Amazing handbuilt Land Rover campervan with Airstream-style body

Peter Vaughan goes off-road and off-grid with a unique motorhome based on a classic Land Rover Defender. This unique vehicle – as seen on the TV show, Million Pound Motorhomes – features a handmade all-aluminium body that takes inspiration from Airstream caravans and classic aircraft. Inside, the bespoke interior features real leather and Harris tweed, along with handcrafted solid wood furniture and the latest electric appliances. An incredible one-of-a-kind vehicle that is entirely built-in-Britain, with mostly UK-sourced components and materials.

Land rover monthly is britain’s fastest growing land rover magazine each issue is packed with features on driving modifying maintaining exploring and buying land rovers discover more at landrovermonthly dot co dot uk hello i’m peter vaughan and today in a field in the west country i have a motorhome a campervan like no other this is the duckworth overland or ox

Not as you might think the strange love child of a land rover and an airstream caravan but the brainchild of two men tom duckworth and michael gerrard they have worked tirelessly over two years to develop this vehicle which is now on sale the pair started with a conventional land rover a defender 110 with the td5 engine and that has been utterly and completely

Renovated galvanized chassis etc so designed not only to be restored but for a long life ahead it’s got led headlights too and air suspension with self-leveling so you can get exactly a level pitch even on a field like this it’s a two and a half liter lump i’m producing a around 130 horsepower which should be plenty for a vehicle with a gross weight of just over

Three times three thousand and fifty kilo to be precise and the vehicle weighs about 2.4 tonne unladen but whilst clearly a lot of work has gone into making this land rover 130 as good as it could ever be the real interest of course is in this one-of-a-kind body it took as i say two years of development everything was hand formed on a wooden buck using an english

Wheel to create these compound curves each one of these panels in the luton area took two days to make and it’s like an airstream or a classic aircraft in this riveted construction with 55 mil aluminum ribs inside then a plastic layer as a thermal block and bamboo lined on the inside clearly this vehicle is going to appeal to a more adventurous type of camp havana

With these chunky off-road wheels and of course the land rover by his vehicle it should be able to go well pretty much anywhere well obviously it doesn’t look like a motorhome in the normal way every panel in fact is either a radius or an ellipse so it can all be made in traditional style and tom is particularly proud and particularly passionate about the truly

Handmade construction this vehicle all those panels made on an english wheel and there’s hardly anything sort of standard motorhomey advice about it not even the door handle although the true anorex might spot a dometic s7 double glazed window or even perhaps the thule electric step at the door but everything else just look at it it is a thing of beauty isn’t it

Following it on the road here um well you couldn’t mistake it for anything else the far distance there’s just a hint of airstream caravan and then you realize it’s not a caravan it’s a motorhome and a unique one at that size wise it’s quite deceptive 5.42 meters long it’s small by motorhome standards but big by a land rover camper standards think of those old

Cara wagons and domobiles which were really confined inside and this offers a lot more of course 2.74 meters high just two meters wide so yeah it’s a compact vehicle but also a lot bigger than your normal land rover camper now one of the features of having the air suspension is not just for improved ride quality but when you park up even in a field you can get

Nice and level automatically now it would be a massive disappointment if you came in to such an other worldly motorhome and inside it looked just like any other but come into this aurox and it looks nothing like any other motorhome that you’ll know their bead and cove panels that fit together like in a cedar strip canoe and they give a wonderfully warm and cozy

Feel inside like a sort of cross between a sauna and a yacht i suppose the upholstery is a mix of real leather and harris tweed and that’s carried into the cab as well but if you were to order an aurox you can have whatever you like you can change the wood you can change the fabrics you can even change the layout but then this is a very special and very bespoke

Vehicle foreign shortage of space in this particular layout for two people to put their feet up and really relax and enjoy a view hopefully moroccan desert or something something more exotic than this will keep failed the dining everything’s hidden away your table leg foreign tabletop itself is hidden behind the near side back crests in the curve of the body

And it’s a hefty table because like the kitchen worktops it’s solid oak and duck with overland not only and source everything they can in the uk but the wood actually comes very local to their factory and then at night the table does the familiar thing of becoming your bed base along with two more panels kept behind a similar door to the one that hides the table

Over on the opposite side and then in time on and fashion backrests slot into the middle and create a bed 1.82 meters long by 1.57 meters wide at the head end just narrowing slightly where the body of the vehicle curves towards the rear of course if there’s no wildlife that’s likely to eat you and i don’t think there is in wheelchair then you could even sleep

With the panorama fully open of course there’s some useful storage under the seties too including this area under the center seat under here is your abercracker airtronic diesel blown air heating and neatly concealed under the near side settee is an out well portable toilet there’s no toilet or shower in this vehicle because it just isn’t big enough but equally

There’s no gas everything on board is electric or diesel in the case of the heating system in here under this useful worktop by the door are all the victron electrics so you’ve got a 200 amp hour lithium leisure battery in there and a 3 000 watt inverter on top of that you’ve got literally on top of the vehicle 222 watts of solar panels so then when it comes to

The kitchen it’s an induction hob just like you’d have at home and the fridge is a 57 liter compressor unit from dometic just about the only more motorhome familiar item in this vehicle so say all the worktops are nice solid wood everything else is either wood or aluminum look at this detailing here looks like something out of an aircraft you’ve got storage in

Terms of this large drawer that will be fully carpeted inside over the luton area you’ve got a large locker for your bedding and then more storage in this unit at the site again that’ll be fully carpeted if you’re wondering about these rather stylish aluminum vents there for the truma safir air conditioning unit which is also a secondary heat even the kitchen

Sink comes with a solid wood cover and is not your typical motorhome fitting i believe that comes from america it’s fed by an 85 liter underfloor fresh water tank plus 15 liters from a boiler that takes heat from the engine but perhaps my favorite detail inside are these switches by the door your water pump lights up when it’s on daughter level gauge is only on

When you flick the switch you’ve got light switches at the top sadly no ejector seat no smoke screen and nowhere to missiles driving the aurox you could only be in a land drive just look at that view out over the angular bonnet as we drive across this field say hello to the sheep but then it’s not just a land rover because it’s been brought into the luxury feel

Of the rest of the vehicle that is paris tweed on the dashboard leather on the seats on this steering wheel you’re also going to be able to tack in here with this jvc head unit that is also your reversing camera but anybody that’s a land driver fine so if you like land rovers if you like things that are really handmade you’ve probably fallen in love with this land

Rover or ox if you want one you could buy this one for 250 000 pounds or you could order one bespoke to your build your color scheme your interior your choice of words etc etc for 350 000 pounds more exciting still is that there is further development coming on the ibex chassis six-wheel drive and that will be a larger body have a similar style construction a

Similar pricing but four birds and with a sharon toilet on board i can’t wait to see that one land rover monthly is britain’s fastest growing land rover magazine each issue is packed with features on driving modifying maintaining exploring and buying land rovers discover more at landrovermonthly dot co dot uk

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Amazing handbuilt Land Rover campervan with Airstream-style body By MotorhomeCampervan