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This is the Audi A6! Are you on the lookout for a luxurious saloon but don’t have the money to splash out on an A8? Then look no further! The A6 is suitably comfortable and comes packed full of tech, but with a price tag that’s almost half that of an A8! The question is, is it a class leader when there’s such strong competition coming from the likes of the Mercedes E-Class or BMW 5 Series? Join Mat for his latest review to find out!

This is the new audi a6 and it’s a little bit like air b&b now let me explain basically you can get 5-star luxury but for the less cash see it’s essentially the same as an audi a8 just smaller i’m not quite so expensive and you’re probably gonna be considering one of these if you’re also looking at i’d be able to be 5 series or the mercedes e-class now it

Starts from just under 39 thousand pounds but you can save an average of almost seven thousand pounds on one through car while so if you want to see how much you can save on a new car click on the popeye bunch there it’s all right corner of the screen or in the link below the video or just google car whoa – check out the very latest and best car deals let’s start

This review by talking about the a-sixes design now i think it’s quite a smart looking car and it’s very distinctive with this huge od grille it’s got like shiny bits of trim on it as well because this is the s-line version it has a sporty a bumper and when you move around the sides it also has 19 inch alloy wheels whereas the entry-level car has 18 inches the s

Line also has lowered stiffened suspension so it’s sitting slightly low to the ground makes it look a bit meaner one of the things i really like about the a6 is this really it sticks out it’s kind of like a quattro from the 80s and at the back it’s quite pretty as well you’ve got this like metallic grille there and once again the s line has it rated rear bumpers

Which is just a bit sporty er one thing i’m not sure about with this car though is this blue colour which kind of just looks black to me but yeah it’s about only criticism really now here on the inside you’ve got the usual od loveliness i like the design of this – the way have this big black panel here and then when you turn the car on the screens they suddenly

Pop out and it all looks very very cool quality wise this is plastic heat that’s metallic so that’s quite nice and from the – you’ve got leatherette with stitched effect and you’ve got it up here as well and the quality of the materials is really good so it got nice material here it all feels super solid it’s not even scratchy down here on the lower door it’s not

Quite soft though it was on a mercedes e-class and i have found one really cheap bit of plastic in this car it’s here listen it’s the only bit but that is horrible not that you’re ever gonna touch their malaya is super-simple you’ve got your gear lever there you’ve got your car controls here it made an infotainment system here there’s your light controls here this

Little touch panel like this metallic effects here you’ve got little metallic bits on the switches or the controls feel robust and expensive steering wheels lovely as well and seating positions good so you have so much adjustment in this steering wheel so i did said that in a lot of cars but this is i mean look at that that’s especially a lot of adjustment at the

Seat let’s do a seat test see how far this can go back if you’re really tall look i’m stretching out i can’t now touch the pedals you’re gonna have to have really long long legs to not be able to get comfy in this audi and look there’s lots of headroom here in the front so even if you’re tall yeah you’re gonna be fine and if you’re sure you can jack it up quite

A way to get a decent view over the bonnet also if you’ve got really long thighs you can extend the seat base like that now let’s talk about the infotainment system so you get dual screens and it’s now only operated by a touchscreen it does vibrate when you press it though so you know that you’ve hit a button the graphics and everything on it a pretty sharp though

It’s really nice and it’s reasonably responsive as well you can whiz through menus and the actual navigation itself is very easy to program and he does find pretty decent routes you can get internet connectivity with the newsfeed and you can use google maps with a satellite navigation also you can get apple carplay and android auto so you can just run your phone’s

Maps through the system if you want to though you don’t get such wide screen view and it can’t be displayed in the virtual cockpit either if you wanna control your climate it’s all down here on this other touchscreen once again it vibrates when you touch it but it’s just not as easy as quickly turning a dial which is a bit frustrating you do have voice commands i’m

Cold what temperature would you like to send so it will respond to kind of more natural instructions but it’s still not great it’s not the best system one thing i do like about the id though is the virtual cockpit the way you can like scroll through the different menus and stuff like that and it’s all very nice and you can change the view as well from big dolls

Too small dials however that is not standard speaking which let’s talk about the equipment levels you get with the a6 the asics range starts with the sports model and here’s a quick rundown of its kit you get to high-definition reversing camera plus front and rear parking sensors there’s cruise control lane departure warning and something called presense front

Which actually monitors the vehicles in front of you and will warn if you’re backed up an accident leather seats come a standard and they’re heated in the front meanwhile s-line versions add a sports steering wheel with perforated leather brushed mat aluminium inlays and body hugging sport seats with electrical adjustment there are a couple of options which i

Recommend the first is the tour pack which includes a clever cruise control system which will automatically brake to keep your safe distance from the car in front and will steer to keep you in lane it even works in traffic jams does cost two thousand pounds though the second is the technology pack now that’s 1500 quid and it includes a larger screen so you get a 10

