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Audi A6 2014 review:

If you’re looking for a new executive car that’s got bags of style loads of space and unbeatable running costs then let me introduce you to your next purchase the audi a6 right then let’s kick off with the space bit first because even though the new a6 is slightly shorter than its predecessor addison have made it more roomy especially here in the back the footwell

Is nice and large so you can really stretch out and head room it’s fine for even tall adults what’s more in the boot there’s plenty of space for everyone’s luggage because it has a 530 litre capacity and you can always fold the rear seat backs down if you need to carry longer items such as skis so then what about the style actually i don’t think i need to say

Anything here do i because the classy design kind of speaks for itself it’s exactly the same story here in the front too just look at that stunning sweeping dash it’s actually resembles that on the super desirable a7 coupe what’s more everything feels very well built in fact i’m sure that audi’s engineers tighten their screws just that little bit tighter than

Anyone else does as for standard equipment it’s very generous across the entire range all cars get leather interior parking sensors and satellite navigation you can even upgrade the system to have google maps as for the rest of the options well the list is so extensive you’ve got six grand burning a hole in your pocket you can go for a bang olufsen stereo finally

We need to talk about running costs and by using lots of aluminium in the car’s construction audi has made it as light as possible in fact the a6’s nearest rival is 140 kilograms heavier when you combine this with the firm’s super efficient 2 litre diesel engine you’ve got an executive car that will return almost 60 miles per gallon and emits less than 130 grams

Per kilometer of carbon dioxide another benefit of that light body is agile handling but don’t worry it’s not to the detriment of comfort because the a6 is supple suspension means it deals with bumps much better than the old car did it’s very quiet too actually the cabin is well insulated for road and wind noise and this means it’s a great long distance cruiser

However it’s good in town as well because all the controls are nice and light not everything is perfect though is it and the a6 yes it does have some downsides for instance the two litre diesel engine can seem a bit noisy idle and the steering while it’s sharp it kind of lacks a bit of feedback and overall i don’t think this car is a sporty feeling as a bmw 5

Series or a jaguar xf and also it’s probably not quite as comfy either as a mercedes e-class that said it’s actually a perfect balance between all three and don’t forget unlike its rear drive rivals the a6 is less likely to leave you stranded if we have another bad winter especially if you go for the added grip of one of the quattro all-wheel drive models you

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