Audi A3 Sportback (2020) – AutoWeek Review – English subtitles

De Audi A3 is de vierde nieuwe compacte middenklasser op het MQB-platform van de VW Groep die we in korte tijd aan je voorstellen. Helemaal nieuw, maar toch heel vertrouwd waarmee Audi de weg bewandelt die het bijna 24 jaar geleden insloeg. In deze video vertellen we je ook hoe hij zich verhoudt tot zijn belangrijkste concurrenten, de Mercedes A-klasse en de BMW 1-serie.

This is the fourth compact middle class car from the volkswagen group the audi a3, and it’s the fourth generation of the model it’s the fanciest and the most expensive one of the four, so we’re comparing it mostly with the mercedes-benz a-class and the bmw 1-series. where the mercedes and bmw took a little longer to get where they are now, the a3 immediately made clear

It was the premium nephew of the golf. so is this a completely new a3? not really. audi went this way with a lot of edges, honeycomb-grille, a letterbox-like vent over here, the headlights look a tad meaner, but other than that you have to look closely to see the difference. if only we could put one next to it. if you do that, you’ll see this new a3 is longer. it’s 4,34

Metres long and the and it might be longer, but you won’t notice that in the interior space. sure, i’ve still got enough headroom, but the legroom isn’t great. other than that, there are two usb-ports in the back to charge your let the new a3 sink in a little, and you’ll realize it hasn’t changed much compared to its predecessor. especially if you look at the evolution the…

Mercedes a-class and bmw 1-series went through. the a-class has been around for two years now and it was a tighter version its predecessor. the current bmw 1-series was released almost a year ago and it was a completely different car than its predecessor. the audi a3 however, on the inside, the steps made in the audi a3 are pretty big though. a lot more functions have been put

In the infotainment system, and it’s not always as easy to use. it’s almost like it’s a bad thing lots of functions are available through the mmi-touchscreen. unfortunately, they’ve removed the central mmi-button, which was very easy to use. if you want to adjust the volume, you have to swivel about this sort it just doesn’t feel right, please give me a normal turning knob.

What i do like however, is that the climate control, airconditioning and the temperature settings are still in a regular button cluster. you don’t want that in a screen, you always want to be able to in front of me, i’ve got the virtual cockpit. that was available on the previous a3 as well, so it’s not new. it’s also not standard. it’s available on the base version as an

Optional extra. if you do get it, you’ll get a 12.3-inch screen which offers you lots of customization possibilities. but we already know it all. other than that, you’re in a car which uses a lot of beautiful materials. especially the middle console looks good. also, the seating position is nice and low. that’s a great thing about hatchbacks and if you like to drive them,

You’ll know what i’m talking about. right now, we’re driving the 30 tdi. that’s the base-diesel, which is powered by a 4-cylinder. no 3-cylinder like the base-diesel bmw. it’s a toned-down version of the 2.0-litre tdi called 30 tdi i do have to say, i think the audi a3 still has an artificial feel to its steering. if you put the audi drive select in ‘dynamic’, the steering

Becomes… heavier and a little more direct, but it won’t become a car which involves you in the drive. also, this version has quite a heavy diesel-engine in the front, and you’ll feel that as well. in this configuration, it has a torsion-axle at the back. from 150 horsepower, there’s a multilink-suspension available. but this has a torsion-axle. it’s a very comfortable car

Which remains stable and is able to process speedbumps and roundabouts with ease. it takes those speedbumps very comfortably as well, but when you take a roundabout too quickly, understeer will appear pretty quickly. it just not a car which feels playful or which wants to corner. that feeling lacks in this a3, which is clearly aimed at being comfortable instead of dynamic.

When it comes to the engine range, it’s pretty clear. you’ve got two diesels, a 30 tdi and a 35 tdi. this 30 tdi produces 116 horsepower, and it’s the same engine as the 35 tdi, which in turn offers 150 horsepower. whilst this only comes with a manual gearbox. if you want a petrol-engine, you can choose between the 30 tfsi and the 35 tfsi. the 30 tfsi is a three-cylinder,

A 1.0-litre producing 116 horsepower. the 35 tfsi is a 1.5-litre 4-cylinder producing 150 horsepower. if you take a look at the safety systems, you’ll notice that every audi has pre sense. a system which alerts the driver for incoming collisions. also, it comes with lane departure warning as standard, but other than and that’s the problem in this segment. if you want a

Nicely dressed a3, you have to tick and tick and tick boxes. if you do that, prices quickly rise… above €40.000. that’s the case here. the base version is called pro line, and it only comes with 16-inch wheels. a3-drivers usually like to be seen with… their car, so they’ll probably want bigger wheels. easy ways to rise above €40.000. next to the pro line, you can

Also have the business edition, the s-edition and the edition one. especially the latter has lots of extra functions, but you’ll have to pay a lot extra for it. and with that, the cards in the premium-corner of the c-segment have been shuffled again. the mercedes a-class came around two years ago, and brought an incredibly beautiful interior to the market; the mbux-system.

The bmw lost a lot of character because of the front-wheel drive, but it’s still a dynamic, compact hatchback with a premium-feel to it. and the audi a3? it’s still the fancy nephew of the volkswagen golf. it’s mostly comfortable, but not a very distinctive personality. i think the thing it’ll distinguish itself the most with its drivetrain. in the mercedes a-class you

Really have to watch out what version you get, if it’s a mercedes-built engine or a renault-built one. the bmw 1-series also isn’t always as refined with their 3-cylinders, but in the audi, you’ll never have to worry when it comes to drivetrain. you never have to think if you need a 35 tfsi or a 30 tfsi. even the 3-cylinder engines from audi are alright, just like the diesels.

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