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Audi A4 1.4 TFSI Stronic Test S

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Audi A4’ün test sürüşü videosu yayında…

That’s right, you are not seeing an illusion, we are here with an audi model. for many years, you have been asking why there is no audi test in this channel, that day is today and we are starting to test the new a4. as usual, i am going to say, let’s start with the design but the appearance of the a4 does harbor almost no difference from the previous. when we look

At the grill, it is almost exactly the same as the old one. the only difference that grabs my attention is the form of the headlamps that have been slightly altered. let me tell you that the key of the new a4 attained a more modern and current outlook and when compared to the body the renewal here remains at the forefront. when we observe the car from the side, it also

Resembles its old generation. the only thing that caught my attention here are the side mirrors, which have been moved to the top of the doors to minimize the drag a bit more. at the rear of the car the only difference was done on the taillights. we are seeing tapered taillights just as on the a3 sedan. the loading capacity of the boot is 480 liters just as the bmw 3

Series and the mercedes c class. in other words, i can say that it is exactly the same as its rivals. due to its rectangular form, you can put your articles here easily. i can also say that the loading mouth is quite large for a sedan car. the dimensions of the a4 have increased a bit compared to the old. this means wider living space in the interior. we see that the

Knee room has been increased and i can say that it offers better knee room than 3 series and c class in its class. the headroom is sufficient, you shouldn’t expect too much from it. as there is a very big transmission hump here, there is no way for the third passenger to put his feet here, he can only put them to the edges and will not be very comfortable but if you have

To then you can sit the third passenger here. let’s cut the story here since the things i have mentioned were not very important innovations and i should move to the driver’s seat. the real renewals of the a4 are in the front of the interior. come on let’s start the driving part. finally, i am behind the steering wheel of the audi a4. i have just told you that the

Big innovations are in the interior. you clearly realize this as soon as you sit on the driver’s seat. firstly, you encounter a brand new digital instrument panel. even though this panel resembles the panels of vw passat and vw tiguan that i have tested previously, it has different features and it definitely is pleasing to the eye and can be used very easily. in spite

Of the fact that i prefer the trip computer on normal driving, i have say that it definitely looks good when you choose the navigation and enlarge it like this. renovated steering wheel is used in the a4. this off sited 3 spoke steering wheel fits very well to the hands. in the center of the mid console there is a multi media screen. its resolution is so good that you can

Suppose that it is a touch screen but it is not. you are able to control it by these buttons in front of the gear lever. the usage of the screen is very simple. its sensitivity is very good. in other words, you may need a bit of adaptation time but after that i can say that you will be able to use it without any problem. there is also means to register eight channel of

Your fancy with these buttons and use it. i clearly liked the touch sensitivity of the a/c controls. just behind the passenger that sits in the front there are the panels of the a/c from end to end. it is an unusual application. but if you ask me, it suits to the design here and is pleasing to the eye. in my opinion, the quality of the materials used in the a4 is high.

Underneath there is a metal coating and you feel its high quality when you touch it. it is impossible to say that the cockpit of the a4 is generous in the matter of small item cubicles but offers places to be considered not bad. there is a small area here. behind it there are two cup-holders and a small armrest. if i have to give my opinion before getting on to driving

Features, this place has become more user friendly and high quality compared to the previous generation. let us consider the engine and driving features of the a4. under the bonnet of the a4 i have been driving, 1.4 liters turbo charge tfsi petrol engine is functioning. this engine develops 150 hp and 250 nm of torque and is offered with 7-speed double clutch automatic

Gearbox that the audi calls stronic. in my mind there is not much to say about the engine because even though it is a small volume engine it offers very good performance features. when you step on the throttle it accelerates very easily and carries you to high speeds. it works in harmony with the gearbox, which can also be controlled by the pedals behind the steering wheel

If you want to intervene manually. ultimately, although the a4 is a model in the d class and its body is very big, 1.4 liters engine never has difficulty to carry it. the passes of the gearbox in my opinion is very good. albeit that the automatic gearboxes of today’s cars offers smooth passes, believe me when i say that the double clutch gearbox of the vw group offers

Fluid passes, i am not exaggerating. in the a4 there are driving modes called drive select. in here, comfort, auto, dynamic and individual modes are offered. these modes intervene the engine, gearbox and steering. depending on your mode at that moment you are able to select which ever you wish and advance. in the subject of the driving features the a4 is very successful.

It moves over the asphalt slidably. namely, the suspension comfort is very high. even when the surface deteriorates, the shock absorbers filter the impacts and the a4 moves in comfort. the a4 is front drive car. in other words, it is not rear wheel drive as its eternal rivals c class and 3 series. but still, if you want to have dynamic drive with the a4, even if you force

The limits as now on the bends it holds to the road well and does not leave its line. in this way i can say without reservation that the a4 is successful. for example, at the moment we enter a tight bend and are able to steer it without difficulty and it does not leave its line anyway. the insulation of the a4 has been carried to a higher level compared to the previous

Generation. you do almost not hear any road or wind noise in the interior, at the moment even though i am going at 76 km/h no noise penetrates inside. i can say that i like this feature very much; you are at ease and peaceful inside. let us consider finally, the fuel consumption of the a4. i have been driving the a4 only since morning and have covered 120 km. at the moment

The trip computer indicates 7,0 liters fuel consumption averages. this value when you consider the size and engine power of the a4 sounds fine. but i have to point out that i have driven this car on open roads and calmly. in other words this is not real fuel consumption average. you should know that this value would increase by 1.5 – 2 liters when you encounter traffic.

What you can determine from here is that this engine as well as powerful has frugal potential. the a4 with its comfortable construction and ease of driving is separated from its rivals. what is its price? it is a bit steep. in today’s conditions, the 1.4 tsi tronic’s starting price is in the level of 150.000tl. and when you add up the optional equipment, the price

Will of course increase. but the real question is with the sct coming, the price of the a4 unfortunately will burn your hands. but forget about the price because this car this way or that is selling. my question to you is if you were to purchase a car in this class, what would be your preference. i would be very happy if you join our survey by clicking to the right corner of the screen.

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Audi A4 1.4 TFSI Stronic Test Sürüşü – Review (English subtitled) By carviser