All the PROBLEMS my Used BMW M4 F82 has after 65,000 Miles

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Hey what’s going on youtube welcome back to beamer fame you guys join me here with my bmw m4 we just hit 67 000 miles and today we’ll be talking about all the problems that this car has after that amount of mileage so the first problem with this m4 go to the gas cap so all you f 80 and f30 owners will know that these gas caps snap off of this rubber cable really

Easily especially in extremely cold conditions i don’t know if you guys can see but i am from michigan so this car is from the midwest and temperatures can drop below zero degrees fahrenheit gets really cold there and i remember one day i decided to take the car out for a weekend cruise and it was super cold out and i went to the gas station literally just pulled

This thing off and it snapped off the cable so you can easily replace this cable i’m probably gonna have to do that at some point but this was the first thing that i technically broke on the car another issue with the m4 i came across is in the trunk i’ve moved in this car multiple times i’ve moved things in and out of this trunk i haven’t had an issue until i put

Something big in here i don’t remember what it was and it was like a big box and right here this little clip snapped i don’t really know what this is or what is the purpose of this part right here you guys have to let me know in the comments i felt really bad about like snapping this clip but not only did this happen on my m4 it happened on my girlfriend’s f-3328

So this isn’t just an m4 thing this is like a f-generation bmw thing things get hooked on this thing almost every time you slide something in here you kind of have to be cautious of not adding further damage to this part even though i don’t even really know what it does so if you guys know what that part is and what its purpose is let me know in the comments below

Really trying to figure it out in addition to the interior of the car these m badges on the seats are hella cracked i mean they look pretty dusty you can even see it along the edges too the whole badge itself is just cracked good thing is the actual light inside of them works so you can see the m by colors with the white m it glows up at night i’ll show you guys

A clip of it that still works which is good you can even see this one over here too not as bad but still a little dusty i think i’m going to replace those with the facelift ones the blacked out one that says m4 another problem that i’ve had with this car it’s in 67 000 miles is with the i drive not only does the bluetooth connect every now and then not all the

Time it’s very inconsistent but the whole idrive will actually shut off completely depending on the temperature outside if you leave this car outside in very cold conditions basically below freezing during the road trip from michigan out here to california this thing would just cut off and then cut back on randomly when the car would warm up so it’s cold for all

Of this man ice all over the windshield man this is not right we’re gonna have to go full blast on this this is the first problem hopefully the only problem before we’re getting no signal on the high drive that that might be a problem this car usually sits in a garage oh what oh there we go there’s a startup so you guys have to let me know if you’ve had that

Same issue i haven’t found a fix for it but it is a little annoying because if you’re trying to use your navigation i couldn’t do that so i had to use my phone there’s been a total of four times where i’ve closed this door opened it and then tried to close it again and the door will not completely latch it’s almost like this little latch right here stays open

To where the door can’t close now this is a fairly new car and i’ve never had this happen to me in any car i’ve owned cars that are over 20 years old so the first time this happened i was stressed out i didn’t know how to lock my car i pulled up to her car me i wanted my car to be locked so nobody opens the door there was couldn’t figure it out so i had to google

It looked in the forums and the only fix for that is just trying to open the latch multiple times and that should release that little prong right in here so that you can close the door successfully so last but not least i’ve noticed a squeaking noise coming from underneath the car when i’m driving at really low speeds can you hear that squeaking this is very

Slight squeaking at lower speeds when you have cars around you you’ve got the windows down you can hear everything it’s either a i need some new bushings in the suspension or b the exhaust is loose so here we are with the m4 parked up in the garage i actually went ahead and got underneath the car to see if it was either the bushings or the exhaust was loose and

I went ahead and tightened up every single bolt underneath the exhaust and i just got back from the test drive and this thing makes no more squeaking noise so since i drove this car across the united states of america about almost 2500 miles it makes sense that the exhaust would get a little bit loose over time especially since i’ve been filming videos out here

Driving the car pretty fast but all in all that is all the problems here on my bmw m4 and hopefully it stays like that if you guys found this video helpful in any way shape or form make sure you hit that like button hit that subscribe button check us out on instagram boomer fam and i’ll see you guys in the next video thanks for watching

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All the PROBLEMS my Used BMW M4 F82 has after 65,000 Miles By Beemer Fam