Audi A6/A7 AppleCarPlay

Audi A6 / A7 Apple CarPlay Guide

One of the best advancements in connection technology in audi vehicles is the ability to use your iphones operating system as the interface through your mmi giving you access to select apps and streaming services this can make using the mmi interface similar to the way you use your smartphone for accessing music navigation and select applications with additional

Functionality using siri voice control to connect the vehicle must be in park with the ignition on your compatible iphone must be connected with a certified apple lightning cable to either usb port in the console some aftermarket cables may not be able to handle the data transfer necessary for apple carplay to function properly with your audi vehicle apple carplay

Features work only through the cable connection while connected car play replaces the features you would have had with a bluetooth connection in addition second device connection capability in the mmi will also be disabled so a passenger with a previously connected phone will not have access to mmi connectivity you will then see a connection prompt on the mmi

Screen using the control knob select activate apple carplay and review and respond to the agreement for data transfer if your phone is locked you have the option to permit access to apple carplay on your phone without using the passcode the mmi display will then go directly to apple carplay once connected your mmi will display your available apps you can move

Forward and back through the available apps by turning the control knob you can also use the touchpad arrows to move between apps select an app by pressing the control nub within an app you can use the control knob to move through application selections once you have selected an application you can return to the main screen by pressing the back button or selecting

The home button and pressing the control nub to use siri as your digital assistant press and hold the talk button on the steering wheel until you hear a tone then say a command to siri what is the weather forecast in miami okay the temperature for miami will range between 78 degrees you can use syria to make calls send and read text messages set reminders get

Turn-by-turn navigation listen to music and many of the functions you would normally do with your iphone just tell siri what you want where is the nearest gas station the nearest one i see is messi incorporated on crookes road in rochester hills let me when using apple carplay as your navigation system you will access apple maps for route guidance to a specific

Address or types of places and points of interest navigate to three eight zero zero west hamlin road auburn hills getting directions to 3800 hamlin road auburn hills after siri has confirmed your destination you may have the option to choose different routes use the control knob to select more routes which will display up to three options the fastest route and two

Alternate routes shown on the map choose a route then select go to begin route guidance to use additional features on the screen turn the knob to the option you want such as voice guidance on or off search detail for 3d view or overview for 2d view you can also choose the plus or minus signs to zoom in or out other functions of carplay are simple and intuitive

To make a call simply tell siri who you want to call from your phone’s address book call john smith calling john smith if you have accessed another mmi function while in apple carplay and want to return to the carplay display press the menu button then turn the control knob and select apple carplay apple carplay remains active in the background even while using

Mmi functions to disconnect from apple carplay simply unplug the cable or if you want to leave your phone connected for charging but deactivate carplay press menu to set up mmi then scroll to out a smartphone interface select iphone with the control knob then deactivate apple carplay your system will now revert to audi mmi functions if bluetooth was active prior

To deactivation siri functions will still be enabled to reactivate the phone select the audi smartphone interface then select switch to device list you will see a list of available devices find your iphone and select it you will then be prompted to activate the device apple carplay will now be displayed with the audi smartphone interface using apple carplay you

Have the best of both worlds a comprehensive set of applications and media connectivity features built into the mmi along with the portability and familiarity of your iphones operating system and select apps this is audi technology working the way you want it to

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