Everything you need to know about the new 493bhp Audi ABT RS3-R

So here we have the new limited run abd rs3r yeah so the upgrades for the new audi rs3 to 493 brake horsepower i mean that’s almost like 100 horsepower more um yeah check out some of these pictures this car looks basically to the max if you haven’t heard of apt it’s pretty much as kind of premium tuning as you’re gonna get and they do a lot of stuff with ld i

Actually saw um the rs6r um when i was at the goodwood festival speed it was in the botb standard that looks really cool but they are actually now doing it for the rs3 and as you can see you can get obviously a few different aesthetic sort of charms normal rs3s just have the sort of like the single pipes on each side this has now got the quad tail pipes it’s got

Bigger 20 inch wheels it’s obviously got the upgraded power more sort of carbon lower stance it’s got you know front splitter yeah it looks pretty mean as i’m sure you can agree from some of these pictures yeah and as you can see there’s a little app for it too apparently and you get a little bit of a trim in the seats apparently there’s only going to be 200

Of these cars made which is not that many let’s just talk about what they actually say about this so 493 horsepower 200 units fairly straightforward so a 99 brake horsepower ride from the five cylinder 2.5 liter engine which is yeah ubiquitous in a sort of audi culture it’s yeah such a fantastic engine award-winning ending all of that stuff and torque’s gone up

By 73 pounds for as well so 442 and north 63.3 as if it needed to be any quicker um we’ll do 174 miles an hour yeah a lot of changes here and so the abs ecu is being kind of changed there’s no transmission tweaks um the seven-speed drill got might have some sort of upgrade to kind of help the car as they kind of stay there abd has sort of fiddled around with the

Suspension which obviously makes a big difference in sort of handling 20 to 40 millimeter adjustment in our ride height sounds about right and it certainly gives you that squat down stance yeah a lot of flare kind of involved 20 inch wheels are inch bigger than normal and that’s pretty much all they kind of say so we’ve just got the images now it’s going to go

Through but if you’re looking to get this car a normal rs3 will set you back about sort of 55 000 pounds if you want it specs you can play about 60 65 000 pounds if you want one of these 200 um the fact if you type in ads on like autotrader you’ll see how much of a premium these cars go for they’re actually kind of like no-brainers certainly something which if

I was ever in the position to i’d it’s all like full send really and it’s such a cool quality unique car yeah i really really like it and i think if you wanted that extra diamond dynamism get my words out and this is kind of the way to go it looks quite cool in green and sort of the green little sort of parts here and there steering wheels in alcantara i’m pretty

Sure that’s not in alcantara um for normal models those wheels look ridiculous this car’s on carbon ceramic brakes which is just which can be sort of specs from sort of like your normal rs3 yeah look at all that carbon just check that out i’m a big fan of quad exhaust pipes being on my golf r so yeah i’m always going to be sold on that so there you go audi rs3r

I thought i’d mention it because it came up on my feed and a very cool car indeed um let me know what you think of the styling let me know if it’s something that you would generally consider going for um a lot of rs3s are going for a premium i suppose if you wanted an even more of a premium because i’ll just be blunt you’ll get your money back whatever they’ll

Charge for this i mean if it’s 10 20 30 000 pounds for this you would see that back in your resale i believe at this time where the market is a little bit you know all over the place it’s hard enough to get a standard rs3 let alone a one of 200 rs3 r by abd um that yeah daniel abs company so yeah it’s super cool and i thought i’d share it and yeah let me know

Your thoughts in the comments of what you think of this over to the max 500 horsepower yeah super hatch can kind of just dominate everything really

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Audi ABT RS3-R By Sam A