Aston Martin DB11 5.2 V12 with AMR Power Upgrade


Hwm aston martin on walter montems is delighted to be able to offer this 2017 v12 db11 coupe we’ll have a good look around the car good look at the inside have a look at the service history and the boot and i hope you like it so the vehicle is finished in storm black all over which you can see is a stunning back and then on the exterior you’ve got the black

Body pack so you’ve got the black grille black splitter black diffuser on the rear and the black seals the vehicle condition for four years old is beautiful a couple of very minor chips on the front as you can see but all in all sensational condition all the wheels are in superb condition as well not a scuff on them and you’ve got the directional back and silver

Wheels there with the red calipers steel brakes behind being a launch edition this car has the v12 badges on the side and you’ve got the black mirror caps black roof steak and black roof so it’s storm black throughout the car we’ll get a look at every angle so we show the color to you another superbly conditioned wheel on the exterior of the car you’ve got the

Red rear lights the enamel badging which we can see just there and then you’ve got the dark textured tailpipes and the black diffuser on the rear the car is four years old it was supplied and maintained by us from new and has had two previous owners both of which we’ve known very well for a long time third wheel again great condition and all downside of the work

The paint really is looking great you’ve got the black strikes just there and then the black bonnet blades and meshes also in the bonnet and the final wheel just to show you the condition superb car will come with a year’s warranty here’s breakdown cover which is covered in europe as well and has one service left of its five-year servicing pack from you i’ll

Have a look inside so the car is covered as you can see there 29 346. that’s certainly been enjoyed by the previous owners get a good room now you’ve got the db11 stitched in the seats you’ve got the red stitching and the catness black leather you’ve got the broguing down the center of the seat which was a new feature they introduced on the db11 and the piano

Black trim pack so you can see the gloss black there and down the center fascia the car comes standard with satellite bluetooth bluetooth media front and rear sensors 360 degree camera it’s got heated seats electric seats all the usual bits you’d want and this car also benefits from the amr power upgrade which gives it 620 horsepower so sounds incredible as

I’m sure you can imagine have a look at the boot it’s just a service put there so really good size boot for a sports car get a couple of bags in there to go away for a weekend or a set of golf clubs and then if we just have a look at the servicing history it’s like i said we’ve known the car since it was brand new and we’ve serviced it every year on the year when

It’s required and we’ve literally just completed that fourth year service actually stamped the book which was done in january 2021 so not due for a very long time soft closed boot and bonnet and there it is available now to go to its new home at hwm aston martin of walton on thames many thanks

Transcribed from video
Aston Martin DB11 5.2 V12 with AMR Power Upgrade By HWM Aston Martin