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Approved Used Audi A6 Allroad Quattro Sport 45 TDI S Tronic at Stafford Audi

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Welcome to stafford audi today i’d like to show you this approved used 2021 on a 71 plate audi a6 all-road quattro sport 45 tdi s-tronic in mythos black metallic paintwork now this vehicle is an approved used car so it’ll come with a minimum of 12 months warranty and 12 months roadside assistance for more information contact us now 101 785-899-417 to start

Off with let’s take a full 360 degree tour around this stunning a6 so starting at the front we have these super bright matrix led headlights to illuminate any obstacles on the road in front of you then looking down at these alloy wheels we have these 10 spoke 19-inch alloy wheels that really complement the chrome elements to the exterior we do have as well this

Very chunky roof rails perfect for those on bikes or roof boxes and we do have as well deep privacy glass meaning any rear occupants are protected from the sun and it also means that any items you have in the back are well hidden from view then looking in the back we’ve got three spacious rear seats the outer two come with isofix points making this the perfect

Family car the seats do also fold a 40 20 40 meaning you can get those skis through the center there we have this wonderful armrest here with the cup holders and then we do also have as well they’re the 12 volt socket and rear vent making this the ultimate space for the back seat passengers looking to the back we do have the led rear lights with the dynamic rear

Indicators which as well as looking really stylish are really functional and mainly remain visible at all times coming around to the rear then we have the power operated tailgate and once inside you can see there’s plenty of space in there for those golf clubs you can also get those suitcases in there for that’s a week away with the family and once the rear seats

Are folded you can get larger items in there such as a bike we do have as well this load cover which can be moved by hand and it does automatically open when the boot opens this vehicle also has the optional tow bar so that drops down there and then you can pull it out and that’s useful for taking things such as horse boxes or also other things such as trailers

Or for example a jet ski meaning this is the ultimate a family practical vehicle and that very neatly folds away and tucks away under the bumper there as you can see you can also do that one-handed now coming around to the side of the vehicle and having a look inside we’ve got plenty of high quality materials on display inside this stunning a6 so we do have the

Absolutely stunning gloss black trim that runs across the entire length of the dashboard we also have as well this silver trim on the top there which really stands out against the lovely black interior we do have as well the extended leatherette pack in this vehicle and we do have as well these full leather seats we do have the optional a black headlining as well

These seats are really comfortable especially with all the adjustments so we do have the electric lumbar support as well as the electric seat adjustment so you can always find that perfect driving position and we do have as well the two person memory for the driver perfect if you’ve got more than one person driving the vehicle so that completes our initial 360 degree

Warcraft of this approved used audi a6 all road for more information contact us now 101785 899-417 for the next part of this video let’s take a more in-depth look inside this a6 and some of the technology i’m offering this stunning event so starting out with the mirror controller they have the electrically adjustable heated and power folding doors great for those

Tighter parking spaces and the heating elements are amazing on those frosty winter mornings you have as well this leather wrapped three-spoke multi-function steering wheel which feels really nice and has all the important buttons at your fingertips so on the left we’ve got the controls for the audi virtual cockpit behind that we’ve got our downshift puddle there

For the s-tronic gearbox for that ultimate sporty drive below that we then have the cruise control and speed limiter perfect for those longer drives is an ever relaxing car on the right hand side i’ve got our volume control our voice control as well as our telephone controls and behind that we do also have again our upstairs paddle for the s-tronic gearbox sat

Behind that that is audi’s famous virtual cockpit which is a digital dash screen and you can look at things such as your vehicle settings your radio stations your telephone as well as your map display and you can change the size of those dials as well to make it a truly personalized to what you like looking over to the central infotainment screen this is a touch

Screen and we have on there uh digital audio broadcasting radio stations there are plenty to choose from so you should never be shot of anything to listen to we have our media there by bluetooth or usb we have our telephone for those important business calls on the way home we have our navigation meaning home is never far away as you can pre-save your favorite

Destinations i’ve also got our phone apps so you can use things such as apple carplay and android auto and connect to things such as spotify and siri we also have there our car settings so we’ve got audi’s famous drive select so if you want to go for an economy run you can put the vehicle in efficiency whereas if you want to go from a dynamic drive dynamic mode

Will suit you perfectly you can also choose your options in individual and you can also adjust the air suspension on this vehicle now going back we do also have on this vehicle the rear view camera which is crystal clear as you can see we do have as well the front and rear sensors making this the perfect car at avoiding any obstacles that are around you looking

Down then we have our dual zone climate control which means that both front passengers can be a completely different temperatures to one another meaning everybody in the car is always comfortable and we do have as well the heated front seats in this vehicle perfect for those chilly winter mornings especially on those longer drives to work so below that then we do

Have our volume control our seat truck and you can also turn on and off the entire sound system using this button and then sat behind that we’ve got our s-tronic gearbox controller you can shift it back into drive and knock it over into manual mode for that sporty driving feel obviously instead of using those paddles behind the wheel and then obviously in reverse

The camera and sensors come up as well over to the left underneath this very switch cover we do have a 12 volt socket for any accessories alongside space for your key and two very spacious cup holders and then behind that we do have a sliding center armrest and underneath that you can see that there is plenty of storage space under there for your wallet or phone

Which you wish to remain hidden from view and we do have as well that two usb c sockets for those are modern and mobile devices it’s like complete title up today at this approved used 2021 audi a6 all road for more information to get a personalized finance or to book a test drive with us contact us now 101 785-899-417 and as this is an approved used vehicle it

Does come with a minimum of 12 months warranty and 12 months roadside assistance thank you for watching and we hope to see you at stafford audi very soon

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Approved Used Audi A6 Allroad Quattro Sport 45 TDI S Tronic at Stafford Audi By Stafford Audi