AMAZING VW T6 Camper Conversion (Walk-Around Video)

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So i’m just leaving the workshop with our latest vw camper conversion hey sam here from highlife campers welcome back to our channel say in this video what i’m going to do is show you around our latest video which we just converted with our gold conversion package for one of our customers so we actually bought this farm a few weeks ago and the customer that’s

Actually bought the van uh put a deposit down on the van plus the conversion package so what we’ve done is we’ve taken this base vehicle and we’ve now fitted our gold conversion package so that comes with all the exterior mods and the alloys and all the other stuff on the outside of the van and also a full camper conversion inside so what i’m going to do is i’m

Going to show you the exterior of the van first because it just started raining a little bit so i don’t want to get wet so i’ll show you around the exterior of the van first and then what i’ll do is i’ll jump into the back of the van and i’ll show you the interior spec and the spec on this panel on the inside is a little bit different to what we would normally

Choose we normally go for slightly brighter colors on the unit but the customer that bought this van shows some slightly darker colors and we think it looks absolutely great so i’d really love to get your feedback so hang around until the end of the video and tell me in the comments below this video what you think to the exterior of the van and the color of the

Van but also the interior colors and spec inside as well because we just love getting feedback from people because it helps us to kind of spec vans in the future so please do let us know what you think and if you do get value from this video and you like the content please consider just hitting that like button and if you haven’t subscribed to our channel yet just

Hit the subscribe button so you don’t miss any of our future videos so i’m going to jump outside the van now and i’ll see you outside so what i want to do now is just walk around the van from the distance just so you can see the van properly so this is a vw t6 highline okay it’s a 2018 plate and because we fitted the gold conversion package on this van it’s had

Some brand new 20-inch wolf race alloys it’s also had those gloss black side skirts on the side there and also the gloss black front splitter as well and the customer also wanted us to block out the vw badge and the grille at the front as well just to match all of the other exterior uh trim so i think you’ll agree it looks absolutely amazing and if you follow our

Channel quite regularly you probably do recall see in a van very similar to this a few weeks ago that we did for for another customer who brought the van tours and this customer saw that van and wanted a very similar spec so as you can see it’s got full privacy glass on both sides of the van so this is the kitchen side of the van so you’ll see that’s got an opening

Window on this side now this is a barn door model and we’ve blacked out the vw badge on the back there as well and we’ve also so fitted two windows with privacy glass in the back and also color-coded a rear spoiler there as well so if we just stand back at this angle you can see really just how great this fan looks especially with these black alloys and all the

Black detail to complement it so we’re really really happy about how this fan’s turned out and the customer opted for a silver west dubs roof in this particular van and we think it really complements the color really well rather than having a black roof this just kind of lightens things up a little bit from the outside so please do let us know what you think to

The exterior and the trim on this van from the outside just comment below if you’re watching this on youtube and let us know so what i’ll do now is i’ll open the sliding door we’ll jump into the back of the van and i’ll show you all of the interior as well okay so we’re inside the van so what i want to do is just walk you through the spec and the color choices

This customer’s gone for and sometimes on camera it doesn’t really give a true reflection of what the colors are but this is actually a really dark gray furniture and it’s because there’s a reflection on it you can’t really tell how great it is if i come back a little bit you can see how dark that gray is and then they’ve also gone for a black gloss worktops okay

So there’s gloss black worktops and a gloss black table as well now the upholstery is a light gray and they’ve gone for black vw logos and black stitching in the seats on the rock and roll bed and that is also a black shutter there on the wardrobe at the back so we think this spec works really really well with the dark gray and the black and then also the light

Gray ultra flooring and then the light gray seats as well so again we’d love to know what your thoughts are on this particular spec just comment below and let us know okay so what i’ll do is i’ll just jump in the van and just show you what it looks like from the back if i sit on the back seats here and then look forward now we put the pop top roof up as well so

This is a west stubs roof all our vans have west of pop tops which are really really high quality roofs you’ve got three windows one on the left one in the front and then one on the side on the right as well and they have canvases that pull down so you can see out of the window but we also do offer a scenic canvas option where these sides actually roll up on both

