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Audi A6 Allroad roadtest (English subtitled)

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We drive the Audi A6 Allroad with the slowest TDI with 204 PS. What do we think of this car? Find out!

Two generation a6 ago, audi launched the allroad. i know it well. i had an intership at autoweek at 2004. so and i tagged along with a fotoshoot with this car with v8. against a cayenne s! so now, two generations further, it is no longer called audi allroad, but audi a6 allroud. that is because the a4. so the concept worked. what does it add? quattro of course, but you

Can order that on the normal a6 avant. so it is higher, and you get those bodypart on the side. you notice them less on this black car, but here. so, the practical use, that is what i am looking for. so this is the 3.0 tdi with 204 pk, the slowest a6 allroad you can get. you can only get it with v6. one petrol (the aud s4 v6 with supercharger) and 3 diesel engines,

With 204 being the slowest. but on the road, this 204 is more than enough. i only need more power above 170 km/h. some days, i don’t reach that… you have so much torque, you can do what you want if you tow something. so just stick with the 204 ps and save money. with stronic gearbox off course, works great also at low speeds, always smooth departure. so what is the

Use of this car? it drives basically the same as an a6 avant. of course with driveselect you can choose the drive mode. this car adds air suspension, which increases the differences. and you can change the height aswell. low for high speed and higher for terrain. more space under the car. so does a model like this add something? or is it just for the looks. so will you

Use this car one something that deserves the name allroad. i can see some use. and that is because this car makes more sence than most suv’s. you never need that in the netherlands. for a little off road, this car is good enough and it drives better than an suv. like of you need to tow a horse trailer. or for that last part during ski season with snowy road. a suv is

Overkill, this makes sence. a little higher and quattro. it offers the same as an suv than, but more stationwagen driving. the parts where you really need range rover off road.. when does that happen? that makes this car the perfect wintersports model. higher for roads with snow, quattro for traction… and very comfortabel driving over there with a lot of space. and the

Luxury is really nice. ergonomics, finishing.. wow. all those good thing, come with a price. and i mean that. take a look… a general point about audi’s. that is a lot of money. i will never be able to afford it. the slowest car really is fast and good enough. but still only for those who do well. and have horse trailers. + great traveling car. very good drivetrain. –

Full option really expensive. value over a6 avant with quattro not that much. two generation a6 ago, audi launched the allroad. i know it well. i had an intership at autoweek at 2004.

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Audi A6 Allroad roadtest (English subtitled) By AutoWeek