Audi A4 Allroad 2.0 TDI Sport Allroad S Tronic quattro

Hello and welcome to another quattro tech cars video today we have this 65 plate tornado grey audi a4 event as you can see it’s in the all-road specification it’s actually the all-road sport so you get those really nice alloy wheels with the car and a number of other options as well this one’s powered by the two liter 190 ps tdi diesel engine and driven by the

S tronic automatic gearbox this a4 has been looked after by audi all its life is in really really nice condition let’s have a look at some of the specs inside okay so here we are around at the boot of the all-road now one thing that tells you in a surefire way that the cars have been well looked after is if they come with these genuine factory rubber mats just

Here and you also get the hard abs plastic rear load liner there’s also the luggage pack with this a4 as well so that’s actually a number of dividers um and dividing belts and things like that just there underneath the boot floor you do have a space service spare wheel and for charging any ancillaries there’s also 12 volt power socket just there you’ve also

Got the electric tailgate with the allroad sports which is a really nice option to have so you can see that going down there it can be very useful indeed and then in the integrated bumper we’ve got front and rear parking so audi’s parking system plus you’ll also notice there’s privacy glass on this car as well so it all helps it look and feel really classy and

Especially if you’ve got kids in the back it definitely makes it a bit more shaded in the sunlight one of the first things you’ll notice is the white light down the foot well so this a4 also has the led interior light pack in the front and rear which again driving at night just makes it really ambient and makes it really nice place to be we’ve also got a full

Milano leather interior in really nice condition indeed no rips tear stains or any odors around to the front door go electrically adjustable and heated mirrors there’s a tailgate button just there as well again full leather a manually adjustable milano leather seats however you do have electronic lumber support i’ve got a multi-functional steering wheel as well

I’m stepping into the front as standard with the all roads you’ve got xenon headlights with led daytime running lights you’ve also got automatic lights and wipers as well and along with that you’ve got an auto dimming rear view mirror so on the steering wheel you’ve got various different media voice recognition buttons and also trip computer controls as well

Just down here we’ve got cruise control and if we move over to the main screen here you can see we’ve got the factory navigation you can connect your phone wirelessly via bluetooth as well there’s a number of different media sources including cd uh sd and dvd you’ve also got um the audi music interface as well which is an optional extra from the fact which is

Nice to see and you can play a media through bluetooth also you’ve got dab fm and am radio as well so really good quality there and you can see the menu itself is really easy to navigate if we go into car you can see audi’s drive select just there so with the all-road you can affect things like the weight and feel of the steering the throttle response and the way

The engine behaves and the gear changes as well if we look a bit further down we’ve got the cd and the sd slots just there the parking sensors just here they will come on automatically if you go into reverse if you’ve got the front and rear sensors on the screen there we’ve also got a start stop and traction control as well another really nice option on this all

Road is heated front seats which have three levels of heating control just there and you’ve also got the dual zone climate control in the front got the s-tronic automatic gearbox with sport and manual mode and then down here you have the multimedia interface where you control the main screen you also got a volume button as well as track selector as well you’ve

Got the automatic handbrake uh just there electrical one and you’ve got some cup holders and in the cubby hole just there is the audi music interface as well you’ve also got 12 volt power socket in there so as you can see for just over 87 000 miles saw road is in very nice condition indeed it’s had just two former edge to keepers uh the last time i owned it

Since sometime in 2017 so it’s been well cherished this car and really stands out and just looks so classy in that mix of the tornado uh grey with the plastic bumpers that you get on your road and those uproaded sport alloys as well all crutch tech cars come with six month warranty including six months roadside assistance an mot upon arrival and a comprehensive

Mechanical check please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us so we can explain how we’re currently facilitating safe social distance and contactless terrorism appointments thank you very much

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Audi A4 Allroad 2.0 TDI Sport Allroad S Tronic quattro By Quattro Tech Cars