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Check out this Approved Used Audi Q4 S Line E Tron, here at Crewe Audi.

Hello and welcome to crew audi my name is jake today i’m looking at some previews audi q4 e-tron s line as part of our preview schemes comes minimum 12 months manufacturers warranty and 12 months roadside assistance i will now begin my 360 service vehicle moving to front of the car now with the matrix led headlights which create great visibility on all road conditions

And as we step out we can really appreciate that typhoon gray metallic finish as we round the wheels now this fitted with 20 inch 5 wide spoke alloys which really add the elegant look to the exterior of this vehicle as we’ll cope with the heated and power folding door mirrors and as we step out you can really see it works well together and gives us audi the extra

Lookout on the road and we’re now obtains the rear interior shoe we have an offer for the rear passengers straight away we can see we can fill up to three passengers with two hours to fix fins on the outer seats and plenty of legume available for any passengers on board and the climb patrol 7000 scores further around on this tour as we step out you can motivated

Look of your new q4 s line and i will have so much space we have within the boot strokes it offers a lot of space and air requirements you may have a speech shopping luggage or maybe even a pram and if any additional space is required the back seats can also be dropped we also have the charging cable as well in case you’re short on range and as we’ll cover with

The power updated tailgate which is great for any time your hands are full and can be closed at the touch for bottom and i walk to the front of the car for the first time we shoot we have an offer for the driver and the passenger straight away with our leather multi-function steering wheel with the beautiful inlays continue throughout the dashboard and as we

Move around now we have the s embossed sport since we truly give the extra hold on those types of turns and bends moving down with your multi-point adjustment height adjustment for your needs and comfort on any journey this vehicle also includes the comfort and sound pack which an optional extra on this audi as we step on as i thank you for taking us 360 service

Audi q4 s line with me and i’ll take you massage because the functions of the technology available on this model as standing with your window and your mergers will be heated and powerful and door mirrors as well you automatically care that’s in front and rear fog lights if needed you let the multi-function series itself and volume adjustment on the right and

The left hand side of your choice if you use the audi virtual cockpit this can set lots of navigation connect to your telephone your favorite radio station or general vehicle data include your range as well and can all be decided by your preferred view as well done with the cruise control it’s ideal for those longer motorway journeys foreign parking sensor which

Falls under the comfort and sound pack as discussed before and is ideal for tank maneuvering starting off now we have radio for your favorite dab and fm stations on the go no matter where you are you can also favorite your station and find the last station on as well media can be connected via bluetooth through a variety of source including your phone sensor a

Usb device depending what you have on you at the time telephone for them phone calls or text messages decided you can answer on your steering wheel and not required to take your eyes fully off the road navigations came from a to b of root guidance you can also change the view of the map as well if needed phone apps use apple carplay android auto to use that for

Apple music spotify and google maps other apps are also available if needed card settings can all be changed to your desired preference and one of the great features on this vehicle is the audi drive select where you can select your preferred drive mode for any journey and general centers around the vehicle which can be changed as and when it is required as we’re

Down we have the dual zone climate tools conducted for the driver and passenger these can also be synced together and this also comes with heated seats for the driver and passenger as well to maximize the comfort on any journey as we’re done with a few shortcuts with the volume adjustment on stop stock keyless entry your automatic gearbox your two usb ports and

Your two cup holders as well and you found that now we have an armrest with a little bit of studies to store your phone your wallet or anything else on any car journey thank you for taking time to use audi q4 s-time with me to take this car for a test drive or to inquire about a personalized finance quote please call us now on 01270-864-084 will afford selling this car to you soon

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