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Yes this really is the new audi a4 saloon admittedly it looks a lot like the old lda 4 but yeah that’s just the way the german firm does things this new a4 is built on the volkswagen group’s new large car platform so that’s used for the q7 it’s even used for the new bentley suv the ben tiger and as a result you’ve got more space inside this at a four so the car is

Ever so slightly well it’s a bit longer in the wheelbase than before and that means you’ve got about that much more legroom which is great after all an extra inch is always welcome headroom is better than before but the car is not actually taller the seats are just lower it’s also slightly wider so if i move into the centre seat and i get my cameraman joe come on

If you come around and hop in you’ll see that there is just about enough room for three adults in the back so yeah he’s a big lad so we could bit well it’s a bit intimate isn’t it it is cozy but it’s doable it’s slightly better than the all-day for you still have the largest transmission tunnel down here but there is just about enough room for everyone’s feet and i

Think overall this is the best car in its class for rear passengers it’s right up there with boot space – plus the wide opening and low floor height make it very easy to load and unload luggage andy hasn’t forgotten about in-car storage either with useful cubby spaces throughout the entire cabin this particular car has the standard analog dials but in between them

It’s got the upgraded colour display which displays all your driver information now if you want you can upgrade that even further to the virtual cockpit so everything’s digital as its kaizened got it i really want to see it so here’s a cutaway of it in another audi car and i really recommend you have it because it’s wonderful another upgrade you’ve got to have is

Leather saints this one has the cloth trim and you know it alright but really our day four deserves leather for the last time i was in an a4 that didn’t have leather seats up i think i think it must have been back 1998 it stylish – with the latest gadget for instance you can get google earth for the satellite navigation while the processor which controls the system

Is lightning fast so there’s no lag what’s more you can also get apple carplay and android auto the first thing you notice when you drive this new a4 is just how quiet it is how the reason for that is that well howdee says it’s the most aerodynamic car in its class and so you don’t have too much wind noise in fact they move the side mirrors from just up here to on

The top of the door and that allows the air to flow around the outside and so you don’t get in about whistle you get off other cars door mirrors and it stays there’s little things that all add up to make a big difference now he also says the new a4 is the lightest car in its class and obviously that helps the economy so this 2-liter diesel we can get from nought to

60 in a reasonable nine seconds but it can return apparently 74 miles per gallon but we shouldn’t rely on odie’s economy claims should we so i’ll just have a quick look here and the trick computer says we’re not quite 74 miles per gallon but around 60 well that is not bad now if you don’t want to diesel but you still need good economy then you can get a 2-liter turbo

Petrol which is well it’s hot hatch quick it returns 55 miles per gallon you can also get v6 diesel which is very quick and still economical as well and there will be a high-performance v6 petrol the normal a fault comes with front-wheel driver you can get it with grippy quattro all-wheel drive there’s manual versions there’s automatic versions and well basically

Od has everything covered and it pretty much covers everything well what the old a4 didn’t do so well was deal with bumps but this new one well it’s just so much better now this car i’m driving is on the normal comfort suspension however you can pay extra for an adaptive comfort setup and i would do that actually because it just makes this coach wide over bumps

So to be fair the normal setup is pretty good and it’s much better and more comfortable than the old a4 was even the sport settings are bad so you can get a normal sport setup or an adaptive sport setup but really i wouldn’t bother because yes this car is more fun to drive than the old a4 it handles better but still if you want to have fun down a twisty road you

Will find a ray or drive jaguar xe or a bmw 3-series more exciting but be honest with yourself and realistic with how you drive cars because for normal everyday commuting this new audi a4 is a lovely thing to travel in in fact it’s a car with very few vices yeah you could say the exterior design is a little bit an adventurous also the standard kit list a bit meagre

For instance satellite navigation isn’t standard and watch out for those options because they are rather expensive but then this is an issue with all this cars rivals and really overall this new audi a4 is a very lovely thing that’s good at some things and absolutely brilliant at others in fact it’d be very happy to have one of these in your life but then the same

Can be said of its main rivals the bmw 3-series which you can watch our review by clicking down here the mercedes c-class which you can watch our review by clicking down there if you click up there you can watch our very latest video review and please click on our logo to subscribe to our channel if you’re watching on mobile click the links below the video as they

Do exactly the same thing hey do i you know if i hadn’t told you this was the new a4 would you would you’ve known well i think that kind of sums it up doesn’t it

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