All New Nissan 400Z Premiere Summary – Everything You NEED To Know About The 2023 400Z

In this video I summarize the New Nissan 400Z Premiere! This new 2023 Nissan 400z is already shaping up to be a pretty iconic car and has so many car enthusiasts excited for the Spring of 2022!

How is it going guys welcome back to the channel today’s a very exciting day because uh today uh literally just now nissan just officially released the production version of the 2023 400z now if you are subscribed to my channel if you have been subscribed to my channel uh you know i’ve been making a lot of 400c videos i’m really excited for the car i know a lot

Of people either love it or hate it and you would also know that i’m actually you know from new jersey i’m from like the new york area so i was actually planning on attending uh the new york auto show this year but unfortunately it got cancelled like last minute but even though the auto show got cancelled nissan still decided to go ahead and go on with like this

Kind of virtual uh limited attendance reveal and it was basically right around 21 minutes long it wasn’t super long but i watched the entire thing i took a bunch of notes and i’m basically just going to summarize it down for you guys if you don’t have you know really time to go ahead and watch it yourself so the opening of this 400z uh premiere pretty much opened

Up with this like weird behind the scenes scene where it showed people filming like the commercial and the opening for this actual a premiere and then it shows the actual opening and it’s pretty much just an opening uh through the years it goes from like 1969 with the very first you know 240z going through the streets of new york and then it pretty much evolves

Through the 80s the 90s then the early 2000s with the 350z and it’s really cool because you see a lot of like stuff that has to do with new york culture in the background the music corresponds to the era and obviously again the car you know evolves over time and then a pretty much this kind of sequence ends with somebody driving the 50th anniversary 370z through

The streets of new york and the end of that sequence with the 50th year anniversary 370z actually segues perfectly to the actual in person beginning of this premiere where literally like the top logos the z logo part opens up in the middle of the stage and through a cloud of smoke comes out the 50th anniversary 370z and none other than cody walker actually comes

Out the driver’s seat which i think was pretty damn cool because i mean most people probably just expected like a nissan executive or something like that now cody actually does go on to mention that he was present at the 2019 new york auto show with this you know 370z anniversary edition that they kind of revealed and actually a quick fun fact i was there too

And that’s how i got this poster that you guys see behind me so i thought that was pretty cool again i’m kind of from the area so it really like i have a good relation to what he’s talking about and obviously for anyone who doesn’t know cody walker is the brother of the late movie star and car enthusiast paul walker who starred in the fast and furious films and

Me personally i think he was a great kind of celebrity host for nissan to bring in to this a premiere reveal because again paul walker it’s almost like impossible to think of paul walker driving a car without thinking of him driving a nissan now the next kind of transition in the premiere actually goes and talks about it features a few z enthusiasts and actually

Shares their stories which i thought was really unique i made it made the reveal feel a lot more personal as well and then it kind of ends in this whole sequence where all the all these enthusiasts that they interviewed are kind of bundled up together and they’re all basically praising what nissan is doing with the new 400z and then before we get any further cody

Does talk about his late brother’s charity organization that he founded reach out worldwide and he also talks about uh fuel fest which is pretty much a car show and he just plugs that in there if any of you guys don’t know what reach out worldwide is i do highly suggest you search it up and uh maybe consider donating to them because they do a lot of great things

Around the world but after all that and after kind of cody walker exits the stage now we are actually introduced officially introduced to the 2023 400c and in this kind of commercial trailer whatever you want to promo whatever you want to call it we do get the very first shots of the actual production 400z and honestly uh when everyone was saying when nissan was

Saying that you know the protozoa is pretty much 95 of the actual production z they definitely weren’t lying a lot of it was very similar the door handles looked a little bit different some interior pieces here and there looked a little bit different and one thing that i really really liked throughout this uh little commercial is the other z that was actually

Featured and it was a very good contrast between kind of like a very calm z and then a very wild dark bluesy and i absolutely love that factory color obviously that is going to be a factory color that is going to be offered for these new 400z and pretty much the whole commercial climaxes and ends on a really really awesome ending of again the contrast of a very

Calm and timid kind of like lime green z and a absolute wild bluesy and they’re going back and forth and you get a lot of exhaust noise and what this car is actually going to sound like so actually now i’ll just edit it in right into this video so you guys can take a look at this because i think this is badass and then after that commercial uh the ceo of nissan

Ashwani gupta he was actually supposedly like the head guy for this 400 z project goes on and he pretty much takes the show from there he does mention a bunch of times how the first you know 240z was originally debuted here in new york city in 1969 he talks about all the different previous generations and he even does mention how nissan has kind of been flawed

In the past decade and how in the past couple years through the nissan next program they’ve really been trying to turn things around he features a couple of the other you know nissan vehicles that are in their current inventory and actually fast forwarding to right around 14 and a half minutes in to this premiere i really love the shot of like all the generation

