s a step forward predictive forward collision warning it can see two cars ahead and warn you of a possible

Collision this infinity innovation can politely stop your qx60 from backing into a large stationary object and if you’re tempted to change lanes but can’t see your blind spot like the one back there you’ll be grateful for blind spot intervention why is this so important this is why what’s this the first luxury suv built for our family even getting in is

Elegant with the right amount of space three rows with a second row seat you can slide forward even with a child seat in place and one hand did i forget anything peace and quiet that’s always a welcome luxury you know what else is a luxury space like having a space to keep a wet and sandy bathing suit away from everything else and a third row seat that

Does this take a look at this when you’re loaded up with kids and cargo it may be hard to see out the back this roofing mirror is so smart it can switch from mirror to monitor to show you what’s behind your qx60 so it’s a mirror and monitor mirror monitor you get the picture get in you won’t believe this touch this button and you have heat touch this and

The air is wicked away through perforations in the seat to cool you and the best part massaging front seats i’m never leaving makes me want to go on a long road trip remember the last time we went to the mountains play road trip playlist i wouldn’t trade my family chaos for anything the excitement than never knowing what could happen next for some of us

It’s a beautiful thing the 2022 infiniti qx60 oh are you okay yeah all right yeah yeah good no it’s fine that’s okay yeah okay yeah and action so you

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