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Aston Martin DB11 Handover Series Part 1 | Exterior Guide

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Firstly, congratulations on taking ownership of your Aston Martin DB11! Here we have a guide for you explaining the external features of the vehicle, some of which that you may have forgotten, some of which you may not know. We hope this guide solves any queries that you may have.

Welcome to hwm aston martin and uh welcome again to uh a little another mini series of handover videos um so we’re gonna do one for each vehicle in the range uh today we’ve got uh db11 coupe but we’ll also sort of cut in a few bits for the valente because most of it’s fairly similar just the roof mechanism for the volante is slightly different so a couple of

Things that are worth knowing about db11 like the rest of the cars in the core range they all have keyless entry and keyless exit or keyless locking and keyless unlocking but you can also deactivate that if you wish to as well so you have three buttons on the key you lock and your unlock and also your boot pop so let’s take a bit of a look around and show you a

Few of the features on the car so firstly when you unlock the car same as before your lights flash on the headlamps and your ring mirrors um would fold out okay if you want to keylessly lock the door as dbx or the rest of the cars you press the back of the door handle and that will lock the car keylessly if you want to deactivate the keyless on the car because

You might be worried that somebody could scan your key double press your lock button on the key and next time you walk up to the door it now won’t open another quite cool feature with the key and this works for both the valente as well as the coupe is you have global on the key so on the coupe it works the windows and then your windows drops on a hot summer’s

Day and you want to let all that hot air out because your car’s been sat in the sun you can do that before you get into the vehicle and again the reverse of that should you have forgotten to do a window up you can press and hold the lock button as long as you’re within a couple of meters of the car the windows will then come back up the same thing works for the

Volante which will show you a short clip of this as well it will pop the roof down and then pull the roof back up we’ll show you where the bonnet latches for db11 is just on the side of the dash and it’s the push button we’ll come back around to that shortly when we’re looking around the rest of the car fuel filler cap nice and straightforward on this car just

Press the back of the filler cap and lift it up if you’ll go straight in no need to worry about unscrewing any caps or anything like that and then when you’re closing it back down just nice and gentle and push it closed on the back of the vehicle so there’s there is three ways of opening the boot on a db11 there is a button on the driver’s door which you press

And that will open the the boot press and hold the boot button on the key or alternatively in this case dv11 has swipe open so you just put your foot underneath there and back out and then your boot lid pops open a few things that are worth noting on the back of db11 your trickle charge point for your maintenance is just on the side here so you can just attach

Your magna charge trickle charger on the side and then inside the boot most of the things that you need to know are your warning triangle is attached to the back of the bootleg and then you have two cubby holes one on the left and one on the right and inside each one of these you’ll either find your owner’s handbook and a key box or on the other side you should

Find a tyre pump and gel kit for if you have a puncture everything else that’s in the boot here is just for storage so this is slightly different in the vallante so for storage wise um you can have the compartment cover up your tyre pressure uh oh sorry your tyre pump and your gel will be in the side of the boot um but for your roof to actually work you do need

To pull the compartment cover back down now that the compartment cover is now down you can now put your roof down on your dv11 valente coming back to what we were saying about boot release the one on the side the car is on the door here and also you have as previously mentioned the entire pressure sticker is on the inside of the door shut so the bonnet opens

Reverse on db11 so we need to lift it up and most of the bits you’ll need to sort of see or possibly need to do under the under the bonnet here are pretty accessible on on the driver side of the car or on this side of the vehicle so first of all more most importantly you have your washer pop which is just here on top of the wheel arch then we have your brake fluid

And your dipstick is just at the back of the engine just here if you need to make a bit of a top up the oil goes in at the front just here and you also then have your coolant on the other side of the engine something that’s worth knowing coming back to the trickle charge point on the back if you need access to the battery terminals themselves you do need to just

Pop off this cover you’ll see that there is a bronze nut on top of the plus and you also have a bronze nut which is earth on the end on the on the chassis here that would be just in case you would need to um charge the car directly onto the battery and for the bonnet it is soft closed so no need to slam the the bonnet down you just need to let it go and then the

Bonnet will pull itself down thank you

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Aston Martin DB11 Handover Series Part 1 | Exterior Guide By HWM Aston Martin