Atlas Cross Sport: Volkswagen

Again hey guys welcome welcome to my very very first youtube video for a volkswagen vehicle got some noise in the background right there hey man people down trying to make a video out here man okay guys so we got that done we got that dealt with i don’t know what was going on over there but it’s fixed so back to the video so guys we have the 2021 volkswagen

Atlas cross for 3.6 l v6 s e l or line and yes i was reading it off this tag i’m actually kind of new to the volkswagen service guys um this is my first car dealership but i will tell you this this is a phenomenal car since i’ve been at volkswagen i will say this i have never felt more at home with a vehicle in my entire life and i mean it um i have a 2020 hyundai

Elantra but i feel more prone to getting a volkswagen because of the quality it has so like guys let’s get right into the vehicle this is a pre-owned vehicle it was previously owned by a owner however he has taken great great care of this vehicle there’s no dings no scratches whatsoever within this vehicle right here it does and this is our um gray panoramic gray

Or um yeah panoramic gray version of the vehicle and it is a crossword so it doesn’t come with the third row so as the bench no third row let me go ahead and show you guys the trunk look at all this space actually i think i might fit in here let me see something yo i can legit fit in here i’m a 511 type of guy um and literally i’m stretching on my foot and i

Can fit in the trunk like i think i can’t even close myself in here let me show you guys how long turn this camera around ah yeah still got leg room it does come with a cover so the cover is there you can actually use this for protection anything that you’re trying to put in your trunk that you don’t want nobody else to see there you go so that’s how you get that

Off right there and you press this button right here so guys it does come standard with 18 inch wheels right here as well 18 inches and look i just want to take a moment to look at the entire face of this building the face oh my gosh it’s like you’re looking at the gates of heaven almost if the gates of heaven was a volkswagen and it does come standard with

The sunroof up here but not standard you actually this is actually an add-on this is our panoramic sunroof so it’s actually a moon roof and a sunroof combined into one it does get 17 miles per gallon on the um in the city 23 on the highway so one thing i like about this as well is that it is it does cons um come with a eight inch screen um this screen has a lot

Of features within it you have navigation which is phenomenal so you’ll always know exactly where you’re at especially when you’re um when your phone is dead hopefully your phone never dies so you’ll know where you’re at you can also if you have an iphone um it does have apple carplay if you have an android it has android play as well you could set different

Standards on your vehicle radio media phone and you also will have a dash right here as well for your vehicle you can set the you can change the um display door close this door right so you can do um assistant systems driving your data vehicle status telephone audio navigation now this event this vehicle right here it is a four-motion vehicle so it does

Have four motions you can go to snow mode and make sure you guys are seeing this you can go to normal normal road you can go to um auto or you can go to off-road so you do have four motions four modes you can go to now um this vehicle also comes standard with the auto off switch so you can turn this off and on so when you’re at a stop sign or a stoplight the

Vehicle itself will shut down um the engine will shut down so you won’t be wasting any gas so yeah guys um i didn’t know how to end the video there but that was pretty much the end of the video i hope you guys like this video if you did give it a thumbs up like subscribe i really appreciate it share with your friends guys i’m in my um nephew’s room right now so

Um but yeah so anyway guys i hope you like it i mean a big old pimple anyway guys see you next time and also share with your friends talk to you soon peace

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Atlas Cross Sport: Volkswagen By Damontay Sell Cars