Ambient lighting on Audi A3/S3/RS3 from QG Custom

Here’s a video installation for an ambient lighting kit from QG Custom. There are several kits which include : dashboard lights, center console lights, footwell lights as well as door panels light.

Hey guys thanks for joining me once again for another video champagne gold dust campaign s3 here guys back again oh that is bright now this video is in collaboration with qg custom who are actually in fact going to help us out with some interior lighting for the audi s3 now guys if you know the sister platforms for this vehicle which is the golf gti which

Actually came with red ambient lighting on the doors as well as the golf r which in turn also came with blue ambient lighting on the doors now that leaves us fellow s3 owners which came with absolutely no lighting on our doors the only interior lighting we had was some white highlights in the interior around the cup holders as well as the bottom of the doors near

The speakers for the bang olufsen sound system aside from that guys we don’t get any of the cool stuff that those other cars got with a little bit of customization i think it goes a long way especially for lighting now guys a few things you’ll probably need for this installation that will make life a little bit easier or if you grab a set of trim piece tools these

Can be had on amazon i’ll include the link in the description below as well as some posi-tap connectors this is actually not needed and for the most part this kit is pretty much a hundred percent plug and play with the exception of the center console light which needs a power tap the dashboard lights are all plug and play very simple to do having these connectors

Guys will help you avoid any soldering and it makes tapping into the wires for power that much easier stay tuned we’re gonna hop into that install right now and we’re gonna show you how to get some lights into the interior of your s3 now some of the lighting that we’re going to install are going to be ambient lighting that goes across this trim past the steering

Wheel onto the other side as well as some trim some ambient lighting that goes right underneath the center console here that follows this line right here now here’s just a brief overview of the kit here out of respect for the seller i’m not going to show the power supply and how this connects as this was a special request from them if you guys do decide to buy

This kit and you want to install this feel free to hit me up i might have a private video to show you guys i just want to showcase for you guys that everything is pre-cut already there’s no you know adjusting or fiddling around this is as plug-and-play as you can get now the first step would be to disconnect the the battery terminal here anytime you’re doing any

Electrical work i always recommend that you disconnect the terminal here to avoid any issues all you’ll need is a simple 10 millimeter socket to undo it first thing that we’re going to do is use a trim piece tool and we’re going to move this cover here as well as this one below and the one on the opposite side as well so aside from the wiring harness for the

Power uh this kit comes with two main pieces uh which is a short side for the led as well as a longer side such as this one so what we’re going to do guys we’re going to have to align these two sections we’re going to make sure this the inside is aligned all the way to the edge okay and then once that is aligned we can simply put this align this as well to

The other side and then we can actually start pushing this in it’s just that easy it just snaps right in place it’s pretty easy to do it without any tools however just using your fingertips once you’re happy with the way it’s secured simply fold this piece over and we’re going to secure the side plate here just like that so we’ve already got the power hooked

Up i’m not going to show how to do this in this video but if you guys have any questions feel free to private message me dm me on instagram and i can walk you guys through that so here we have the three uh power adapters or inverters um two are for the other lights for the uh the bar the led bars and this one is for the foot lights which i will not be doing in

This video but i will be probably showing you in another video so just the same as the other side we have the shorter strip here and we’re just going to tuck it in next step is guys we’re going to take the end of it and we have another side here which has shines the led through and we’re just going to simply tuck it in press it in there and we’re just going

To feed it through here and once we do that we’re just gonna simply connect it to one of the power adapters just like that and then the original side from the passenger side i just simply tucked it underneath the steering column to bring it through the fuse box and just the same we will plug it into one of the power adapters as well put this back we’re going

To tuck this in nice and neat in here and we’re going to move all the boxes inside the fuse box and we’re going to put both panels back in next up for the console lights we’re going to remove the center console here in this video i’m not going to show you guys how to do this i’ve already done a video on how to remove the center console in order to install a new

Shift knob so for those instructions check the video up here guys take a look at that link um it’ll show you how to remove this so guys we’re going to skip that step so the one we have to tap in for the power for the console lights let’s see if once we open this up this one right here where i’m pointing to uh right at the back over here it’s just a clip you push

Down and just pull up so essentially what we’re going to do we’re going to tap into the red for power so red to red and then the brown will be our ground wire or negative in this case so we need to tap into both of these wires and i will show you how to do that with ease with the posi taps that i purchased so for those of you who are you know okay and pretty

Good with soldering feel free to solder the red wire onto the red wire under the center console and then the black one will be soldered onto the brown one that i pointed out before now if you want to avoid soldering at all costs do not fear because what we have here guys is a posi tap it is a connection system that is very simple and effective to use what this

Acts as let’s just pretend that this wire was all the way straight through essentially acts as like a t connection so this will connect over here and we’ll tap into the power and the new wire will go on the top and make a clean connection so a little bit about this system here guys if you unscrew the bottom bottom has a little bit of value where the wire that

We’re going to tap into will sit now if you see here there’s a little bit of a pin here so once you tighten this up this will actually pierce the wire and create a connection there now this top portion here we unscrew it and the new wire that we are using to uh tap into that bottom wire we just connect it we just put it through just like this and then we attach

This to the top and just tighten it up and that creates a solid connection it’s very clean it’s very simple it’s very fast i would highly recommend that and this is what i’m going to use to install the console kit in the car right now so just to show you guys uh that oem connector here i have the two posi taps in there with uh connected to the harness here which

Is a black to brown and red to red so we’re just going to connect this to the other end of the harness to complete our power connection and should be good to go the other part of this uh harness is the actual um light strips and it is as simple to put you just i just tucked it in a little bit here just show you how easy it is so you see that bottom tractor i

Just kind of guide it through there through that hole here right and just kind of keep feeding it and it will follow the pathway like all the way up right around here so use one hand to guide it the other hand to feed it and um it should stay connected all the way through if not if it pops out a little bit uh just push it in slightly and it should snap into

Place i already had it completed on this side as you as you can see it’s already um i got it all the way through and it’s nicely tucked all the way through up to the very top and when we’re sealing this back in when we’re closing the lid for the center console we want to make sure these wires are not blocking the locking slots here so just make sure that they’re

Tilted to the side before we start closing the lid and make sure this is the same one and make sure this is the same on the other side as well all right guys one thing i want to mention when you’re putting the center console back in uh feel free to obviously close the back tabs now the front tabs just be very careful because you can see the fiber optic tube is

Going in to the center console underneath so if you close this all the way you could actually damage the tube my recommendation and what i will probably do later in the future i will probably use a dremel to maybe um grind or notch a little bit of a hole here or an opening just so the fiber optic tube can go in safely without being um pinched when you close this

But for now guys this is a workaround i’m just keeping the front a tiny bit open so that we don’t um crush the tube over here that’s pretty much it guys um let’s close this all up and test how this thing looks right now okay that is it for the video guys i hope you guys enjoyed that installation i’m really liking the way this new lighting kit ambient lighting

Kit looks inside the s3 right now this is something that the car was missing when bought from the factory and now that we have this on the car um it just makes a huge improvement to the interior if you guys are looking to purchase this kit hit up qg customs on instagram if you like my content please consider subscribing to the channel it really helps me out at the

End of the day you’re slowly getting closer and closer to a thousand subscribers that’s my goal at the end of the day so guys please help me get there but also stick around for the next video because uh we still have the footlights to install for this kit so i’m gonna be showing you guys how to do that as well so thanks for tuning guys once again and as always

Happy modding and we’ll catch you guys on the next video

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Ambient lighting on Audi A3/S3/RS3 from QG Custom By Champagne S3