All-New Toyota RAV4 Review – Bigger and Better?

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Hello and welcome to a video about a car this particular car is the new toyota rav4 and quite interestingly for me of these be rav4 was in 2018 the best-selling car in the entire world so there’s a lot at stake – it’s a must have felt some pressure to get this right so if they join your intrepid motoring journalist me on an adventure to find out when we first saw

Images of this all-new rav4 as a team we thought oh dear what have they done but we were pleasantly surprised when it arrived for our test drive it’s a dramatically different look for toyota or angular and hard edges with a big flat nose but it really grows on you and certainly gets a lot of attention well let’s start with the unpleasant news first and that’s

Usually the pricing but in this particular case the news actually isn’t that bad and that’s because the entry-level rav4 in this generation has gone on sale for less than 20,000 around more in the outgoing generation that’s a pretty good effort from toyota especially in a market where it feels like the price of cars just rises dramatically all the time and so

This 2-liter all-wheel drive gx our model which i’m driving is about 580 thousand red and even though it’s over that psychological half a million or an mark if you compare it to its rivals of which they are many on the market it’s actually pretty much bagon with what’s out there we’ll get to all those rivals in a bit the other unfortunate news is that there

Won’t be a diesel coming to this country so if you had your heart set on the diesel topics and let’s talk about the way this product arrives and i don’t know if it’s these sort of military like exterior styling but it feels like this car feels super solid it might also be down to the ways of the steering which is a little bit heavier than you might expect but

Overall the low levels of noise and vibrations which make it into the cabin are very impressive and it makes us a wonderful car to do long distances it toyota rarely got that aspect of the new rav4 spot-on what i’m less enthusiastic about is the transmission cvt boxes are getting better all the time but in my experience when you put them to large-ish cars like

This with the relatively low engine result is not great there’s a fairly unpleasant droning sound when you’re accelerating for instance up a hill then the car feels quite sluggish will four-line the engine feels quite strained and when you’re trying to overtake things then get really pretty noisy indeed now most of the time it’s not really an issue and if you’re

A more relaxed driver i’m finally in a hurry you probably won’t notice many of those issues but and i know this is becoming a bit of a cliche in the motoring world i really do feel like this car would have been metal with the traditional portables that is the amazing call of the cvt gearbox right the interior of the rav4 and it is interesting i don’t know if

It all really works it’s all quite chunky and orange i think that’s probably not standard though you don’t have to have orange but there are some nice touches like a wireless cell phone charging pad down yeah that’s very useful jools zone climate control all of your knobs and modes are very easy to use over here next to the gear lever you do get such luxurious

Features as heated and cooled seats but there are some things missing really important stuff i feel in this modern age and that’s sat-nav and rotor and apple carplay now toyota do say that they are going to upgrade the system and if you have a rav4 now you probably won’t be able to upgrade but look over here a cd slot when was the last time you saw one of those

And i suppose if you’re interested in playing cds you’re probably not that interested in android auto but overall i suppose charity is better known for their practical approach to interiors and this strikes a really nice balance between being rugged and being luxurious it’s a very comfortable place to be and most importantly it does feel like nothing’s ever going

To break right the boots very important and the good news is that it is huge now on paper toyota says the boot is about 700 liters which would make it much larger than anything else in the segment now we can take that with a bit of a pinch of salt because manufacturers measure their boot spaces differently but in my experience driving cars in this category this

Is the biggest boot you can get and even though there’s huge height between here and here there’s actually still a full size spare underneath there 18 inches with an alloy wheel and if we do our standard cooler box test moving the parcel shelf out of the way look at that it virtually disappears into the back of the boot so yeah it’s very impressive very useful

And i imagine you will find this very practical when loading in all of your things as i mentioned there’s no diesel coming to south africa in the new rav4 and unfortunately the hybrid rav4 which i’d love to drive and which has come in for some high praise is not coming to the country either so that leaves two petrol engines for you to choose from a 2-liter

Four-cylinder and a 2.5 liter 4-cylinder neither of those engines are turbocharged which has resulted in some fairly anemic power fingers so the 2-liter i’m driving has 127 kilowatts and a whopping 203 newton metres translation for the non-car nerds out there it’s not a lot in fact it’s about the same amount of torque as you get in a 1 litre turbocharged

Volkswagen golf yeah you have to you know this entire car so yeah that’s not great i mean one of the upsides is that the car is pretty damn efficient we are achieving in the 7 liter to the hundred k mark and probably get a lot better than that especially out on the open road so that’s very nice but if you’re the sort of person who’s looking to fill up the car

Really often with people and all of their things and maybe you want to tow something larger than a hamsters cage then i would suggest going for the 2.5 litre you’re going to have to spend an extra 70 k to get that bigger engine because you can only get it in the top spec vx model but when you’ve got the whole family in the car and you’re towing a caravan up a

Hill i think that 70 k is going to feel worth it so i mentioned earlier that i’d cover the rivals to this car and using the new car compared to lan cars at cosa i went through all the manufacturers and i found 16 potential rivals to the scar 16 i mean to list all of them i’m actually just going to pull over here because i’ve got the list on my phone so let’s go

Through them all just quickly missing x-trail subaru forester mitsubishi outlander jeep compass trailhawk 4×4 suzuki grand vitara mahindra xuv500 renault coleus ford kuga volkswagen tiguan hyundai tucson kia sportage of all age six honda crv mazda cx-5 opel grand land x and the puzo 3 mm 8 this is ridiculous so obviously we’ve got to narrow this down and for me

What i would do is splits it into cars that you’d actually want to take off road and get them dirty and cars where you’d rather nuts and for me that narrows it down quite a lot and based on price capability and the general size of the car i would say this cause closest rivals are the nissa next row and the subaru forester and if i had to choose between those

Three the new forests arranged in my opinion doesn’t have great engines the nissen extra has an excellent warranty and a really good diesel engine but you can’t get it in an auto and that pretty much leaves for me a two-hitter between this and the extra and i think i might take this the new rav4 is not a perfect product but it is a very good all-rounder there

Are some important things missing especially when it comes to the infotainment system and my least favorite parts of the package is definitely the transmission but in almost every other aspect the new rav4 impresses and if you’re the sort of person who never really leaves the concrete jungle then yes a car like the mazda cx-5 or maybe the folks market tiguan is

A better option but if you enjoy getting out there and exploring the country if the idea of a road trip excites you and i think this new rav4 will very rarely disappoint you hello carcosa thanks to you is the largest youtube channel in south africa if you’re not one of our subscribers yet we’d love for you to join the family all you have to do is click on the round button

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