Inch screen rather than an 8 inch screen appear also you get a faster processor and you get a full digital drivers display rather than just 2 analog dials with a smaller screen in between them finally let’s talk about interior space here in the front so you have absolutely massive door bins mean look at this that is a 1.5 liter bottle and it fits no problem at all

You also have some storage under here for a couple of cup holders one thing i do like is this look you’ve got storage for the key as well now i can’t fit a coffee cup in there it’s fine that’s a big coffee cup but if you have this smaller coffee cup the way this sticks up means that when you push it down you can just end up lifting the lid off your coffee cup and

Then it could just spill everywhere now just be dreadful i mean what a first world problem that is under here there’s not that much room either this cars got the wireless charging pad and you’ve got two usb inputs there as well and there’s a 12 volt socket there if you want to charge some of the mobile devices underneath here there is a glove box which is quite

Deep it’s an alright size that glove box and this makes a little storage down here where you can put something and forget about it let’s move on to the back so the asics has decent sized door so it’s not too difficult to get in and as you can see there is a lot me room and the city is my usual driving position i’m hundred and seventy nine centimeters and i’ve got

Loads of headroom people over six foot will be fine back here this is actually in its lowest position i can still just like squeeze my feet underneath it to stretch out if it’s raised it’s even better and the seat base is quite deep as well so it’s quite good for under thigh support then when it comes to carrying three at once in the back yes is this big home which

You have to live do like over but the foot wells are big enough so there’s absolutely plenty of space and even though look this syntheses is raised up i still going up headroom in fact for caring three in the back at once this is better than a bmw 5-series is better than a mercedes e-class speaking of which when it comes to fitting child seats it’s really easy as

Well so you can easily locate the child seat because you’ve got exposed ice fix anchor points there’s plenty of space to maneuver the seat as well and with two seats here in the back you can just about squeeze someone in the middle seat it’s not the most comfortable but what you could do is move one of the seats to the front passenger seat because that has isofix

Angle points do so all very very practical got an armrest here to rest up on a little storage cubby under there and you can actually lower this if you want to carry longer items there’s an extra storage here however if you have a high specification car that is actually controlled for the rear climate control system there’s a 12 volt socket there for charging mobile

Device saying that’s not – because you could have up to three people in the back wanting to charge these necks and the seat backs though aren’t very good and a bit flimsy but they are still strong enough to hold your ipad securely in place you got some decent sized door bins as well looking fairly a bowl back here the back window is quite large ledges into height

So kids can’t see out but look will the window go all the way down no not quite but it’s it’s not terrible i do like this though look you got one coat hook there but you wouldn’t want the coat there if you’re obviously sat in the back but there’s another one there as well finally then let’s just check rear lights good position and the leds keeping with that modern

Theme yet again let’s move on to the boot so far so good i’m really impressed actually with this a six now the boot capacity is exactly the same as a bmw 5-series at 500 30 liters and to help you visualize that it’s 106 of these however mercedes e-class is boot is 10 litres larger so two of these but still look you’ve got a really square wide opening for a saloon

Style boot not much of a load lip either so it is actually easy to load and unload for this type of car you’ll easily fit a baby bug in their set of golf clubs no problem at all you can easily fit a couple of suitcases in there and some soft bags there’s a little bit of extra storage under here around this kind of what would be the spare wheel if you want one of

Those that’s actually a subwoofer for the stereo and you’ve got some storage here this tie-down hooks and they feel very expensive made outta metal very tough there’s a 12 volt socket there as well if you wanted to carry something like a drinks cool in the boot now if you want to carry longer items you walk around to the back seats and you can fold them down and

They do split as well and then you’ve got quite a long load area you can just slide things through into the cab in there like that if you want to and you can fit a bike in there no problem at all so yeah this is a very practical stylish car it’s got a lot going for it however this car isn’t perfect here’s five annoying things about it when you’re driving along and

It’s sunny you get terrible reflections just flickering away in the black trim down there it’s almost like i’m tripping and the ocean about those dodgy mushrooms for lunch unless you want your a six in either plain white or plain black you’re gonna have to pay at least six hundred and eighty-five pounds for a different paint colour there’s this little configurable

Button here on the steering wheel and you can choose what it does and it’s mainly to do with stuff for the satellite navigation system however on rs cars and performance versions you can also use it to configure the driving mode buttons either you look all the way down here to press it not a normal cars though which is annoying this car has some of the worst fake

Exhaust tips i mean i can even illustrate them from 180 degrees with my new car wow curved stick of truth’ look yeah it’s lies it’s all lies look at this right see that black panel well you would expect some cup holders to pop out of there and they do if you pay an extra hundred pounds with a storage pack you don’t you can tap them that’s just ridiculous a hundred

