All you need to know about the Nissan 400Z

information on the NEW 400Z and all special features. also getting back into youtube and improve every video i make. also my computer is very slow and the editing may have been a bit sloppy and im sorry for that.

Nissan is back and has released a new 400z and i’ll just give you my opinion i absolutely love the car so today we’ll be going over the new 400z and what we can expect from it first what is the nissan z the nissan z started in 1969 with the nissan fair lady z called the datsun 240z after that came the dawson 280zx nissan 300zx by the way also known as the z31 and

Also nissan owned datsun but in 1986 nissan phased out the datsun name so now it’s just nissan so where was i oh yeah another 300 zx also known as the z32 nissan 350z 370z 370z roadster or convertible and now the 2023 nissan 400z so actually yesterday i went to north texas auto show and i saw the new 400z in person for some odd reason i only took two pictures i

Put on the screen but it was blue so you can see the design of the car you notice there are some features you can see on here that you may recognize from the old z’s and i love it the new 400z is actually a mashup of all the other z’s in one you see it in the grille the lights the rear end and i think it looks really awesome the engine is a naturally aspirated

Twin turbo v6 capable of 400 horsepower at 6400 rpm and 350 pound feet of torque or photons of torque from 1600 to 5600 rpm some other information i’ve gotten nissan motorsport is going to put the nissan gtr godzilla engine into a smaller rear-wheel drive version of the coupe the 400z which i don’t know if they can do that so don’t take my word for it nissan also

Says that the 400 z does 0 to 60 and 2.5 seconds compared to the 5.4 0 60 in the old 370z which that seems kind of slow i guess it is so it’s slow the 400z will have either a six-speed manual transmission or a nine-speed automatic transmission and for anyone that likes to rip their cars around it is rear-wheel drive i think everyone knew that but nissan does say

The nismo might be all-wheel drive now to the design starting at the front with the weird looking square grille which is not weird i like it comes in the original 240z which looks really cool with updated led headlights from maybe like a mashup of the 240 280 i think you might you might be able to see it now the whole front end is just super smooth the design

I really like it fits the car really good the front grille is something you’ll have to see in person to like be a oh yeah i get it it looks good like i see right here in the picture when i went to the north texas auto show and the hood it is hard to see but it has like a line going from the front bumper to the hood that has a u-shape to give it a little bit of

Aggression like the old 240z i wonder if you can see that give it more shape than a flat hood which just looks kind of lame the wheels on the 400z are 19 inches on the 400z sport version you’ll be able to get a forged aluminum wheel which is lighter than the casted wheels the new wheels on the z look amazing and gunmetal gray or maybe just flat black moving

Back you see the roof line is blacked out swooping down to the rear of the car and i love the way the body lines flow it’s kind of like a pinch at the waist so the card does not look you know just look at the car just let the car talk another thing nissan added which is new is called the samurai sword line which goes from the roof down to the rear of the car you

Also find the z badge on the rear fender that is perfect place to put it now the door handle is the reason why i didn’t like the 370z because it highlighted the popping out silver but now it’s flush against the car and it isn’t noticeable as the 370z to help with putting down the power it has the real differential so you hopefully won’t slip out and hit a tree

Or crowd you now see the z32 the rear lights which i’m also glad they made it like this because it looks really good swing around to the back and you can see the little touches from z32 you can see the spoiler which gives it a little bit of down force and shows a little progression and i like the finishing touches of the z on the back also the big black strip

That wraps around the rear of the car the back end does look familiar like from the old z’s and down to the diffuser with all the black with the two tips down at the bottom which is the same as the 350 and 370z and for all this beauty the starting price about this car the starting price of this car is around forty thousand dollars forty eight thousand with the

Automatic model and fifty thousand plus on the track model the nismo model will also be the price around fifty three thousand or more so now what do y’all think about the 400 z like it or hate it i love it honestly i really do if i had the money i would buy this car 100 subscribe so you can say you’re an og from when we talked about this and when i buy this car

Someday in the future because i think i’m pretty sure i will i know the video wasn’t that good i’m still working on it i’m still learning so hopefully i’ll do better in the next couple ones i might do a 400z versus supra 400z versus mustangs or something like that soon maybe even rolls race against bentley or something like that anyway like and subscribe i’ll be

Making more videos soon that’s it see ya

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All you need to know about the Nissan 400Z By Waylon’s Luxury Fanatic