Alrik kr: Kia EV6 med modernaste eltekniken

Kia EV6 har längre räckvidd, lägre förbrukning och är starkare och sportigare än syskonbilen Hyundai Ioniq 5. Betyder det att den också automatiskt är ett bättre köp?

This is, of course, the kia ev6. the most hyped electric car right now. i drove it around a bit and people look more at this than at a porsche. that says a lot about what happened in traffic today, when people look more at a big, electric family car like this. it must pain the german motoring industry that they picked a korean. the electric car of the year according

To german motoring journalists is the hyundai ioniq 5, which is the sister car of this. porsche 911 gt3 is the only german car that was picked by the german motoring journalists. we’ll also have a short lesson about watt and ampere, what are they? there’s volt, watt and ampere. what are they? how does it work? what’s the deal? why do you need an 800 volt system?

Kia are putting a lot of effort into design it’s more aggressive. does it look better? that’s a matter of taste. under here is the obligatory frunk, which every modern electric car should have. this definitely fits the charging cables, no problem whatsoever. that’s good. this is the rear wheel drive version with a bigger frunk. let’s keep going. nice looking, pretty

Aggressive headlights. which are probably made to be both sporty and off-road. and made a very long car, that’s actually five centimeters lower than the hyundai. it’s not your typical electric car with a short overhang. it has a shorter wheelbase, it’s a bit more voluptuous, you buy a big car so you can bring a lot of luggage. it’s not hidden and has no washer, so

It will get dirty. that’s especially bad when there’s not a good wiper. if you look beneath, there’s another compartment and another compartment with the warning triangle and stuff. compared to the tesla, which has a huge one underneath. you can tell right away that there’s a battery under the floor. the leg angle is a bit high, it’s not super comfortable. i’m just

180 cm tall and i’m pretty close to the ceiling. the settings available are being able to tilt the backrest a bit. in the hyundai, you can also slide the entire backseat forward. it feels much roomier. this is a bit squashed and a bit sportier. this is supposedly vegan leather and it feels really nice. they have a recycling angle, just like all car manufacturers do,

Nowadays. they don’t use a lot of energy making the car, which is also good. but uses 2 liters per 100 km, translated to petrol, it’s not much more energy efficient than other electric cars, but still. first, let’s fold this, to see how flat the cargo floor is. you’re not getting a van, you’re getting a nice looking coupé, but very big. by the way, here’s a charger

For stuff. a bit of luxury. we’re not driving the luxury version of the ev6 today. if it feels a lot like an electric car in the back, there’s a very short distance between the floor and the seat, in the hyundai, you’re more on top of the car. here, you’re more inside it. these seats are also harder. the upholstery is harder. the instrumentation is practically identical

To the hyundai. it works well, no fuss. you have to turn the car on to start it. the benefits of this interior, compared to the hyundai, there are more physical buttons, if you can call these physical, another smart feature is that you charge your phone here. so it doesn’t get too hot while charging. that’s nice. and you can also see when you get new notifications, it’s

Nice and visible. in the hyundai, you can slide this entire thing back. for me, who’s not quite shaped like a monkey, my arms aren’t long enough. so every time i need to do something, i have to lean forward. it has to do with the seating position and the steering wheel position. i have to put the steering wheel quite high to see how fast i’m going, you’ll have to try

Out how to sit and how well you see the instruments. while having the steering wheel further down and closer. this little car that you see here doesn’t look premium. it looks like… they could’ve made a picture of this nice-looking ev6. and why german motoring journalists are ecstatic about it but what’s the difference? what does it mean for you? how much power can

Be transferred through the cable? if you have a thick cable with high speed, then it’s really quick. but the problem with electric cars is that components get hot. the cable or the internal components of the car can get hot, they’re different technologies. it’s complicated. but if you go to an ionity station, you get very fast charging. it’s nice and flat under here,

This is where the battery is. the battery gets cold in winter, like with all electric cars, batteries are like us, they need heat to function. this car is slow to begin with, if it’s cold outside. so we lost about five minutes of charging compared to summer, when charging it in winter at about 0 degrees celsius. when you navigate to a place, the car should tell you

Where to charge. teslas do that, for instance. in this, you have to decide yourself where to charge. kia and hyundai have a secret, nerdy weapon in here. …and you can charge a fridge if you’re camping. you can charge another electric car, which ran out. in the future, i think you’ll be able to return power to the grid. even out the energy demands in the electrical

Grid, which is fantastic. this specific car is rear wheel drive and has 227 bhp, if you want to play around, you can disengage the esp. it gets a bit tail-happy. when it’s slippery, the rear steps out a bit. it doesn’t let loose fully, but it’s clearly rear wheel drive. you can tell that it’s holding back to not skid too much. there’s also a four wheel drive version

With 325 bhp. there will also be an “m5” version with 585 bhp a real four wheel drive monster, so it does have that german performance. when you use your turn signal, you see what’s beside you in a camera. you have both the rear view mirror and this camera to help you. the self-driving features are really nice and work well. then, you have to turn those alarms off.

It has its shortcomings as a family car. the trunk is pretty small, the backseat isn’t super comfortable. a family that wants a modern electric car with loads of trunk space, i’d rather go for the volkswagen id.4 or the skoda enyaq, looking in the sporty segment, towards the ioniq 5, it has better comfort. the seat is more comfortable, this one is too hard for me. if i

Was choosing between them, i’d pick the ioniq 5. it runs smoother. if you’re just looking for transportation, i’d go for the tesla model 3, which is even quicker and closer to the road. you’ll have to go for test drives and make up your own mind. the range at legal highway speeds is, at this temperature, getting range anxiety with a modern, fast-charging car, that’s…

As long as there are charging posts that aren’t full, it works really well. one quick coffee break and you get 500 or 600 km, easily. it’s technologically advanced, well-built, fun to drive and it’s nice. but if you want a more comfortable and spacious family car, the german journalists like technology. you’ll have to figure out what you like. if you want to know more

About all the facts, all the figures about fast charging, range and all the prices and so on, you can subscribe for 4.90 euro and read all you want. here are my final words about the hyundai ioniq 5 versus the kia ev6. the ioniq is cheaper to buy, about 600 euros cheaper, that might be the answer to which one you should get.

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