Pounds why is the point it’s not all negative though here’s five good things about this car the navigation plus system works in conjunction with the car’s headlight so the car team knows when you’ll go around a bend and they will angle the headlights accordingly you get the a six with rear-wheel steering and that turns the rear wheels in the opposite direction

Of the front of lower speeds to help make it turn chauffeur you know this guy doesn’t have it i’m having to do a button turn rather than a u-turn six-cylinder cars have a 48 volt electrical system and mild hybrid technology so when you’re braking it actually keeps that lost energy and charges up a battery then uses that battery to power a small electric motor so

That you can coast at speeds between 34 miles an hour and 99 miles an hour when you lift off the accelerator and apparently that saves it to 1 liter of fuel every 88 miles which is about 1 bang 30 you can set up up to six different user profiles for the car and it’ll remember your favorite seating position music you like to listen to and which routes you like to

Take for the sacrum the audi connect security system allows you to track your car and even disable it remotely by using an audi app on your phone it’s a bit of fun with a deal in the cart or something you just want to lock them out there the law okay then let’s talk about the engines so at the moment in the uk there are only two and they’re both diesels so the one

In this car is the 40 tdi which is actually a 2-liter four-cylinder diesel with the rant engine full horse panca did not 16 just over 8 seconds and it comes to the 7-speed automatic gearbox as standard then there’s the 3 litre v6 diesel in the 50 tdi and as 286 horsepower and can do nought to 60 in just under six seconds and that has an 8-speed automatic gearbox

Eventually some more engines will be added to the lineup including a 3 litre v6 petrol now if you wanna see how much money you can save on a da sinks just click up there and pop out or on the link below the video and then you can go to a car wired configurator so i put the details of this 40 tdi s live version of the a6 into our configurator and i got an offer

Back for just under thirty six thousand pounds which is actually a saving of just over six thousand pounds which is pretty impressive it’s worth doing just for sheer curiosity so this a six has the sport air slide suspension which means it’s not quite so good over bumps but still it’s not a problem if i was by this car deselect the sporty suspension to go for the

Normal one because it’s even more comfortable and even on this broken surface this more sports especially still doing an alright job it’s not too fidgety another thing i like are the brakes so they’re nice and predictable you don’t have to press them too hard and it stops well but it’s not too jerky what is a bit jerky though it’s a 7-speed automatic gearbox it can

Be were not maneuvering such as this well i do like though is that the steering is nice and light so it’s easy to maneuver i only wish the car would automatically lower its dormir so you could see the curves they don’t curb their zelo wheels you might be able to get that on the a6 but it’ll no doubt be an optional extra all the camera and parking sensors helping out

The rear window is a decent size but because this is a saloon car you can’t see very low down so you absolutely have to rely on sensors and the camera now for a few maneuvers kind of done anyway let’s get out of there it’s time to see how easy it is to navigate this thing through traffic and round roundabouts so let’s see if i can make it round this mini roundabout

I’m gonna take quite a wide berth because i know this car doesn’t have the best turning circle this is close i’m just gonna grit my teeth and hope and overcome the wheel if you’re doing a lot of this kind of driving spend the money get that rear-wheel steering system because it does just make this thing more maneuverable got away with that this car is great on the

Motorway so it feels secured settled at speed it’s reasonably quiet it’s comfy and let’s say you need to overtake well let’s just try it now from 60 to 70 put my foot down there’s an automatic gearbox the 7-speed in the 2-liter diesel so the fastest to respond but then it does take off pretty well and this engines got they said pulling power and it’s quite cool

As well it currently was from this engine not bad either so 44 miles per gallon that’ll do get out onto a twisty road such as this this a six and really holding zone now i’ll admit the steering isn’t the most responsive so you’d have to turn a bit to get the car going round but then this thing grips and goes round and it stays nice and flat it’s fairly impressive

Really around the bends however because this car is front-wheel drive it never feels a sport is the rear drive bmw 5-series now if you click on the pop-up banner the top ranked on the screen so just up there on the link below the video you can watch my full in-depth video review at the bmw 5-series it’s worth checking home to be fair that you can get this car

With all-wheel drive and then it does seem a little bit more sporty but still yeah the bmw is more fun to drive if that’s what you’re interested in now if you want more information or to check out the very latest deals on the audi a6 click on the pop-up bunched up there that’s all right and kind of the screen on the link below the video or just google car while

Da6 deals and you’ll be able to find them no problem at all so then what’s not verdict on this car should do avoid it so do consider it should you shortlist it or should you just go right ahead and buy it well i reckon you should just go right ahead and buy the oda 6 it really is an excellent car do you agree my verdict let me know in the comments section also

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