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Hello and welcome to crew audi here we’ve got an approved used audi sq5 sportback finished in blue now the car comes with audi’s matrix led headlights which are audi’s brightest headlight and are automatically activated deactivated and dimmed individually according to the situation environment around you as you can see it looks gorgeous finished with a nice

Contrasting silver trimmer on the grille the wheels are a 21 inch five twin spoke design alloy again finished in a nice titanium silver contrasting the blue very nicely and the black blade calipers there look very smart indeed we get some nice contrast in silver wing rows and trim around the windows and also privacy glass in the back finishing off what is a

Very stylish vehicle all around as we move on into the boot of the car you can see that we have a very spacious area with plenty of room for a few suitcases and golf clubs maybe the weekly shop but if you do find yourself needing a little bit more room you can fold down the races individually to create an even bigger space for added ease the boot lid is also

Power assisted as we move into the back you can see the interior is finished in this gorgeous black leather with contrast diamond stitching there’s room for up to three passengers to sit in the back in comfort with plenty of legroom we also get rear climate control a rear center armrest for added comfort and iso fix points so you can easily attach your child’s

Car seats we also get a gorgeous panoramic glass sunroof adding to the spacious feel by flooding the car with natural daylight moving on into the front you can see that we have a small dial on the door that is used to electronically adjust the wing mirrors we get some nice contrasting silver trim and door handles as well as a gorgeous bag on our list and sound

System we get some more s-line branding badges on the door sills as well as the two front sport seats which are nicely embossed with the s-line logo and the driver gets a nice flat bottom three spoke multi-function steering wheel which also controls the audi virtual cockpit which we’ll talk more about in a moment and to the right we get our automatic headlights

In the center you’ll find your multi-touch multimedia interface allowing you to control things such as your satellite navigation scrolling in and out of maps very intuitively to control your routes and destinations you can control your dab radio station from here as well so you have a long list of things to listen to are starting about you can connect your mobile

Phone through bluetooth to control calls and music and if you have an iphone you can also connect up through apple carplay and here’s a generic demonstration of that now so with apple carplay you effectively get a projection of your phone onto the screen in front of you from here you can scroll through all of your apps that are compatible with apple carplay all

Of the ones that are compatible will automatically appear here so you can go through and play some of your music that you have saved in your libraries you can scroll through all of your artists and songs you have saved and choose from whatever you would like to listen to it makes it very very easy it’s just the same as using your iphone you can also go through

And choose any other apps that you might like to choose from such as podcasts which lets you browse through a list of popular podcasts and also your saved libraries exactly the same as using your iphone you can also go in and change some settings and view your calendars as well beneath the display you will find your climate control of the vehicle as well as two

Front heated seats and a very nice s-tronic gearbox the audi virtual cockpit allows you to view things directly in front of you such as your range and consumption another important vehicle information you can also control your satellite navigation very intuitively which looks gorgeous on this large display and you can control your phone and radio stations as well

The buttons on the right of the wheel allow you to answer and decline calls and use the voice control system and you also get cruise control fitted to the vehicle as well so if you’d like to know any more about this audi sq5 here at crew audi give us a call on 01270 864091 thank you for watching

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