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Aston Martin DBS Superleggera RACES Harley Davidson (FXDLS)

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Found this fancy boy out in the wild (Aston Martin DBS Superleggera), thought trying to race him would be a good idea…

Hey oh what is that i see up there i don’t know the gopro’s picking that up but there’s a fancy looking car up there we must race what is that come on harley gourds bless this potential race what is it i don’t even know what kind of car it is all right aston martin i’ve never raced one of you before come on mate let’s go he’s already going he’s he’s already

Beaten it pretty good oh man let’s do it uh so i was i wasn’t ready before when he took off so it doesn’t count yet mad lad that green is cool too not quicker than me mate he’s 100 not going slow though here yeah bro people just don’t shoulder check that’s the second time today me that shit’s me look over your shoulder please for sake oh man

I was having fun with this aspen now you’ve ruined my attitude let it go easy let it go usa usa gorgeous car what is it super something i don’t know what it is i haven’t seen one it’s new though but like always look at that smoked him it happens half a million dollar car still gets smoked by me doesn’t matter i’m blessed man i’m blessed it is a nice rig

Though what do you do for a living mate he’s misses out the window looking at me yeah sure your husband’s got a cool car but you’re after a man on a motorcycle something sexy about all this in there lady yeah i knew it although i’ve got to give props to this bloke for actually like having to go you know he’s not putting around in that car he’s he was giving

It some earlier so props to you mr aston martin they’re not just putting around in your in your car actually driving it good for you bro good for you can’t wait to get home and google what that car’s worth and just know that i beat it probably probably a half million car or something and i flogged it like wasn’t even close i don’t think like smashed him

And then mashed him alright let’s do it it now what a mad lad all right i still smashed him i wasn’t uh he was cheating and um i don’t think his tires are up to spec he’s got illegal he’s running illegal tires and i’m pretty sure i missed the shift and um i wasn’t watching and i got a bug in my eye and yeah so technically that one doesn’t count all right

What a bad lad i think that’s that’s it for now i love trying to bait these guys to supercars in the race and me it’s so much fun if you enjoy me doing this and just being an absolute idiot please let me know down in the comments give me a thumbs up i appreciate it these are just some of my favorite videos to make it’s so much fun so if you love watching

Them please let me know the sport means everything give me a thumbs up hit subscribe if you want to watch more you know race plenty of others and there’ll be plenty more to come in the future i’m sure i’ll catch you all on the next one same height legend good mad life

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