Audi A6 Allroad quattro test / review (2012) (English subtitles)

Primul nostru test pune în lumina reflectoarelor break-ul cu valențe de SUV Audi A6 Allroad quattro.

This is the latest generation of the station wagon that has suv abilities – audi a6 allroad quattro in other words, an audi a6 station wagon with adaptive pneumatic suspension and some black plastic bits. the first a6 allroad came in 1999, when the germans at audi made the whole world ask itself in the end, though, their idea proved to be pretty good, because we wouldn’t

Be seeing a whole army and so, more than a decade later, here we are with the 3rd generation of the audi a6 allroad quattro. once you get inside, you see a very nice environment, with high quality materials. in the end, it’s how it’s supposed to be in a premium segment car. also, you get equipment like this adjustable steering wheel – height and depth. an added bonus is

This retractable screen, which makes a very nice appearance. besides all of this, you get sufficient storage space. there is one here in the armrest, two for drinks here, another one here. the glove box is pretty roomy, and there is another space here in the door bin. in the back, the audi a6 allroad quattro offers the same amount of space as a normal a6 station wagon.

The driver’s seat is adjusted for me and my height of almost 2 m, and you can see that i have plenty of space the boot has a volume of 565 liters, 5 more than a bmw 5 series touring, but with 130 liters less than a if you need more space, you can fold the rear bench seat in just two seconds, and you get 1.680 liters. if it’s sort of an suv, i’ll try to do something that,

In theory, an suv is capable of. for this, i’ll go into allroad mode, and i will select the extra height as well, so that i can get the full 45 mm of extra ground clearance. like i said, an suv should climb this section without any problems. let’s see if the great allroad quattro can do it as well. you can feel the power as it goes from one wheel to the other. on the

Road, the new a6 allroad quattro drives really well. in the end, it’s an a6 station wagon, except it has an adjustable pneumatic suspension if you select dynamic, as i did just now, the ride height will lower a bit, and the suspension will harden a little but it’s enough to feel that the car is a bit more planted, that it can handle bends a bit better. and, if we go into

Sport and select the gears manually well, it’s not like it has a tiny engine under the hood – it’s a 3.0 liter diesel with 245 hp that works excellent. also, the car is all wheel drive, so the back wheels kick in when it’s needed so that everything is in control. going back into comfort mode, which means that the ride height increases a bit, but it’s enough the potholes

Are absorbed a lot better, and the humps and bumps on the road don’t make it to you back also, i have to say that the a6 allroad quattro is a very good car, but i have a problem with the price. prices start at around 61.000 euros with vat for the 3.0 liter diesel engine and can go up to 67.000 euros if you choose the most powerful engine – a 3.0 liter diesel biturbo.

If you want to get some optional extras, you can easily reach 100.000 euros. because, well, with this money you could even get a q7 with the same 3.0 liter diesel engine and auto gearbox and, in the end, why would you not want to do that? this a6 allroad quattro wants to be sort of an suv, but it’s not as suv-ish as the q7. and when a q7 costs the same amount of money

As an a6 allroad quattro and is bigger inside, well, i think it’s pretty simple to answer this question. let’s be serious, everyone makes suvs and crossovers, so that they create a lot of niches. of course, the a6 allroad quattro is not at it’s first generation, i admit that i was skeptical about this car in the beginning, but after i saw what it can do, and i can’t say

Anything except that it’s a very good car. it’s a very good family car, which will get you to your destination really fast. it’s a car that can handle bends really well, with an excellent engine. medium fuel consumption is somewhere between 7-8 l/100 km, if you consider quite a lot of traffic in bucharest. more to it, it can handle itself really well when the asphalt

Ends and you need to climb a hill covered with snow or gravel. my only problem remains the price, which is pretty high and i have a small observation regarding the steering which doesn’t really have the amount of feedback that i would have liked.

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Audi A6 Allroad quattro test / review (2012) (English subtitles) By Autoholic