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Audi B9 RS5 AWE Tuning Touring Edition Exhaust (Cold Start)

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2019 Audi RS5 Sportbackā€¦

All right guys welcome back to the channel this is just the the first part of my exhaust video for this car this is a 2019 rs5 sportback it’s got these 22-inch rims that i did a video about you can check that that should be uh before this video and uh it also has these sweet blacked out tips i mean the stock ones were blacked out too with the package ahead

They’re very dusty right now but i’m gonna take this to the wingman garage you know down the street and uh get this on a lift and show you what it looks like and then i’ll get it on the road and show you guys what it sounds like all right guys all right guys we’re back at the good old wingman garage here in wadsworth ohio if you want to know where this place is

At and you know hook up an appointment and get your car on a lift uh link will be in the description but uh here’s my 19 rs5 you know it’s got the 2.9 liter twin turbo and i’m gonna show you what the underneath of this ah tuning uh performance exhaust looks like from underneath the car and then we will get it out on the road and show you what it sounds like

Here goes aaron going up so the car already does have the black optic package and the dynamic package one of those has black sport exhaust tips so these uh ah ones look very similar all right guys like i said you can get the package that gives you factory black exhaust tips so these ones match you know pretty nicely and they do have the if you you know look

Up all the specs on their website the noise cancellation 180 whatever technology it’s very nice grade of stainless steel very nice bends you know all the way to the front with no it comes with this bracket i’m sure hold on let me get over this bump you know normally there’s resonators there’s a pancake muffler and then there would be hold on let’s get over

That pump so there would be a pancake muffler there would be some resonators and then around here i’m sure there would be a cat on each side these just go up to the turbo which has a cat right off of it so this really only has two cats one right after each turbo i showed you briefly before i lifted the car up the engine bay i’ll show you the cats and the top

Part of this uh here in a second when i get it down but yeah pretty decent uh exhaust and uh it’s obviously been driven on for several miles still pretty good condition all right aaron thank you very much everybody’s got to come to wingman garage this place is sweet you got these people working on their car he’s working on his car everyone’s do it yourself but

Yeah these uh law tips pretty uh you know good quality and they match then let me show you the cats here up in the front hey aaron can you uh yeah pop this hood for me while i hold this here i’ll i’ll move the tab there you go thank you sir yeah those are the cats they come right off the turbos so the cat’s right there and then it holds onto the tuning

Exhaust right down there somewhere so eventually it’s down pipe time but it’ll be a while before i do that all right let’s get this thing started up see what she sounds like and then get her on the road all right guys aaron’s gonna back it up so i can rev it so uh here’s the startup all right bro you ready yep sport mode all right guys uh it is the following

Day i just wanted to make sure i closed the video out with a cold start up everyone wants to hear a cold startup um i’m not gonna get any driving done today because it is you know raining i will get that in a separate second video though and i’ll show you what all both modes sound like while you’re driving this is a cold startup all right guys well that’s

A cold startup i’ll get you some uh in the car and out of the car driving uh maybe on the next video so uh you know if you like this give me a like give me a subscribe and comment what you think and what else you want to see with this car down below there we go she toned down she’s in uh open loop mode now pretty uh pretty light and then inside you know that

Noise cancellation technology i saw or that i showed you that was on the uh muffler it really does work inside there’s really no interior drone it sounds really good inside but alright guys on to the next video

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Audi B9 RS5 AWE Tuning Touring Edition Exhaust!! (Cold Start!) By Wheelz AC