Aston Martin Valhalla 2023 – Review (Interior, Drive, Relese Date 2024)

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When two formula one teams get together to create a supercar the results are bound to be something special and that’s certainly the case with the valhalla a new hybrid exotic that’s the fruit of a collaboration between aston martin and red bull racing the aston martin valhalla could have been just another cookie cutter mid-engined hybrid hybrid car and the ferrari

Lamborghini mclaren mold speaking at its australian debut aston martin’s chief creative officer rejected any suggestion the valhalla is just a weekend trinket for the super rich the valhalla which translates to the hall of the fallen in ancient norse mythology is aston’s third mid-engined model after the limited edition valkyrie v12 hypercar which entered production in

November 2021 and the upcoming vanquish supercar the valhalla is a mid-engined plug-in hybrid sports car developed by british manufacturer aston martin in collaboration with ripple racing the car is meant to sit below the flagship valkyrie track focused sports car and is intended to be more usable as an everyday car the car is a result of the collaboration between

Aston martin and red bull racing initially called amrb003 the project name for the car was revealed to be the son of valkyrie at the car’s public introduction as it uses many technologies first implemented in the valkyrie the 2024 aston martin valhalla will be sold in a singular trim it will carry a base price of eight hundred thousand dollars this is less than the

Originally announced price of one million three hundred thousand dollars both prices are significant savings over the more hardcore aston martin valkyrie which has a price tag of three million dollars of course aston martin will accommodate special requests for custom designs or features which can add tens of thousands to that price aston martin will build no more

Than 999 valhallas it also won’t start being delivered to customers until the half of 2023 likely making it a 2024 model before we get into more specs as always we have a bonus fact for you towards the end of the video so stay tuned number one drive valhalla is blisteringly quick aston martin claims a zero to 62 miles per hour or 100 kilometers per hour time of

Just 2.5 seconds that’s the same time as the most powerful and more hardcore valkyrie the valhalla has a top speed of 217 miles per hour though that’s 33 miles per hour slower than the valkyrie it’s faster than most of the cars on the road today the valhalla features a push rod front suspension similar to f1 cars and a multi-link rear suspension multimatic active

Dampers can raise and lower the car the nurburgring in germany is the unofficial benchmark for high performance cars aston martin thinks the valhalla can get around the track in 6 minutes and 30 seconds which if achieved would be a lap record part of aston martin’s confidence comes from the valhalla standard carbon ceramic bricks that will work with an e-booster

Braking function number two performance when initially now announced the car was planned to use a 3.0 liter twin turbocharged v6 engine as opposed to the v12 on the valkyrie but would share the curse system from the flagship sports car a combined output of those two would be around 1000 ps or 735 kilowatts or 986 horsepower the engine was intended to be designed

And developed in-house by the company and will use the castrol nexil 90 second oil change system first used in the track only vulcan the car is the first road car to use such a system the exhaust system uses dual outlets which are placed on top of the car similar to the porsche 918 spyder however in july 2021 the valhallis production form debuted and featured an

Extensive redesign from the concept form including switching engines from the in-house v6 to the mercedes amg m178 ls2 4.0 liter twin turbocharged v8 in conjunction with two electro motors among many other changes the new powertrain will develop 950 ps 699 kilowatts or 937 horsepower at its core will be a twin turbo 4.0 liter v8 with an exotic flat plane crank design

That’s sourced from mercedes amg it’ll feed the rear wheels through an 8-speed dual clutch automatic transmission additionally an electric motor will power the front wheels and another will be integrated into the transmission the valhalla’s combined output is said to be 937 horsepower it’s electrically assisted gearbox will also have an electric reverse as well as

An electronically controlled limited slip rear differential to save weight the company will use carbon fiber for the car’s structure it’ll also feature adaptive dampers and two-stage springs that can be adjusted for an ultra low track mode plus carbon ceramic brakes will be standard we can only assume the valhalla’s eye popping design will be complemented by out

Of this world handling number three interior design the aston martin valhalla and valkyrie share a similar carbon fiber tub as the basis for both vehicles you’ll see similarities in the cabin including the fixed position seats both feature adjustable pedals and steering wheel to suit the driver’s needs but the valhalla has a few more creature comforts and upscale

Touches compared to the valkyries motorsport inspired cockpit the cabin features a gorgeous steering wheel design wrapped in brown leather the stop start button is almost hidden amongst the leather padding at the base of the wheel there are also brown leather pads lining the center console lid the rest of the interior is bathed in alcantara and exposed carbon fiber

As the valhalla is intended to be more of a luxury slash comfort oriented hypercar in the aston martin family it comes with niceties not found in the track focused valkyrie the valhalla will feature aston martin’s newest driver interface system it incorporates a digital instrument panel and a center touch screen that supports apple carplay and android auto the

Valhalla’s steering wheel has its own digital display in the center the two occupants can enjoy built-in navigation and a premium high-powered stereo system of course the best sound will be coming from the high strung powertrain and its top center mounted exhaust outlets the chassis is a variation of the carbon fiber monocoque chassis of the valkyrie with the body

Panels being produced from the same material the chassis will be produced by aston martin while their aerodynamic body panels will be produced at red bull racing the car is planned to weigh less than 1550 kilograms we don’t expect the aston martin valhalla’s cargo space to be especially accommodating but nobody buying this car will expect a crossover sized trunk

Number four exterior design the valhalla’s design was influenced by how air flows through wind tunnels and the desire for optimum downforce the car has a massive front splitter air channels that expose the front wheels from certain angles and active aerodynamics it is built around a carbon fiber core and there are many bits of exposed carbon fiber throughout the

Exterior atop the cockpit is a split ram air intake with one part feeding the twin turbocharged v8 engine and to the other part feeding the cooling systems the valhalla features dihedral doors aka butterfly doors they open up and out and a large portion of the roof section comes with it these differ from the valkyries gall wing doors and as a result the valhalla

Should have better ingress and egress number five safety features unlike its valkyrie stablemate the valhalla will have some modern driver assistance features these include automatic emergency braking adaptive cruise control and blind spot monitoring though it will have conventional side mirrors the valhalla will use a camera monitor in place of the rear view mirror

This is due to the overhead air intake and top center mounting for the exhaust outlets thank you for staying with us throughout the video as a token of our appreciation we have prepared not one but two bonus backs for you so let’s get into them the aston martin valhalla appeared in the 25th bond bill no time to die the valhalla was not actually driven in the film

But m stands near the aston martin valhalla when contacted by bond to ask about obergev and heracles valhalla was also in the video game rocket league for a short time in the item shop from october 7 2021 to october 14 2021 you could either get it separately or with the aston martin db5 what are your thoughts on the new aston martin comment down below and let us

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