As good as the IONIQ 5? A cruise around the Korean countryside with the new IONIQ 6

After all the hype, we got to test the new Hyundai IONIQ 6 on some highways and twisty local roads. With a totally different look to the IONIQ 5, how would they compare? And can the sleek, aerodynamic IONIQ 6 stand up to competitors outside the Hyundai family? Join us for a cruise around the Korean countryside!

Foreign so after all the hype around the ioniq 5 which we had the pleasure of test driving a while back on this channel we now get to test out for ourselves the ionic six and it’s obviously a very different animal overall it’s called a streamliner it’s sleek smaller than the ioniq 5 obviously nowhere near as boxy in fact everything about this is geared towards

Aerodynamics you do have the pixelated headlamps there which retains some of that flavor from the ionic fib but otherwise very different a lot the same sensors are hidden in this curved black band on this model which is a high-end model it’s a long range all-wheel drive we get again these electronic wing mirrors we also have 20 inch alloys that doesn’t really

Scream electric vehicle does it but they’ve obviously gone for that so that people have the sense that they’re driving a real car not something that’s become very much in vogue with the ev trends in recent years and also when you’re at the rear end you do have this feeling like wait a minute is this a porsche i’ve seen a couple of the ionic sex is in this parking

Lot and i’ve and i’ve had to do a double take i’m not saying this is exactly like a porsche but there is definitely something very porsche about the rear end here and aside from that the color if you like this particular color it’s nocturne gray metallic that we’re going to be test driving today but overall i’m most curious about what it’s going to be like on the

Inside i’m sure the driving experience is going to be great because the ionic 5 was and there are some tweaks with this and we’ll get into these specs in a moment but the big question for me is is this something i could drive with my family or feel comfortable even on my own compared with a bigger suv experience like the ionic 5. so let’s find out like the hyundai

Ioniq 5 before it the ionic 6 runs on hyundai’s egmp or electric global modular platform with an ultra fast charging capability going from 10 to 80 in just 18 minutes but because the ionic 6 is more aerodynamic it’s long-range version can go further on a single charge reportedly reaching 610 kilometers or 379 miles even if the korean government’s official figure is

524 kilometers in any case the ionic 6 is one of the most energy efficient vehicles out there now i’ve just had a chance to quickly familiarize myself with the interior the space is not bad at all considering this is smaller than the ionic five it doesn’t feel like a dramatic drop although the steering wheel itself is a bit more compact and the handling is tighter

What i did need to get used to is this twisty knob here to move into drive when i first got in i was like how do i get this thing moving and with an electric vehicle you’re never quite sure if the engine is actually on or not but uh anyway we’re going and we’ve got a special route we’re going to be driving through the korean countryside so let’s take it for a spin

Shall we the ioniq 6 is actually bigger and more spacious than it appears at first glance boasting a wheelbase of 2.95 meters it’s actually only 50 millimeters shy of the ionic 5 in that regard allowing for a roomy interior you also get extra features inside like a kaleidoscope of ambient lighting colors if you appreciate that kind of thing absolutely loving the

Mountainous scenery as we move from gyangi province towards gangwon province and well it’s a wonderful day anyway for a test drive i’m pleased to say the ion x6 is holding up as i expected i had no doubt at all that this would be a lovely car to drive but i do want to draw some attention to this very clear and expansive dashboard that merges into infotainment and

Keep putting an eye on the speed that draws my attention to just how zippy this thing is the ionic six in four-wheel drive is capable of getting from zero to 100 kilometers per hour or zero to 60 miles per hour in just 5.1 seconds and you’re kept safer in theory by hyundai’s advanced driver assistance systems and well informed by that 12-inch full touch infotainment

Display combined with a 12-inch digital cluster okay so we are really in the countryside now career navigation system is telling me where to go but uh we’ve almost done a hairpin turn there it’s a bit slow because there are speed bumps and various crossings but you see that these are tight twisty roads and they give us a taste of the handling which remains perfect

If you want to experience it for yourself the global release of the ionic six isn’t until next year but here in korea the race to get hold of one began in august as it broke the local record for first day orders the price here starts at a little over 50 million won before a government subsidies factored in well then fun drive through the korean countryside and

A vehicle that stood up to the test and if you said to me i’d be driving this for the next year i’d be very happy as long as some of those other problems like finding enough charging stations etc were taken care of but seriously this is more than enough of a competitor for something like the tesla model 3 or some of the other comparisons that we’ve seen out there

In the media i would say that for larger families they might be naturally drawn to something like the ionic 5 just because of the sheer space but this has more than enough headroom for someone of my height i.e around six two also it’s wide enough for most families of four to five to fit in fairly comfortably and there’s a fair bit of space in the trunk as well so

Overall this gets a pretty glowing reference it’s not a porsche but it’s not the price of a porsche either and i think most people would be very happy with this foreign

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As good as the IONIQ 5?! A cruise around the Korean countryside with the new IONIQ 6 By KOREA NOW