Aston Martin DB11 – Interior Features

A luxurious, beautifully-finished interior at the core of Aston Martin DB11’s expert craftsmanship. With a combination of sophisticated displays, control systems and top drawer materials including hand-stitched leather, rich real wood finishes, metal and glass components on its speaker grilles and air-vent surrounds; every part of the Aston Martin DB11 is assembled in an authentic experience for the driver. With a range of finishing touches, the DB11 can be personalised to every individual taste.

Hi i’m andy burgess i’m a product specialist here at aston martin and what i’d like to do is take you through this gorgeous interior of this db 11 v12 so the first thing you notice when you get into an aston martin is that aroma of the leather it’s bridge of wear leather from scotland all hand-stitched together in this particular car we have perforation we have

Air-conditioning and heated seats we also have a combination of alcantara and leather in this particular car but you could go for the option for complete leather throughout also we have an option of broguing as well which you’d normally find in a high-end shoe the switchgear the paddles there’s an authenticity about them there’s real materials it’s real metal and

Also glass on the switchgear as well so what i’d like to do is take you through the seat control you’ll find the seat control on the transmission tunnel on the left hand side here you’ll notice the base seat control so you can push that down or raise the seat up you’ve also got the reclining button as well and fore-and-aft using the base you’ve got three memory

Positions and you’ve also got lumber in terms of lumber at the lower back middle of the back and also in the base of the seat and lumbar support in the side bolsters so you can bring them squeeze those in depending on the size of your frame and that all works as well with the adjustment on the steering as well in terms of the memory so you have forward or back the

Steering and also up and down so you can really get this seat position and the steering position perfectly adjusted for yourself so we go through the window controls and the mirror controls which you’ll find on the armrest here so obviously you’ve got your window buttons left and right and below that you’ll have the boot release button as well so at the top you’ll

Have a beautifully finished chrome button so if you use that flick to the right hand side for this mirror here and then we use the black joypad to actually adjust the mirror if you want to adjust the passenger mirror will use that chrome button again flick it to the left and then use the joypad once more so let’s now go through the ventilation controls or some of the

Controls that you’re fine on the water here obviously you’ve got the park reverse neutral and drive buttons all finished in glass with your engine start button in the center now to operate these buttons you’ll always need your foot on the brake for that to happen so below that you have all the ventilation controls your heated seats and your cooling seats for left

And right air-conditioning all in the centre and then below that you have your onetouch navigation radio media and telephone buttons so if you want to turn on the infotainment system there’s a little button just down here on the center stack so if we press that button there you’ll have this screen appear now there’s four ways of actually operating the infotainment

Screen you can use your voice through the steering wheel button here you can use the buttons that are actually on the waterfall here navigation radio media or telephone or you can use the touchpad or the control wheel to actually interact with the infotainment system so to access your usb ports and also your sd card we have a powered armrest you’ll find the button

Just here also that will expose your cupholders as well left and right and you’ll notice your usb and your sd card on the back here so you can plug your phone in for charging press the again and then your arm will come back so there’s some controls on the steering wheel which we’re going to take you through now now we’ve already spoke about the sport button for

The engine in the gearbox and the suspension button but you also have the volume button on the left hand side here so you can scroll up and down the volume on the right hand side you have the controls to operate the screen on the right hand side of the vehicle here if you go into the home screen using the home button then you have the trip navigation radio media

And again you can use a scroll button here to scroll through if you want to choose one of those then you press the actual scroll button itself and it’ll come up with the choice that you’ve made if you want to go back use the go back button it takes you back to that menu you’ve also got your telephone answering buttons as well so to answer on the right-hand side

And to hang on the left hand side so that concludes the interior of this beautiful db 11 v12 so if you’d like to actually take advantage of driving this particular car or actually sitting in it and playing with all the controls as we have been visit your local dealership i’m sure they’ll be able to assist in that process

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Aston Martin DB11 – Interior Features By Aston Martin Singapore