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All New Land Rover Defender 130 2023 Updates Revealed

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All New Land Rover Defender 130 2023 Updates Revealed.

Land rover defender 130 provides an exceptional  and practicality. the land rover defender is one  of the most complete off-road vehicles, with a   history spanning over 30 years. after a four-year  hiatus, land rover relaunched the iconic defender   suv with all-new model range in 2020. since then,  the defender has become the brand’s

Most popular   and in-demand model, serving travelers, families,  and anyone who needs a functional and durable suv.  a defender 130 variant joins the lineup this year,   with a body that’s been extended to fit a third  row of seats, upping total passenger capacity to   eight riders. the new 130 model is available with  an

Exclusive sedona red exterior color option and   comes standard with desirable features that are  optional on the 90 and 110 models, including the   larger 11.4-inch infotainment display. otherwise,  the defender carries over largely unchanged into   2023, except now its pivi pro infotainment system  comes standard with amazon alexa

Integration.  lineage presents another dimension that   the land rover defender 130. this new suv  promises to accommodate up to eight passengers,   thanks to its extended rear overhang and standard  three-row seating arrangement. the suv also   welcomes a plethora of design improvements and  technology to both the exterior

And interior.  to 13.4 inches in length, surpassing its 110   also makes it 30.6 inches longer than the 90   model. all the added real estate comes from a  longer rear overhang which unlocks additional   however, remains unchanged from defender 110.  with just enough design cues from the rest of  the land rover lineup to

Make those familiar   in the door panels add a rugged appearance,   and a magnesium beam that runs the full width  of the dashboard isn’t entirely cosmetic—it’s   also structural. under the infotainment display,  a trapezoidal extension of the dashboard provides   the shift lever and ignition switch are also  mounted

On this center stack rather than the   console can be flipped back to create a jump   similar to a three-across bench in some   the rear seat in 90 and 110 models is limited,   but on par with rival off-roaders such as the  wrangler; the rear seats can be folded to open up   a much larger cargo bay but those seeking to

Haul  people and gear may want to look at the larger   cargo carrier. the longer 130 model offers   additional cargo space with the third row stowed,  but with it in use there’s not much room for gear.  that debuted on defender v8 models and  bigger 11.4-inch screen. navigation  and the defender 130 also has a fancier air 

Purification system and optional four-zone   automatic climate control. natural light oak is  a new wood trim option and the leather is now   every defender 130 is powered by a mild-hybrid  turbocharged inline-6 engine paired with standard   all-wheel drive. the p300 model has 296 horsepower  and 347 pound-feet of torque, which

Matches the   smaller defender’s 4-cylinder engine in power  but is 52 lb-ft stronger. the p400 version makes   the same 395 hp and 406 lb-ft as in the other  defenders. expect the awesome supercharged v8 to   defender 130 goes on sale later this year  it will be available in s, se, x-dynamic se,   comes in three preset

Color combinations and   like 20-inch wheels and a meridian sound system.  released, but land rover says the defender   130 s will start at $69,350 including a $1,350  destination charge, which feels like a pretty   a defender 110 s fitted with the optional   but the 130 has the more powerful engine,   space. you

Just have to get past the looks.

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All New Land Rover Defender 130 2023 Updates Revealed By Umraity AutoMags