Z’s that you get from this kind of like pitcher right behind ashwani gupta and i do feel like they were repeating this a lot but i do i really like the emphasis on the enthusiast as well as the actual history and lineage of the z car because you could definitely see a lot of that in the new 400 z’s design and of course that is another thing that uh mr gupta goes

On to talk about he uh mentions again the design for the proto was pretty much where they were at for the production 400 z a lot of people thought they were going to change it like drastically but i mean besides marker lights and simple things to make the thing road legal that’s pretty much where they were at and with this new 400z uh it being rear-wheel drive

Still uh being offered in manual transmission there was again like a lot of emphasis on a just very pure driving experience and authentic driving experience that is going to be offered with this new kind of modern retro vehicle from nissan and further on we do get a very good section that does have a lot of focus on the interior including the 12.3 inch digital

Display which is actually kind of funny because in the uh actual premiere it doesn’t even include a speedometer it’s just tack on or boost gauge and then a couple other things but i’m sure that’s probably going to be customizable when you actually get the car and then of course he does mention that the new 400 z is going to include the very famous kind of three

Center gauges three center dash gauges that a lot of previous generations have had and there also is a quick mention on the 8-inch center touchscreen the center display touchscreen that is also going to include apple carplay for anybody wondering but to be honest with you guys uh me personally i don’t really care about the interior that much i care more about

What’s underneath the hood and yes it is actually confirmed that we are getting that four liter twin turbo v6 from the infinity q60 red sport and that three liter twin turbo v6 will actually produce 400 horsepower and 350 foot-pounds of torque and now for probably the most anticipated part of the premiere which i mean everyone already knew this you know coming into

This but i love the fact that the audience actually like all like the entire audience or everyone that was actually there and present uh clapped when he did mention and actually show on the screen that yes this car is coming in a manual standard six-speed manual but it is also going to be offered in a nine-speed automatic shiftable transmission with mounted paddle

Shifters as well now obviously the fact that this car is going to be offered in a manual and its main competitor the mark 5 supra isn’t is going to be a really big selling point for a lot of car enthusiasts and it is something that i feel like is really really going to help nissan out in both the short term for sales as well as the long term i think this car is

Definitely going to evolve into something pretty damn iconic especially when the aftermarket gets their hands on it now unfortunately with that great news uh there was a little bit bad news towards the end of this premiere uh mr gupta did go on to say that this car actually isn’t actually going to be for sale until like late spring of 2022 but honestly that’s

Probably something that you know we expected as a 2023 model year and then eventually cody walker uh pretty much just comes back and just closes out the premiere i think this event although it was short right uh right under 21 minutes long i still think they touched on a lot of things now unfortunately the one thing that they did not touch on which i i know i was

A little bit aggravated and i know a couple other people are aggravated as well is the actual confirmed price now even though they did not say it in the premiere i actually did scroll down to the comments section and you can see uh someone by the name of hellbent basically said they forgot to mention the price but other than that it looks very promising and it

Was pretty cool because the actual official nissan usa youtube channel i did reply to him and pretty much just said although final pricing will not be announced much closer to its on sale date the new z is expected to have a base msrp starting around uh forty thousand us dollars which uh i i know i already did a video on it and that’s what the numbers that i

Kind of came out with uh compiling both the uh information that i got from car and driver and i believe motor trend as well as in that video i’ll leave a link to that on top of this video right now but i mean yeah for a brand new car again 40 grand is still a lot of money and a lot of people were hoping for like 35 or maybe even 30 but realistically nissan could

Probably only cheap out on so much especially if they’re truly building a quality car and i mean with modern day car prices it’s a reasonable price now now do i think it’s worth it i personally think it’s worth it uh however if i was even in the market for new 400 z i’d probably wait a couple years and get one used just because that’s my own i guess financial

Preference but i mean if someone’s got the money i think this is a absolutely great car for the money i think it definitely beats out the mark 5 supra and i like the mark v super i don’t really hate on it i actually did a review on one for my channel so if you haven’t checked that out i’ll leave a link to that on top of the video right now but i definitely think

This 400 z is going to beat out the mark v super in sales and i do think that a lot of other vehicle manufacturers are going to be put on notice and actually understand the fact that nissan actually listening to the car enthusiast community and giving them what they want may actually be more profitable for those other manufacturers in the long run and who knows

Maybe this uh fuels a lot more competition and gives us a lot more badass cars in the future but anyways guys that’s pretty much just gonna be it for today’s video uh comment down below what you guys are most excited to see about this new 400z and let me know your thoughts and opinions on the official 400z production reveal but like always thank you guys for all

The support and i’ll see you guys in the next one

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