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Andys 2005 Dodge Ram 2500 Cummins | Major Makeover | Lugnuts Garage | Cab Removal

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We are restoring Andy’s 2005 Dodge Ram 2500 6 Speed Cummins. The east coast has not been kind to the body on this one. Not much we can salvage here. Lots of rush repair taking place along with the normal De_dodging We do here at Lugnuts..

Are we ready yeah all right let’s lift her up let’s see what’s hiding underneath the skirt all right we are finally back on andy’s 05 dodge ram and the body’s just about ready to come off we got the box off at the last shop transitioned into the new shop and unfortunately andy got caught in the middle of our move but we are making some progress now baby

We’re ready to yank this cab off matthew’s uh got everything looks like disconnected and ready to go so if you recall we’ve got andy’s 05 dodge ram in here to take care a little bit of the of the rust situation he’s got going on here we uh got a bunch of rust free sheet metal from texas and uh as you can see we’ve got a little bit of rust going on here all right

Matthew let’s lift this baby up nicely done and there she is look at how this thing rusted it’s absolutely crazy you don’t see a rust like this a lot the entire inner structure is gone but the outer rockers are still somewhat there so very weird rust but it’s rust just the same and she’s got to go all right andy here’s what it looks like underneath the

Skirt she looks good looks good all right next steps we’re going to clean up the frame get all the loose stuff off give her a por and make her nice and black again come on baby transportation so overall the frame looks really good the only bad spots are really towards the back where the box was all salvageable of course but yeah the frame is in really good

Shape here’s a piece of the box by the way yeah we had some rust oh boy all right so matthew fabbed up some wheels for the cab now she is mobile all right now we’re gonna set her down looks good i have no clue what i’m gonna do with this thing my first thought was to take a plasma cutter and cut up all the good stuff for any potential collision damage

We might run into down the road on somebody i don’t know i don’t know what to do with a rusty old cab yeah that’s true that’s true just like that we took the cab off look at that sexy commons behind you and there’s a 12 elven back another 12 valve for our collection whenever we see one online we go grab it that’s a 94 p pump see my wheels hold that your

Wheels will be fine you did nice job it looks good all right so matthew’s got a nice little cab dolly all fabbed up and ready to go we got andy’s cab off the frame frame looks pretty good um not sure what i’m gonna do with this beast yet though but nice to have her off the frame again matthew’s got his uh little dolly all fabbed up that came out nice and andy’s

Frame overall looks really good matthew started doing some of the uh descaling already and that’s coming along good this has been a noisy tool today got all the big stuff off then we’re gonna drop the gas tank out and we will blast the rest of the frame and por it all right so keep following along andy’s truck has taken shape finally i got the big pieces off

Now it’s time to do some de-rusting and get some new sheet metal on there

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Andy's 2005 Dodge Ram 2500 Cummins | Major Makeover | Lugnuts Garage | Cab Removal By Lugnuts Garage