All-New Lexus LX 600 at NIGHT // 28,000 of Advanced Lighting and More

The 2022 Lexus LX 600 is ALL-NEW and we are reviewing it at NIGHT to see all the advanced lighting, ambient lights, headlights, taillights, and more! Is it worth $128,000? And does it have cooler night lights than the Escalade?

Hello everybody and welcome to our nighttime review of the all-new 2022 lexus lx 600 ultra luxury so some of you all who may might follow the channel may have seen our review in the daytime of this lexus lx600 but of course at a 128 000 price tag you would expect it to have some really cool stuff at night time and that’s exactly what we’re going to show you today

We’ve had the privilege of spending seven days with this lx 600 so let’s go ahead and get into our night review of this vehicle and show you what it looks like if you live with this vehicle thank you so as always we’ll start out by talking about what this vehicle does when you just walk up to it and get close to it with the key fob so as we walk up to the lx600

You will notice that we do have a puddle lamp go ahead and illuminate and the reason we’re here on the passenger side is because that’s in the shade so you can see this really well it spells out lexus on the ground and as you unlock the vehicle of course the mirror moves so that’s going to move your puddle lamp we also do have lights here on the running board as

Well to illuminate that so you don’t make a misstep on the way inside of the cabin now walking around to the front you will notice when we unlock the vehicle we had our daytime running lights turned on as you can see signature l-shaped daytime running lights and we have the same puddle lamps and all that over here on the driver’s side as well so it’s harder to

See due to the light here opening up the door here’s what the interior looks like when you first open it up as you can see it’s actually very brightly illuminated but let’s go ahead and power on this lx 600 and see what it’s all about fired up foreign so we’ll start out by talking about the exterior design of the lx600 all fired up now of course there is really no

Mistaking this lx for anything else on the road because it is big and it is bold even at night time so of course you have the same design so we have this big chrome grille up here in the front for the ultra luxury you can see that illuminated even here at night time because of the headlights kind of shining on it and as far as the headlights themselves are concerned

Let’s go ahead and talk about these these are your premium triple beam led headlamps so as you can see you have the individual beams right through here these are actually going to be standard equipment on every single lx we also have our led daytime running light as well as turn signal indicator it’s a signature lexus arrowhead design these are very premium headlamps

Guys and they look so nice at night time and one thing i want to mention is that they have a very unique signature so you’re not going to mistake this lx600 for anything else other than alexa and then if we drop down to the lower area you will notice that we do also have led fog lamps as well now full disclaimer if you’re just stumbling upon this video and want to

Know all about the facts and figures of this lx we do have a full review live on the channel right now that has all the information including the wheel sizes the off-road capability all the features and facts that’s going to be included in that full review so go ahead and check that out if you’re interested in that now as far as our nighttime review we’ll continue

On by talking about our mirrors as you can see we do have the led turn signal indicator built in as well we have blind spot monitoring and standard equipment and one thing i also want to mention is that we have power folding and important for this night review is we also have auto dimming as standard equipment on every single lx now coming around to your side not

A lot is going on here as you can see you do have that turn signal indicator and then moving around to the back we have a very lit up rear design of course this has some really fancy lighting and that’s going to show here at night time so lexus is of course going to have the full length led tail lights for their newest models that’s going to be including this lx so

We have all the accenting across the entire back is going to be a really premium very fancy looking led components here we also have an led amber turn signal integrated down below that i want to point out you have led license plate lighting which is something that a lot of brands will skimp out on because i think you won’t notice it but this does have led lighting

For your license plates and then dropping down your turn signal into or your reverse light is integrated here in the rear bumper then opening up the tailgate here let’s go ahead and see what this is going to look like now as far as the actual space is concerned we’re looking at around 70 cubic feet as a maximum with the seats folded down so a little over 40 cubic

Feet of cargo capacity with the seats in place it is worth noting the ultra luxury does kind of reduce your cargo capacity down compared to the regular lx models and also it does delete the third row now as far as some of the lighting back here this is what you’re here for of course in a nighttime review we do have led illumination here on the left side it’s enough

To gently illuminate this rear area i would maybe have liked to have seen a few more lights for the cargo department because it’s pretty dim especially if we have the cargo cover installed that said we do have a dome light right there that kind of helps shine down if we didn’t have this cargo cover installed alrighty guys let’s go ahead and hop into the interior

Of the lx 600 at night time now of course this is where you’re going to be spending your time so you want it to be a very premium space and spoiler alert it is definitely going to be very premium so let’s go ahead and hop into here as you can see as i kind of mentioned a little bit earlier there is a lot of led illumination that goes ahead and lights up the cabin

When you walk up to the vehicle so you have all these aluminum lights illuminating as well as in the second and third rows as well so you’re definitely going to see where you’re going when you get into the cabin shutting it up of course you have a very solid feel for the doors you also have a really solid grab handle here in order to help getting in let’s go ahead

And fire it up and see how all the electronics look like when we uh starter up nice so i know you couldn’t see the head up display probably but in the gauge cluster in the main head unit here and in the head up display it has the nice really cool lexus animation floating around so i like that it’s in all three elements so as a driver you can really see all the

Three different things going on at the same time also the headlights do do a little kind of bounce to show you that they’re nice and adaptive but let’s go ahead and break down some of the individual features going on inside of this cabin so as always we’ll start out by talking about the headlamps so as you can see this is just your normal headlamp configuration

Right here we will go ahead and turn on those high beams okay the high beams are on and as you can see we do have some really bright illumination i mean this is quite impressive just how well these high beams illuminate everything i’d say these are up there for some of the brightest headlamps i’ve ever seen we’ve been testing this out on a lot of different country

