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Audi A4 and A4 Avant 2016 review | TELEGRAPH CARS

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The 2016 Audi A4 is a rival to the BMW 3-series, Mercedes C-class and Jaguar XE, but does it have what it takes to go to the top of the class? Rebecca Jackson puts both the saloon and Avant estate version through their paces to find out.

Welcome to our review of the 2016 audi a4 and to make it as comprehensive as possible we haven’t just got the saloon we’ve got the estate advanced version as well don’t say we don’t spoil you the a4 is of course a rival to the bmw 3-series mercedes c-class and jaguar xe and this latest versions job is to build on our ds reputation for high quality interiors tasteful

Styling and fuel-efficient engines the a4 saloon has the same amount of boot space as the 3-series and c-class all of which beat the jaguar but in a state guys the advant it beats them all albeit just a bit what we do like about this car though is all models come with a powered boat lid the parcel shelf lifts away and these retaining clips and straps are really

Useful folding rear seats add to the practicality and give a flat floor to help with those longer loads and in the rear both the a4 saloon and devant offer ample leg and headroom for a couple of adults threes are squeezed though because the bench is narrow and is a large transmission tunnel if you’re into premium technology brands then you will love the a4 s –

Because ali has really gone to town on this car not only do you get this screen here but you can replace these dolls with a virtual cockpit displaying well virtually anything that is over here plus the whole cabin just feels so premium the heater controls are ultra slick and we love this chunky gear leaver borrowed from the audi q7 suv the result is a very classy

Interior with amazing attention to detail but we do wonder if a few more design flourishes such as in the mercedes c-class would have live and it up a bit we’re starting today in the estate which is fitted with our ds later 2-liter turbocharged petrol engine with 190 horsepower it’s a swift car getting from nought to 60 in just 7.5 seconds yet in official fuel

Economy tests it returned 50 miles per gallon in our hands though we’ve been lucky to get 30 we also wonder for all its tractable torque delivery if this engine sounds – we d come on audi a bit more of a meaty growl wouldn’t have gone amiss if you think the emissions scandal has ruined diesel’s forever than look away now because the three litre v6 fitted to this

84 saloon is a cracker it’s got 272 horsepower gets the car from naught to 60 in just five point four seconds making our fuel economy of forty seven point nine mpg pretty respectable with a few options so this particular car is fifty thousand pounds which is crazy money for an a4 better to stick as most will to the 2-liter ultra unit which provides the best blend

Of performance cost and economy in fact with an official average of almost 70 miles per gallon it just about makes the audi the most fuel efficient model in its class our other top tip is to stick with the se or sport models because these come with a more compliant suspension setup because the s line well it just feels a bit too fidgety on poorly surface roads and

Let’s face it there’s plenty of those around we’d also lean to smaller wheel offerings to keep road noise down as you’d expect safety credentials are excellent with all models getting six airbags and an automatic emergency braking system as standard to upgrade from saloon to event cost 1,400 pounds whether it’s worth it or not is dependent on whether it suits your

Needs and indeed whether you actually want an a4 in the first place if you want the most comfortable car in the class the c-class still just has the edge while the xc in 3 series are both more fun to drive and all three come with a 3-year unlimited mileage warranty whereas aldi stops at 60,000 miles the a falls wealth of technology is also a bit misleading because

A lot of it is optional take the sat-nav for example it comes as standard on the bmw 3-series but it’s 550 pounds on the audi however aldi does fight back for some of the lowest lease prices for us though for a car like this we still prefer the bmw 3-series but do you agree with us tell us in the comments below and before you go anywhere don’t forget to subscribe

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