Audi A7 soundproofing

It is widely thought that premium class cars are perfect in every way famous german big threes held up as a model for driving and quality standards exterior appearance and comfort does the main thing we can talk endlessly about response of vehicle electronics creating a perfect micro climate for the passenger and driver but for us as for specialists in soundproofing

It is much more interesting how german premium class cars comply with declared comfort characteristics and if it’s possible to make them more soft for the experiment we decided to work with audi a7 during this process we measure noise in the car without sound proofing disassemble interior parts to metal show advantages and disadvantages of car factory supplied

Sound proofing apply stp materials and audi provide subsequent noise measurements after stp installation compare results and show the difference big challenge facing us but we got used to achieve our goals challenges thrown during this process we are going to use damping tester first class sound level meter sound proofing installation tools stp sound and vibro

Deadening materials we’re going to turn to the experts the only one accredited vibro acoustic laboratory in russia in order to measure levels of noise and get correct results here we go foreign audi problem areas we have already partially disassembled the car and would like to elaborate on its elements in more detail the first element is the roof it is made

Of a fairly thin metal standard sound insulation of the roof has a corrugated cardboard which has a foam polyurethane inside the material is glued on an ordinary car sealant which is removed without much difficulty standard sound insulation of doors is a vibro deadening material which is applied on inside metal panel this material is definitely not enough that

Is here there is noise insulation and here it is not there is no vibro deadening material on the hood metal at all but there are open areas without double metal which we will work on the noise insulation of the trunk is just plastisol mounted on the metal arches and the trunk floor besides there is molded polyurethane with a heavy layer on the arches the

Material has a corrosion already with the course of time there is an acoustic felt installed by the factory in the splashboard the noise insulation of the cabin floor is made by the same plastic sole as the trunk fair material which is applied in liquid form and has good adhesion the only downside it is not effective enough so joyce first

We have done complex sound proofing of the car and made measurements one more time as we have one volume car the main source of noise is concentrated in the area of reset passengers you can see it in the measurements scheduled before sound proofing you should pay attention to it as reset area is mostly area for miner’s carriage after complex sound proofing we

Have reduced noise by 2 db or 21 at the low frequencies low frequency noise has the most destructive influence to our health that’s why noise reduction increases life expectancy of people especially in this range of frequency sound proofing of wheel arches and interior floor of car has reduced noise in medium frequency range by 2 db or 44 percent noise from

Exhaust system has been eliminated and we also significantly reduced road noise noise in high frequency range has been reduced by 3 db or 29 because of anti-squeak processing take into account that the car came from factory with good quality and very tight assembly doors sound proofing has added bass and sound of the acoustic system it became more comfortable

To talk due to reducing overall noise level in the car reset passengers hear you easier and you do not need to rise your voice we have noise reduction by 2 db or 21 as a general result in all frequencies we challenged ourselves and proved that even premium car can become one level higher with stp materials we have destroyed the myth and demonstrated that even

Premium cars have problems which can be solved with high quality soundproofing materials by using right technologies of applying you

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Audi A7 soundproofing By Standartplast World