Roads and it is doing a fantastic job or once again shows you the effectiveness of the high beams so really impressive headlamps they’ve done a great job with these triple beams now in addition to that you will notice we of course have a head-up display that’s very visible at night time as you can see it does have a lot of information on it you have your speed you

Also have your rpms going through there as well as your lane lane information so there’s a lot of information in that head up display and like i said it does also provide animations if we drop down below that here is what your gauge cluster looks like at night time you will notice that we do have a really nice gauge cluster design i will say it lags a little bit

At startup so that’s a little bit disappointing but other than that this is a really nice gauge cluster setup now coming back to the steering wheel itself we do have a really nice steering wheel as you can see a lot of it’s going to be pretty dark here at night time but we do have all of our buttons illuminated on both sides as well as illumination for our wiper

Controls as well as our headlight controls over here another thing i want to point out is you do have white illumination for all of your controls to the left of the steering wheel as well as down here and in addition to that we’re also going to look at the door trim here you will notice that we do have some ambient lighting going through the top part of the wood

Trim which looks really nice you can customize different colors here’s your memory seat functions and then all of your window switches are also going to be illuminated as well as your door handle right here so a lot of illumination going on at the door trim and then for your foot wells you do also have a gentle blue illumination i don’t know if you can see it very

Well but gentle blue eliminations are kind of going to be the key in this lx 600 as far as the lighting is concerned that said it’s not going to be quite as elaborate as something like a mercedes-benz or a cadillac escalade i would like to see a little bit more ambient lighting in here there’s only pretty much the piece right here on the left of the door trim as

Well as the right door trim so that’s that’s pretty much all the ambient lighting you’re going to get now moving on from that let’s go ahead and pop open the center console here this is going to be very dark as you can see cool box is illuminated since this is actually a refrigerator here on this ultra luxury model no illumination in there though so it’s going to

Be quite dark for whatever items you’re going to put in there and then up in front of that we have some illumination where you would stick a phone for instance we also have our heated and ventilated seat controls and all this is very nicely illuminated and we do off it’s kind of some lighting coming down from the ceiling here to illuminate this area now taking

A look at our shifter we put it in reverse here’s your backup camera it of course has excellent resolution the daytime if you watch our daytime review you’ll notice that it has great resolution at night time it is also going to be really impressive so as you can see you have your 360 view right here on the left side your regular view right there and it honestly

Doesn’t lose any resolution here at night time it’s really impressive resolution so a plus for me on the resolution of that backup camera now putting it back into park as we move up the dashboard you will notice all these controls are going to be nicely illuminated you have some green green colors here as well as red and blue for your temperature adjustments you can

Adjust your different drive modes that does change your gauge cluster design so whichever one is maybe your favorite you can switch to your different gauges really nice touch and then moving up from that we have this secondary display this controls all of your climate controls as well as just some other vehicle information it’s going to be really nice resolution

As well as look very premium at night time that said this main display up here at the very top is a very impressive display as you can see it does run wireless carplay wireless android auto it’s a very sensitive display it just does everything super well the newest lexus system which is running on this lx600 is absolutely amazing so it’s a very impressive system

They did a great job with it so that’s going to be included on this model and at night time of course it does look really really nice now coming up we do have an auto dimming interior mirror as you would expect it also does have the camera functionality it’s hard to see at night time but that’s what the camera looks like as you can see it does a really good job

Of illuminating way better than what it actually looks like in real life of how illuminated it is so that’s something worth noting it’s actually probably a safety feature to have the camera because you can see a lot better back there and then of course we do have a standard size moon roof no panoramic moon roof is going to be offered on this lx which is something

That i’m a little bit disappointed by and i went ahead and got into the second row of this lx now of course there are so many nice features going on right here um we’re going to save all the details of that for our full review so if you’re interested in learning all about the reclining mechanisms the massaging seats all that stuff go watch our full review we have

A very detailed full review on a channel now as far as what this looks like at night time of course the rear seat is going to be just as nice as the front honestly nicer than the front we do have ambient lighting on the door trims both of them we also have our dual rear seat entertainment screens that’s something worth noting these are very high resolution super

Nice rear displays and then as far as some other features we have illuminated usb ports and connections right down there everything’s going to be very nicely done for this rear seat in addition to that we do also have a integrated rear screen that controls everything from your heated and ventilated rear seats to your you know seat adjustments this button right here

I’ll go ahead and do it just because i want to that will go ahead and fold the front seat forward and allow me to have a full ottoman come out so i guess that’s a little hint of all the stuff that these rear seats can do if you want to go check out that full review but definitely a really cool feature and everything back here is just really nicely illuminated thanks

To these lights up here on the roof now there is another light that i do want to point out just the general lamp so for the ultra luxury model you do have kind of air airplane lamps so you can turn those on like that and as you can see you can just specifically target an area to illuminate just like you can on an airplane which is really nice if you’re reading a

Book or whatnot and don’t want to disturb the other people but overall a really excellent job in the rear seat of this lx i honestly think they did a better job with the lighting in the rear seat than they did in the front well guys thanks so much for watching this night review of the all-new 2022 lexus lx 600 ultra luxury this of course has been an awesome vehicle

To live with for the last week so we’re hope hoping that we’re able to relay some of the cool information that we’ve learned over the last week to you all by giving you all this night review so please go ahead and subscribe if you haven’t subscribed already to the channel we have a ton of automotive content like i said we have that detailed full review that goes

Over all the information of this model on the channel right now so go ahead and watch that video also follow us on tick tock and instagram and we’ll catch you next time as we sample more of the latest automotive delicacies

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All-New Lexus LX 600 at NIGHT! // $128,000 of Advanced Lighting and More! By Car Confections