Sides on the front so it gives you basically an open top van and that’s an extra that we offer obviously we put the three spotlights on the left hand side here and then we also have lighting underneath the sink as well if i just touch this light here it’ll put the light on of the sink as well so you’ve got some lighting over the kitchen area now this customer’s

Actually gone for a diesel heater as an extra so if you look down there just under the driver’s seat there you’ll see a little vent there and that is where all the hot air comes out when the diesel heater is turned on so the diesel heater is actually fitted underneath the van so it’s out the way and outside of the van and you’ve got a control unit here underneath

The main control unit and you literally just turn this on here and the higher you turn that dial obviously the hotter it will get in the van and that will kick in straight away it takes about five minutes and this van will start heating up really nicely so diesel heater is something that we do highly recommend you get especially if you’re going to be using your van

In the in the winter months because it’s going to make it a lot easier for you to use all year round if you do go for a diesel heater and then you’ve also got the shutter cupboard here we’ve got a battery in there but you’ve got plenty of space in there as well and then all of our vans have these two top lockers which you’ve got good space inside there for storing

Food and then the water and the gas tank are actually in this cupboard under here stowed away nice and neatly so everything’s really neat and compact and it really makes the best use of the space in the van okay so all of our vans sleep two in the roof so this is a double bed that pulls down here on the gas struts that’s a really solid double bed for two adults and

Of course you’ve got the rock and roll bed here which also pulls out into a double bed as well for two adults so this is a very comfortable four berth van so let’s just hop into the front of the van and i’ll just show you the interior of the driver’s area and so we’ve actually matched all the upholstery in the front so whatever color upholstery you choose for the

Van we match it to the rock and roll bed so you see the rock and roll bed it’s just the same as the front seats so they’ve gone for the black stitching on the vw logos and then black stitching on the main upholstery so this is a double passenger seat it’s also got a seat swivel on here so this double seat will actually swivel round so you can sit two more people in

The back as well now because this is a high line model it’s got all the kind of bells and whistles on it it’s got air conditioning bluetooth dub radio cruise control everything that you really have on a car so it’s a really really good base vehicle so if you’re looking for a high spec camper we do advise you go for either a high line or a trend line or something

That’s a slightly higher spec so that you’ve got all the comforts in the front to complement all the amazing home comforts in the back of the van so we’re going to be handing this van over to the lucky customer tomorrow and we’ll get a little bit of video content of the handover okay so hope you enjoyed my little walk around of this amazing camper and if you’re

In the market for a high spec camper van and you just want to get some advice about which route to go about whether to buy your own van and get it converted or whether to buy a completed uh camper van from a conversion company then we’re here to help an offer advice you can visit our website anytime which is i will put the url on the screen

Just here somewhere and if you haven’t already downloaded our vw camper buyer’s guide i’ll put a link in the description below this on youtube where we give some hints and tips about buying a vw camper and i’ll also put a link to our conversion spec guide where we lay out all three of our conversion packages as well as the colors and the spec and the actions that

We offer as part of our conversions so if you are looking at getting your own van conversion make sure you do download our conversion spec guide because it will give you some inspiration and give you some ideas on what you can do inside of your own camper now if you want to keep up to date with all of our latest base vehicles that we’re getting in ready for

Conversion make sure that you subscribe to our channel because we share regular videos when we get new vans in stock so make sure you hit subscribe and hit that notification bell so you don’t miss any of our future videos now if you’re watching this video around the time that we’ve recorded it then we do have an amazing 2019 vw t6 highline in indium gray which is

Available right now and it’s actually booked into our workshop on the 15th of october to have a full gold conversion just like this van so that base vehicle plus the conversion package is available i’ll put some pictures of the van on the screen now and you’ll be able to find more information about this fund on our website so if you go to our website go to the

Home page and scroll down you’ll see a picture of that van and you can click on that image and it’ll take you through to more information about the base vehicle and also details of the conversion package and this van is now available to come and view at our workshop in barnsley so if you’re potentially interested in having this van turned into a high spec camper

By the end of october then just send us an inquiry through our website or just comment below this video and i will see you in the next video speak soon foreign

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AMAZING VW T6 Camper Conversion (Walk-Around Video) By Highlife Campers UK