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Alpine White 2016 Toyota Tacoma SR+ Access Cab RWD Review Kelowna BC – Kelowna Toyota

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Welcome to a video walk around from kelowna toyota we are located at 1624 kerry road in kelowna bc canada right here in the heart of the okanagan so today we’re going to check out this 2016 rear wheel drive toyota tacoma sr plus access cap there is seating for four in this tacoma and power comes from a 2.7 liter four-cylinder engine mounted to an automatic

Transmission and rear-wheel drive it is riding on inch alloy wheels with nice black rims and from the side we’ve got the color match door handles and mirrors with the black toyota badging moving around to the front we’ve got the blacked out toyota grill sorry about that folks and inside we’ve got some good features too so let’s hop right in and take a look so

First of all taking a look at the door we’ve got our parallax windows and mirrors and then taking a look in here we’ve got absolutely top condition gray cloth interior to open up the access cab door we just want to grab right there and now as you can see in here we’ve got seating for two i’ve got the passenger side rear seats set up for you and right here this is

It folded up so if you fold both of them up you’ve got quite a bit of interior cargo space which is pretty handy considering our weather here in bc sometimes climbing in and taking a look at the steering wheel on the left-hand side we have our audio controls and hands-free bluetooth calling and then right down here we’re going to find our cruise control and up

Here on the dash we’ve got our odometer and our outside temperature so moving on over to the center console we have an am fm stereo with bluetooth and we also have auxiliary and usb power inputs for your phone or your ipod we can go into setup and you can customize a few things to look exactly as you want it to moving down we have our climate control with air

Conditioning our heated mirrors and then right down there you’re going to find the power inputs if we move up here and take a look there is your traction control and your interior light controls and of course your sunglass holder so we do have the nice big locking glove box in here as well and if we spin around we can take a look at the back from up here we

Also actually have the rear window slider right there too which is really nice so let’s hop out and take a look at the bed of this truck and see what we have going on around back okay moving around to the back if we look up we’ve got our black shark fan rear mounted antenna and then we do have that nice privacy glass for your back passengers back here we’ve got

The color match bumper with black steps and we do have our trailer hitch and um our backup camera is right here to the left of the latch and we do have the locking tailgate as well opening it up we’re gonna find a composite bed in absolutely beautiful condition in here we have some storage areas for some smaller tools or bungee cords or whatever you need we

Also have our cargo tie downs and like i said it is just in spectacular condition thank you very much for taking the time to take a look at this 2016 toyota tacoma access cab rear-wheel drive sr plus if you would like to see it for yourself come down to 1624 kerry road one of our product advisors would be more than happy to show it off to you and even take you

Out for a spin if you like and if you’d like some more information before making the trip you can give us a call or you can find us online anytime at kelowna to get the details on this tacoma and to browse the rest of our new news inventory i hope everyone’s having a fantastic month please drive safe and we look forward to seeing you soon

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Alpine White 2016 Toyota Tacoma SR+ Access Cab RWD Review Kelowna BC – Kelowna Toyota By Kelowna Toyota